Lime Crime Makeup is All About the Metallics Right Now

Right now one of the biggest trends is flashback nineties everything. The choker necklaces, denim, Friends style, Lisa Frank tees and metallic makeup is taking over the fashion trends of 2016. Perhaps it’s a wave of nostalgia or because the fashion of the nineties is striking home for many people who either grew up with it or somewhat recall their early years growing up in the nineties. One makeup company in particular is taking the nineties makeup trends to their beauty shoppers. Lime Crime makeup company is bringing both metallic lip colors and metallic eyeshadows to their store on Amazon.


The Lime Crime company is mainly known for their lip colors. They have developed a few eyeshadow palettes though, yet all of them were matte in color and not especially bright colors. They stuck to a palette that could create neural or smoky eye looks in the past. The new metallic eyeshadow -the appropriately named Superfoils– are very bright and metallically noticeable. Silver, gold, olive, pink and cocoa brown are some of the shades from the metallic Superfoils.


The metallic lip colors from Lime Crime are the Metallic Velvetines. The three lip colors that have been released so far are metallic rose, pink and plum colors. All of these heavy metals Metallic Velvetines are very flash back nineties, while also keeping modern.


All of the Metallic Velvetines and Superfoils are sold on the Lime Crime website. You can shop for the new metallic trends at: ““.

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