George Soros Stands Against Trump and co

George Soros and his millionaire and billionaire pals who were among the biggest donors to liberal election causes in the 2016 election are not letting the results of that election deter them in any way. In reaction the unprecedented Trump victory Soros and many other wealthy donors are meeting in Washington DC for a 3 day strategy meeting. This meeting is dedicated to finding ways to block the right wing Trump agenda at every turn.

The gathering took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown DC. Many luminaries in the Democratic party will be attending such as San Francisco House Representative Nancy Pelosi and candidate for House leadership Keith Ellison. The event is being officially put on by the Democracy Alliance Donor Club which is one of the premier Democratic lobbying organizations in DC by George Soros.

One of the major themes of the meeting is going to be why the Democratic Party lost so decisively during the 2016 election. The DA, or Democratic Alliance has been at the forefront of developing and implementing Democratic Party principles on through the government. Their main goal was to capture the large number of latinos and other minorities to create a massive coalition of progressive voters. Source:

Since that groundswell never occurred this meeting is dedicated to finding out why. One of the main issues being brought up is the fact that the so called firewall did not hold and working class white voters voted Trump in droves. This meeting on Biography is going to be one of the first steps to finding out how to recapture that portion of the electorate.

The nomination for the Democratic National Committee Chairperson is also going to be a major avenue of discussion. Representative Keith Ellison is set to replace outgoing chairman Debbie Wasserman Schulz. This would be a major change in policy for the Democratic Party since Ellison represents the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. He is also one of very few Muslim members of congress and would be the first Muslim national party chairmen. George Soros and other wealthy donors will have their work cut out for them at this meeting.

Chris Burch Partners with Ellen DeGeneres to Launch Lifestyle

The relationship between fashion and technology



There is no doubt that fashion and technologies have an excellent relation and synergy in this generation. Although the two may seem different in many ways, they have evolved gradually over the years. One thing they have in common through the metamorphosis process, however, is their close interaction because, on some days, fashion transforms to technology while technology becomes fashion. The fascinating journey of growth and transformation between the two elements borders a lot of facts which questions the possible change in future.



Technology Becomes Fashionable



In the last century, let us say in the 70’s, most youths carried around their preferred tunes and stations for entertainment. They also brought cassettes decks and cassette music players until the 80’s where they added movies to the list of entertainment. In the 90’s the later took a turn for most people investing in personal music equipment like the Walkman which saw the transformation to the introduction of iPod. It, therefore, means that technology becomes a fashion with time depending on the numbers that embraced the new equipment.



Fashion Employs Technology



In the current generation, fashion is going through a metamorphosis process with fashion designers always developing styles that require the employment of technology. The need to create great pieces for clients calls for the demand in technology for excellent service delivery. Also, such requirements call for the need to generate innovative technology. According to Anouk Wipprecht, a great Dutch fashion designer, technology is like a playground, an arena for the experiment. To him the deeper you delve into the arena, the deeper its secrets and fascinations as it offers more ideas for the future. Anouk is prominent for her designs bordering the avant-garde element. She has designed several clothes including DareDroid, Pseudomorphs, Drink –making a dress and self –painting dress.



About Chris Burch



The entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Burch commenced in 1976 when he was a student at the College of Ithaca. He joined his brother in investing in a clothing line called Eagle’s Eye Apparel and after an enormous growth; they traded it to Swire Group. Chris is the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a successful businessperson and investor and has put his money in companies for over forty years. He is the great brain behind amazing brands like Faena Hotel and Universe, Voss Water, Poppin, and Jawbone. In 2011, Chris launched C.Wander, accessories, and home décor line. When Ellen DeGeneres was launching her brand dubbed lifestyle, Chris announced their partnership. Chris Burch loves fashion and technology.

Women, Hair, & Modern Day Haircare

Living in the 21st Century certainly has it’s advantages compared to eras of the past. There has been so much innovation implemented into our daily lives, that we seem to have put quality hair health on the back burner. Hair is a woman’s pride and joy no matter the color, race, or creed. Unfortunately we as a people don’t necessarily take care of our hair properly and this is why.

  • Products Have Too Many Strong Chemical
  • Harsh Treatments Such As Dyes and Perms
  • Overwashing
  • Not Having Enough Natural Ingredients
  • And more

The truth is that most products are made from a chemical base that contains parabens and sulfates. These chemicals can cause a wide range of problems if being used for long periods of time. For those with heavily treated hair, deep conditioners are best for the job as it makes the hair more manageable to work with. Many conditioners can be too strong and full of protein. Protein is good for hair, but too much protein can turn your locks very brittle which causes breakage. For one of the best products on the market to purchase, Wen Hair by Chaz offers it’s exclusive 5-in-1 Conditioner to handle all of your needs. The products are Sephora available and can also be purchased directly from the Chaz Dean store.

This popular conditioner is advanced in it’s actions as it can replace your current conditioner and shampoo. This is a leave-in treatment that gives your locks strength, moisture, and makes it more manageable. WEN by Chaz has a full line up of products such as gels, crème, sprays, pomade, and mousse. Whatever you fancy can be found and every product is safe to use on a consistent basis. What other brand can you compare this to? Haircare doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re using these extraordinary products.

