DIY Summer Life Hacks by Wengie

Wengie is a popular YouTube vlogger with over five million subscribers. Her videos range from makeup and beauty to DIYs and everyday life hacks. In her video “DIY Summer Life Hacks,” she explains how simple summer hacks make your summer easier and way more fun! These DIYs are fun, easy to do, and are a great way to save money! Some of my favorite DIY hacks that Wengie explains in this video are:



Wengie shows us how to enjoy the pool without getting wet by simply blowing up a kiddie pool and using it as a floatation device. Since kiddie pools are roomier than regular floater, you can keep books or your cellphone by your side without them getting wet!



For this hack, Wengie takes a cuts two floating tubes to match the length of a plastic tub. She then threads a rope into the four tubes and ties them tightly around the tub. Now she has the perfect poolside minibar!



Wengie explains how to remove excess oil from your face by applying a layer of translucid powder to her face. She uses a layer of tissue as a barrier between her face and the brush to keep the powder from clumping on her face.



Wengie creates a natural mosquito-repellant by filling a jar with water and adding lemon lime, rosemary, and her choice of essential oils. She then removes the metal bottom from a tealight candle, lights it, and places in the jar.

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