Class Dojo Is The Leading Communication and Education Platform For Teachers

Class Dojo was launched in 2011, based in San Francisco. They are dedicated to providing solutions for improving education all around the world. Since it launched, Class Dojo has expanded to being used by every 2 out of 3 schools all around the the United States. The program is available for use in more than 180 different countries, and has raised millions in funding in order to expand it’s reach further.

Founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, Class Dojo was designed to provide solutions to education problems that are not really available on the market. Other companies with educational tech at the time do not typically offer free apps, nor are they easy to use. The founders of Class Dojo were aware of this and wanted to create a product that was easy to use for parents, teachers, and students.

The advanced communication platform offered by Class Dojo offers parents the ability to monitor their child’s activity and progress in the classroom. It also allows teachers to take photos and videos to share special moments happening in school. Teachers can also post notes and reminders for parents and students. This program allows students to view the classroom as a positive experience with helpful encouragement throughout the learning process.

Class Dojo’s founders created the program in order to bring parents and teachers closer to the students to allow for more engagement in class. The app allows for instant and constant communication for teachers and students every day, instead of the usual scheduling of appointments and conferences. Teachers can leave notes for parents for guiding parents with what their child needs to know or learn while at home as well.

Due to the positive reviews and general success of Class Dojo, the founders stated they would be able to expand the team as well as continue to develop features and content for the program. As time goes on educational platforms will continue to develop and include more features that help provide more engagement and build a better community.

The app is entirely free for users and the company has not gone after money for the educational service they offer. As the company continues to grow and distribute its app to more people around the world, they will develop ways of generating income with special features while leaving the main features available to all uses to experience.


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