The Evolution of EOS through Reviews

When there is a call coming out of the lip balm industry, then you are sure that it is big news. Though EOS, Evolution of Smooth has been recently building their name but the new vegan flavored introduction to the market has made people go crazy says The customers of EOS will find this product appealing to them and those who have not had a good time with the lip balm in the recent years due to some ingredients. The product now appeals to a wider number of people around the world than before.

The iconic little round dispenser clearly identifies the EOS product but they have made news headlines by introducing vegan crystal flavors of lip balm. Though it resembles the initial one, you can see through the balm to your lip product. Due to the products organic nature, clarity and free of animal byproduct, long time customers need not be convinced to purchase the product.

Although EOS lip balm has been around for sometimes and enjoying big sales, beeswax is the only thing that kept it off from being vegan. But this year has seen the beeswax being replaced, it is the hope of the company that the clients will enjoy the product.

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When it came to existence, lip balm was seen as a unisex commodity but according to a detailed consumer research, it was later realized that the product was mainly consumed by women. Many of the customers liked the product but found it unhygienic to apply it with fingers, see this. So they invited a clay artist to model the different shapes so as to make the product imaginative as they could. Finally, they thought about the product that will associate all the five senses so as to create an emotional connection with the user.

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The Many Flavors of EOS Lipbalm

EOS lip balm is no ordinary lip balm, EOS has started a trend that is growing at an extremely fast rate. Not only did they do away with regular tube shaped containers, and introduce the trendy round design, but they are also one of the only companies to boast a 100% organic line as well. The lip balm contains Vitamin E, Shea butter, as well as a special ingredient jojoba oil which can be credited for the immense smooth and refreshing feeling you get when using EOS. EOS brand certainly has something for everyone as they are constantly bringing out new flavors for you to enjoy.

One of the most popular flavors of EOS lip balm is the sweet mint flavor Not only do you get the smooth and refreshing taste of mint on your mouth but also the incredible minty scent will follow you around all day long! Another popular flavor is the vanilla bean, the vanilla bean flavor gives you a hint of Christmas but also a sweet, smooth after taste. Another favorite flavor that seems to be flying off the shelves, is strawberry sorbet, buy here! This fruity, yet incredibly smooth scent will make anyone want to start using EOS lip balm. It’s clear why EOS lip balm has been making such a statement in the retail industry for people looking for a smooth and great tasting lip moisturizer, refer also to Not only is this a brand you can trust, but also a brand that delivers high quality products every time!


How Did Securus Technologies Make My Job Easier?

Working as a corrections officer is a very dangerous, stressful, and eventful job, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Not knowing what each day will bring is part of the excitement of working in a prison, but that is only if I can maintain a certain degree of safety while on the job. Lately, the conditions in our state prison have gotten worse and my team of officers have been the target of violent outbursts. Luckily for my crew, the superiors in our facility have already made contact with a company that developed an inmate telephone call monitoring system that leveled the playing field.


Securus Technologies has already placed this same monitoring system in 2,589 prisons across the country, and these facilities are seeing a huge downturn in violence towards officers, guests, and staff. When the team at this company says they are dedicated to making the world safer, they are not fooling around. The LBS software developed to run the monitoring system works around the clock while my team is back on the floor making sure nothing is out of order.


Since the new phone monitoring system was installed in our facility, we have been able to get in front of dangerous issues and eliminate many of the violent outbursts. There was one inmate calling his sister and telling her how another inmate has drugs mailed to him by coating the paper with the drug in liquid form. Now we check ever letter and test them before the inmates get their mail. One inmate tried to take an order from his gang members on the street concerning a hit on a rival gang member, we stopped the issue before it could happen.


Securus Technologies hopes to drop issues like this in more jails around the country this year too.


EOS Lip Balms For Every Season

If there is one thing that you know about EOS it is that it comes in a round sphere found in the checkout lines of most stores. What you might not know is that they make a lip balm that is not found in the sphere. The organic stick lip balm is different from the sphere by the shape of the container but also in the ingredients used to create the organic flavor. The long lasting hydration that is enriched with the oils that your lips need is flavored with scents that you are sure to love. Available in Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry, or Vanilla Bean.

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If you love the holidays, you know how nice it is to enjoy the smells of the season which brings the best out during the holidays. The EOS holiday pack is going to bring the scents of the season to your mouth. The vanilla bean fan favorite is included in the holiday edition along with the visibly soft flavor of peppermint mocha and adds the finishing touch to the collection with sparkling ginger lip balm.

If you are longing to enjoy the season throughout the whole year, the limited edition 2 pack will provide the user with tastes of the season year round. The 2 pack comes with the organic vanilla bean as well as with the pumpkin spice that is associated with the holiday season.

If you enjoy the smells of spring, you want to bring the scent of spring back year round. The duo pack contains the limited edition cucumber melon as well as the coconut milk lip balm, click here. The vitamins and minerals in the makeup of the EOS is going to provide you with all the hydration you need to have luscious and healthy lips.

