End Citizens United Stands For Reforms In Government, Strives To Give The Power Back To The People

Seven years ago, the Supreme Court of America ruled for Citizens United, a bill that severely changed the course of American politics. According to the ruling, large corporations were given the same status as the common people when it came to their rights concerning the elections and matters of governance. After the bill had been set into motion, numerous company owners started investing large sums of money into political parties. As a result of this, political parties began to work in favor of these companies, trying to establish regulations for the benefit of these donors. As a result, the emphasis of political parties shifted from the well-being of the people to catering to the rich and famous. The common people started facing a backlash owing to this and started feeling like their voices were not being heard.


End Citizens United was a movement began to give the power of governance back to the people, to help them once again be part of their democracy and the have a say in how they wish to be governed. The organization was started by a few entrepreneurs who wanted a change in their system of governance. With the enormous amounts of big business investing into political parties, a large number of multinational corporations are finding a way to pursue tax evasions, while the common people are still struggling with the burdens of taxations. End Citizens United aims to fight for the re-establishment of transparency in political systems and to ensure that the country is once again being governed by a lawful and learned group of people who are always working for the benefit of society.


End Citizens United is working towards putting a stop to all the corrupt practices that take place in the political systems of the country. The believe that by fighting for the re-election of candidates for various positions, transparency can once again be established in the American system of government. Money shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to having to sway a party’s decisions for the bills they want to pass when in power. End Citizens United believes that everyone in the country should have equal rights, and power should not be vested with those who have bigger bank accounts.


The organization affiliated with the Democratic Party and believes that the country can prosper and establish equality only when this party is in power. Since the Republican party is one of the many things standing in the way of this bill being overturned, a change in office is the only way the power of democracy will be given back to the people. The Democratic Party’s stances on numerous issues have resonated with what End Citizens United stands for, which is why the organization believes in siding with them and voting for them to be put into a position of power.


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