The Career of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello has been involved in the business world for quite sometime. Currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Petrello has demonstrated a unique ability to improve the efficiency of businesses. Not only is he well qualified and has produced lots of success, he is an avid philanthropist and give back to the community.

Petrello has a long list of educational credits. He holds a Petrello holds a Juris Doctor degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School. He also has earned a M.S. in Math from Yale University. His resume include a list of other stops including serving as Managing Partner of the Baker & McKenzie’s New York office during the late eighties and early nineties. During Petrello’s time at Baker & McKenzie he specialized in a number of areas including international arbitration, general corporate law and also taxation.

Anthony Petello’s experience is far reaching. He became a member of the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. Petrello served President and Chief Operating Officer of Nabors for nearly nearly two decades before leaving the position in 2011. Other highlights of his career include serving as Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee. Outside of Petello’s operating abilities Petrello is known for is ability to provided strategic planning and direction. This allows companies that he works with to change and grow in the competitive business world.

Petrello is known for more that his business skills. He is known for his philanthropy and love for giving back. Petrello currently serves as a director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and of Hilcorp Energy Company. He also is part of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. This amazing hospital is constantly working on the behalf of children conducting research and producing clinical programs focused on children with neurological disorders.

Anthony Petrello has had a career with lots of great moments. His impact on the business world is second to few. He continues to give back to his community and remains a role model for up and coming leaders.

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