The EOS brand is paraben free and will not leave your lips sticking together like most other brands of lip balm. The locked in moisture is sure to enhance the beauty tradition no matter what time of the year it is.


The American Mathematician- Michael Lacey

Born in September 1959, Michael Lacey grew into a well-known mathematician in America. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987. Walter Philipp had directed the Ph.D. to be awarded to him.

Further to his career, he made contributions to the mathematics specialization. His thesis was inclined to the probability topic in Banach spaces. While at this, he ensured to solve a problem on the law of iterated algorithm. This was about the characteristic empirical functions of values.

Moreover, he developed an extraordinary interest in probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory. Lacey managed to secure post-doctoral positions at various institutions. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

He was at the Louisiana state university and later the University of Carolina. It is while at UNC that Lacey in collaboration with Walter Philipp proved the Central limit theorem. Between the years 1989 and 1996, Lacey held a senior position at the Indianan University.

A National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship was awarded to him at Indiana University. He later began a study on the bilinear Hilbert Transform during the fellowship. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Together with Christoph Thiele, Lacey got awarded the Salem Prize. The price was an award for solving the conjecture by Alberto Calderon. This marked another significant development of his career life.

Afterwards, Michael Lacey became the professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology. The Guggenheim fellowship was another award to Lacey. This was because of the collaboration with Xiaochun Li.

Further, the American Mathematical Society received Lacey as a fellow in 2012. This award came as a significant milestone in his career.

Additionally, Lacey took part in finding the solution to the Kato Square Root Problem. The problem was also part of the Second Order Elliptic operators. His mathematical knowledge enabled him to tackle this problem without much trouble.

Moreover, Lacey took part in the solving of a Fourier series problem. It encompassed convergence of Fourier series of square integral functions. Michael Lacey has helped solved various mathematical problems as a Professor. His hard work has seen him become famous with time.

A Superlative Overview Of Geologist And Writer Matt Badialli

     Matt Badialli is a professional geologist and is currently a senior editor at Banyan Hills Publishing. Moreover, he is an economist and a research analyst. Banyan Hill Publishing is a research and publishing media house specializing in the publication of research advisories and investment newsletters. The publishing house has its headquarters at Delray Beach in Florida and has at least 200,000 subscribers.

He is also a Natural Resource Expert give his proficiency in geology part from exercising editorial duties at the publishing house. Matt Badiali being a researcher and an investment writer is focuses on assisting his readers to be knowledgeable and capable of protecting their wealth. Although he focuses on the recognizing profitable opportunities pertaining to natural resources, he will also focus looking out for new investment opportunities that are appropriate for investments by readers.

Being a geologist, Matt Badiali does a lot of research. Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing, he worked as a geologist for a drilling agent and a consultant for a drilling company and an environmental firm respectively. He was also an editor at the Stansberry Research. He was the editor of Stansberry Research Report; monthly advisory equipping readers with information on energy and metals among other naturally occurring resources. He worked at the Stansberry Research for 11 years.

Matt is a learned fellow. He went to the Penn State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences. He, later on, joined Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a Master’s degree in Geology.

During his work as a full-time geologist, Badialli carried out numerous extensive research. He has visited and researched numerous mines and oil wells worldwide. His has traveled around the world and has worked in numerous countries including Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Papua New Guinea and Switzerland among other nations. In his course of duty, he has interviewed a good number of Chief Executive Officers about their company’s resources and performance. He has also scrutinized geological data. Matt Badialli has a wealth of experience in consultation with environmental companies, mine inspection, and drilling. He also speaks in conferences on geological issues. As such, Matt Badiali has built tremendous reputation within the geology domain. Building of this reputation has been due to the many years of experience he has and his incredible educational background. Based on his contributions as a geology and a writer, his work will hopefully be remember many more year to come.

The Rise of Ricardo Tosto As a Lawyer in Brazil

Law in Brazil is primarily borrowed from the Portuguese civil law that uses the statues legal system. In 2004, the constitution of Brazil was amended, and now, it recognizes that previous court decisions can be acknowledged as precedents that are similar to the common law system. Brazil is known as one of the republics that have been formed by the indissoluble union of the states, federal districts as well as municipalities.

Brazil prides itself as a state with the largest legal professions in the world with an estimate of 1,029,399 registered lawyers. With the largest legal center being Sao Paolo, followed by Rio de Janeiro being the second. The common street name for lawyers in Brazil is Advogados. To be in a position to practice law in Brazil, you have to be certified and registered with the Brazilian Bar Association which regulates lawyers as well.

When people talk about lawyers and law in Brazil, one name is never left out, Ricardo Tosto. He is one of the lawyers who has grown exponentially from very humble beginnings to become a force to reckon within Brazil. Regarding the law, Ricardo Totso advocates for Politian’s, large Brazilian firms, multinational groups, and nonprofit organizations. The Politian’s he advocates for were are of different ideologies. However, he is one of the law keepers who know the limits of his professions, and as a result, causes stressful situations and circumstance while defending his clients.