Updates? Visit the brand’s crunchbase page and follow Wen hair care on Twitter.

Comparative Law Expert, Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law deals with the study of the similarities and differences in legal systems. The comparisons of rules governing legal systems help analyze various legal cultures. It is a vital area of study for those who want to understand the foreign legal system. It is very useful when it comes of harmonization of laws, considering that the world nowadays is like one big village and all countries are keen on international cooperation. Legislators, as well as courts all over the world, always have to refer to foreign legal systems. It has become important not only as a field of study in institutions of higher learning but also in the shaping of the world order.

Sujit Choudhry, the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law, is a globally recognized authority on comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law. He is also the Faculty Director and Founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, a university-based center that focuses on generating and mobilizing knowledge in support of constitution building. The center achieves this by overseeing their international network of experts as they work on theme-based projects aimed at helping practitioners acquire policy options based on evidence.

Currently, Professor Choudhry is working hand in hand with International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, and they are supervising three international research projects. The study will be published in 2017. Mr. Choudhry has many years of experience in comparative law considering that he acted as an advisor in the constitution-building processes of ethnically divided countries like South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, and Libya. His works are mainly as a result of extensive researches on areas comparative law. Some of the issues he handles are the minority and group rights, constitutional design in the case of transition from authoritarian to democratic rule and the official language policy.

Before joining Berkeley, Sujit served as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at the New York University School of Law and while at Toronto University, he was the Scholl Chair at the Faculty of Law. In 2010, Mr. Choudhry was among the four Canadians who received the Trudeau Fellowship. While in Canada, he was part of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel. The Panel came up with various reforms to be made by the municipal government in Toronto. Professor Choudhry has served as a consultant to the World Bank Institute and the United Nations Development Program and once served at the Supreme Court of Canada as clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. He has law degrees from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford Universities.

The best practical hair tips are from Youtuber Wengie!


Beautiful Wengie, a youtube starlet, has given us another video full of amazing hacks and ideas. One of her first tips is a fundamental rule to great hair. Eat Right! Make sure you are getting all the minerals and vitamins you need to keep your hair healthy from the inside out. If you don’t want to skimp out on the good stuff for your hair then you can pick up Sugarbear Gummies which are specially designed for healthy hair. Her next tip is another practical one, how to clean your hairbrush. Her third hack is a two-in-one deal. Add a dryer sheet to your hair brush and you can cut out frizz and add a wonderful smell to your hair. Another hair trick, use a conditioning hair mask before you shampoo! Wengie says this will add strength and shine without weighing down your hair. Did you know that drying your hair with a towel could damage it? Wengie says the long fibers can damage hair and cause frizz. Instead, wring your hair out with a t-shirt and pat it dry because the fibers are much shorter. Up next are a couple of hairspray hacks to keep those pesky stray hairs in place. One of the best hacks is a way to get rid of ugly split ends by simply wrapping your hair up and then trimming off the hairs that stick up. Winding down, Wengie shows you how to curl your hair in five minutes. Second to the last tip is a great one. Many women use dry shampoo in order to keep their hair grease free in between washings, however, dry shampoo can leave behind white powder. Wengie shows you how to blowdry the dry shampoo out so not only do you get rid of all the powder but you can add a ton of volume to your hair while you are at it. Her last tip is how to create your own, no-friction hair bands! These can be made from stockings and do not harm your hair the way traditional rubber bands do.

Keith Mann: He Is Promoting The Good

In today’s life, there are going to be many challenges and many roadblocks along the way. Life is filled with ups and downs. That is just the reality of it. In the tough times and when things are not going well, you can learn a lot about a person in terms of how they handle it and how they deal with it. Do they curl up in a ball and give up? Or do they stay the course and tough it out? Life is all about being positive and seeing the silver lining in a bad situation. There is always a solution and people have to stay the course, as mentioned, and tough it out.


Before long, they will have things figured out. People are quick to jump on someone or something when things are not going well. They love to do that. It is sad to say but we live in a negative culture and a negative world. People just can’t wait to go out there and point out what someone is doing wrong and attempt to bring them down or criticize them. Hey, no one is perfect, and that is OK. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has kept his eye on all of the negative press out there. One must remember that he is not buying into it.


He is a positive person and he believes all of the negative press about the police is just white noise. He does not believe that people have a leg to stand on. He knows what the police are like, and as they say, they are here to serve and protect. That is what they do, 24/7. They are true heroes and they have saved countless lives. Keith Mann wanted to remind them of the positive things they do and let them know he is not buying what the media is selling, which is why he treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two separate occasions. There is an old expression that the fastest way to a cop’s heart is through their stomach. Keith Mann is hoping this gesture helps them feel good again.

Eric Pulier Is One Of The Leading Technological and Entrepreneurial Experts Today

Eric Pulier has been making startups and technological companies for more than a decade, and he has built up an impressively successful portfolio over the years. Ever since his time in elementary school, Eric had a strong determination and talent for working with technology, which he mixed with his entrepreneurial ideas by the time he was in high school. He did this by starting up an online company focusing on computer databases, and it was the the first success that got the ball rolling for the future.

