Igor Cornelsen Takes Investors to Brazil


Igor Cornelsen has been around for a long time. He has given investors in the United States a world outside of what they may have known in the past. Most investors have been building portfolios based on the S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

The average person that has a portfolio in the United States doesn’t have the ability to maximize their returns because they are limited on American stocks. What Igor Cornelsen has been able to do is give people access to a new environment outside of the United States. The market in Brazil is booming, and people are going to be excited when they get some basic tips from Igor Cornelsen about the diverse options that are available with trading outside the United States.

When the economy in China in not doing well it will have a trickle effect on the stocks in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen reminds people that they have to see the bigger picture, he stresses as much often on his blog.

Taking a step to see what the economy is like in Brazil is a good first step to foreign investments. There still has to be a need for investors to look at the other countries that people are applying products to. This makes a difference in the long-term investing. Trading partners are very important. When you know how imports and exports work you will have a much better understanding of the companies that will be profitable.

Another thing that he has done is give people valuable information about the government and all the things that they can expect. He informs investors about the currency exchange rate. He also tells people about the banking industry and the major players in Brazilian banking. He knows a lot about banking in Brazil because he spent years there as an investment banker. Citibank Brazil is one of the largest of the top ten, and this is what Igor tells people to keep their eyes on. Smart investors are the ones that observe change.  PRLog details Igor’s analysis of Brazil’s economy in full.

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