Ricardo Tosto’s reputation has grown and keeps growing among his people as well as the international communities that have come across his work. Most of Ricardo Tosto’s clients always walk out with a victory on their shoulders regardless of the amount of work Ricardo shoulders. His knowledge of his limits also contributed immensely to the creation of laws that turned out to be of great importance to the Brazilian economy.

Ricardo Tosto is also the founder of many associates in Brazil, which he started with some trainees. He also manages and supervises the management of his firm, formulating strategies and showing the way in case of doubts.

Greg Secker: The Philanthropic Champion of Forex Trading

People that are looking for alternative ways to make money and even alternative ways to invest should look to Greg Secker as he brings information about the Forex market. The Forex market is the way that Greg himself has become financially independent. He is very passionate about Forex and is willing to help people learn all they need to know about the market so that they will be able to make profits from their trades. One of the reasons that a growing number of people are trying to break into the Forex market is that there is the belief that a lot of money can be made in a short time.

Greg Secker is willing to help people learn how they can make a fortune from the Forex market. One thing that he has seen is that tons of people get started on Forex and find themselves losing everything they have earned. One thing that needs to be known is that the market is one unpredictable beast. At the same time, there are patterns to look for. Greg has found these patterns. This is how he has become very successful as a Forex trader. He has used his success to set up many different resources for his philanthropy as well as his instruction of other people who are trying to break into the market.

He works with different organizations such as Learn To Trade in order to bring people some really helpful insights that will help them avoid losing all of their money. One of the tips to understand is that a large part of trading depends on the mindset. The best thing to do is find a way to trade in which leaves room for confidence in the trade so that he can allow a winning trade to ride a bit and let go of the losing trades.

Paul Mampilly Starts With Investing 101 In Giving His Secrets

When you want to learn investing in as simple terms as possible, you might want to follow Paul Mampilly. Mampilly is a founding member of Capuchin Consulting and the author of “Profits Unlimited,” a newsletter that starts with investing 101 and shows how you can start up a portfolio without a broker. Some keys to investing are finding stocks nobody is paying attention to and analyzing tech trends and looking at new entertainment. It’s a little known fact that Mampilly saw Facebook in its early days and believed it would take over social media. He was right and made over 200℅ in profit when that stock hit maturity. He shares his portfolio in his newsletters.

Paul Mampilly came from India and started his professional career at Deutsche Bank. He went from credit research to taking client Investments to the next level. From Deutsche Bank, he moved up into senior-level management positions at ING, Banker’s Trust and Sears. He soon became sought after by executive talent recruiters and was brought to Kinetics International Fund.

Barron’s magazine gave Kinetics International an honorable mention due to Mampilly’s savvy investment choices and building up the firm’s portfolio. In less than a year, Kinetics International Fund grew from $6 billion all the way to $25 billion and was seeing staggering gains of up to 20℅ on annual statements. Mampilly won several recognitions for his expertise, and also earned a spot in the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. In this competition, Mampilly took $50 million and found a way to gain 88℅ in spite of the tough investing climate of that year as a result of the recession. Mampilly also was one of the founders of Capuchin Consulting, a boutique services firm in North Carolina.

Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street even in the height of his career and by age 42 was considered retired. But he wasn’t about to completely close the door on investing because he felt a that stepping out of Wall Street would allow him to help Main Street better. He was most impressed by Banyan Hill’s newsletter space, and within the first few months of writing Profits Unlimited saw over 60,000 people subscribe. Check more:

Bruno Fagali, Founder Fagali Advocacia

Bruno Fagali Is A Renowned Attorney

Are you thinking about getting a lawyer in Brazil? Facing a business dispute or need legal advice on how to stay in compliance with the law? Running a business requires you to become familiar with the rules and regulations and abide by them.


In Brazil, Bruno Fagali can advise you on legal issues that pertain to your business or projects. It is extremely important to seek advice or guidance from a reliable and experienced legal professional.

Getting advice from an experienced lawyer like Bruno Fagali will benefit you in many ways. Numerous businesses, organizations and professionals turn to reliable lawyers for proper guidance on legal issues that pertain to their business.

If you find yourself dealing with a complex legal issue, a competent attorney should outline the possible ways to address the case and then explain why he or she has chosen a particular legal strategy, including the advantages and advantages.

A reliable and knowledgeable lawyer can help resolve issues as well as provide representation when necessary. A knowledgeable lawyer can help in setting up a business structure and other legal aspects of a company or corporation. Small business owners, medium-sized companies and large corporations can benefit from the expertise of a lawyer like Bruno Fagali. With a highly knowledgeable and reputable lawyer advising and guiding you, you can rest assured that you’re on the right path.

Bruno Fagali is a highly regarded attorney and has been rendering outstanding legal solutions for years. Bruno Fagali is passionate about helping clients resolve their legal disputes or conflicts and run their business efficiently.

Bruno Fagali has advised and represented many companies and business owners in Brazil and he is conidered a top lawyer. Bruno Fagali focuses his practice on Regulatory Law, Urban Law, Ethics, Administrative Law and Compliance. Bruno Fagali comes recommended in the legal community.