Eric Pulier had big plans for his future as a teenager, and after he completed his basic education, he knew he need to hone his skills so that he could turn his business ideas into a reality. This is why he went on to attend both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to earn his degrees. Once he had strengthened his foundations for knowledge, he took no time to get started on his plans, and opened up a business known as People Doing Things in California.

Today, Eric has managed to found more than a dozen different startup companies, mostly with technological backgrounds and focuses. Some of these companies include People Doing Things, Akana, Desktone, and Digital Evolution. His most recent sale earned him a profit of more than $350 million, which shows just how far Eric Pulier has come in terms of success. This can be seen all throughout his career, as he has always been ambitions and had a strong work ethic. He even has investments and stakes in businesses located within California, including a restaurant and night club.

Eric’s latest efforts have involved writing and lecturing to share his expertise in various subjects, which has gone quite well, seeing as how he was published in both Forbes and Manning Publications. Eric’s passion for helping others and trying to spread success has earned him an impressive reputation on top of his already strong presence in the industry for his accomplishments.

Visit for more information.

The Unbelievable Struggles Of George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930, in Budapest. He survived the Nazis because his father had fake identities for the family to hide the fact that they were Jewish. George Soros witnessed the dictatorship of the communists as a teenage boy, finally immigrating on his own to England. While studying at a school for economics, he realized he had an aptitude for finances.

His parents joined up with him in New York after he began working on Wall Street. He became so wealthy, he now holds the number thirty-five space with Forbes as one of the richest people worldwide. George Soros’ billions were made with stocks and currency speculation.

The attacks on people of Jewish descent continued when Glenn Beck of Fox News made accusations against George Soros. He stated Soros was trying to destroy America’s political system. Although this was untrue, the long history of anti-Semitism was once again brought to light. In the last one hundred years, countless governments and people have found a way to blame the Jews for whatever activities they were undertaking themselves. From Hitler, and his intention to exterminate all of the Jews, the question remains. Why the Jews?

One of the answers to this question concerns the conspiracy that began at the start of the twenty-first century. This was started by Protocols of the Elders of Zion that said the Jews had a plan to destroy all of the governments throughout the world to achieve world domination. Although this theory was blatantly false, it was fueled by fear. Theories involving anti-Semitism ran rampant without any checking of facts.

Glenn Beck completely misread George Soros to the point of being ridiculous. This involved a series based on those who were born Hungarian. Matt Welch, the editor of Reason has several thoughts on the matter. Beck actually lived in Budapest for a period of three years. He feels Soros acted with bravery considering the conditions under which he grew up. He believes George Soros was under an immense amount of pressure and should not be condemned for making decisions we can’t possibly understand. This was a mere boy of fourteen years of age whose main goal was to stay alive. Another prime example of anti-Semitism.

Beck also discussed all of the property that was taken away from the Jews. For those Jews who were acting as though they were not Jewish, this was especially difficult. If you were caught pretending to be something other than Jewish, it was an instant death sentence. The Jews had to stand by, knowing they could do nothing while their possessions were taken. After this, they knew chances were they would be sent away to die.

Learn about George Soros and Open Society Foundations
Read more about George Soros’s life on

EOS Builds Popular Brand with Marketing and Social Media

EOS lip balm began marketing lip gloss about seven years ago in colorful packaging and flavors that wowed the fashion community. Editors at Cosmopolitan and Allure raved about the lip gloss and celebrities promoted it. It is the second best selling lip gloss in the country. They sell over 1 million units a week.

The owners of the company thought lip balm was a category that needed innovation.Their research told them that lip gloss was used primarily by women. They learned many women lost lip balm in their purses due to its small size. They brought in artists to design an innovative shape that appealed to women.

They designed a product that engaged all the senses. The lip gloss was priced to compete with the other products. It was not easy getting into stores and they hired an experienced sales rep. Many male buyers did not understand the product. There break came when a female buyer at Walgreens that liked the shape and style of the product.

After that Walmart, Racked and Target sold EOS on their shelves. The company created their own manufacturing facility that is almost completely automated. They decided to market their products to women ages 24-35 year old. The company advertised through magazines and magazines. There advertising also used beauty bloggers on popular social media sites too. See,

EOS has worked to build a large social media network that has contributed to its success. Their have 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 7 million on Facebook that contribute to the company’s continued success. Visit the company’s website:


Wessex Journals

Wessex Institute of Technology publishes 5 different journals (two more to be released in 2017 and 2018). They provide a wealth of information in a variety of fields:

International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics discusses topics ranging from ecosystems and evolutionary advances to architecture and philosophy.

International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning appeals to those interested in planning in urban, as well as rural, areas while taking into consideration environmental factors as well as social and health issues.

International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering reaches through a variety of topics under this area, including terrorism, natural disasters, and risk management.

International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements focuses on the ties between computer advancements and scientific experiments.

International Journal of Energy Production and Management discusses issues of energy management and production as well as environmental issues.