EOS Builds Popular Brand with Marketing and Social Media

EOS lip balm began marketing lip gloss about seven years ago in colorful packaging and flavors that wowed the fashion community. Editors at Cosmopolitan and Allure raved about the lip gloss and celebrities promoted it. It is the second best selling lip gloss in the country. They sell over 1 million units a week.

The owners of the company thought lip balm was a category that needed innovation.Their research told them that lip gloss was used primarily by women. They learned many women lost lip balm in their purses due to its small size. They brought in artists to design an innovative shape that appealed to women.

They designed a product that engaged all the senses. The lip gloss was priced to compete with the other products. It was not easy getting into stores and they hired an experienced sales rep.

After that Walmart, Racked and Target sold EOS on their shelves. The company created their own manufacturing facility that is almost completely automated. They decided to market their products to women ages 24-35 year old. The company advertised through magazines and magazines. There advertising also used beauty bloggers on popular social media sites too. See, https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth.

EOS has worked to build a large social media network that has contributed to its success. Their have 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 7 million on Facebook that contribute to the company’s continued success. Visit the company’s website: evolutionofsmooth.com.


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  1. Many male buyers did not understand the product. There break came when a female buyer at Walgreens that liked the shape and style of the product. It is important to have kathyparra.com  do the important review for the product too.

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