Todd Lubar – Putting Passion Into Real Estate

The President of TDL FLOBAL VENTURES LLC Todd Lubar originally launched into real estate in 1955 after graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. This began a long career in real estate and finance. He initially started out as a Loan Originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, teaching him about the model of conservative Mortgage banking. This turned out to be a great insertion point to beginning the rest of his career. In 1999 Todd took a massive step after a chain of achievements, taking an Equity position with Legacy Financial Group. This was just the beginning for Mr. Lubar, after using his position at Legacy to expand his capabilities he learned to broker loans, and how to lend as a direct Mortgage bank. In 2002 he opened up Legendary Properties, LLC. This is a massive step in the direction of being his own boss. He made his company a residential development company, and his skill in the real estate market allowed him to flourish with his new business. This allowed him to gain experience with all kinds of people in the housing and building trades. Making Todd Lubar an individual with a mass of wealth and progress in the real estate market. Allowing him to manage to get massive lines of credit for his business up to twenty million dollars. Visit Todd’s profile on Facebook.

Only a year later he opened Charter Funding a section of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of most massive private mortgage companies. Allowing him to expand his business on an exponential level. All his experience allowed him to be labeled an expert and got attention toward his business and his experience, especially in Baltimore, where the real estate crisis is becoming more and more of a problem. With a mass of changes in Maryland, it allows the market to be more user-friendly allowing foreclosures and other issues to start and end more slowly. Todd was easily able to navigate this fragile market and rise in its ranks as one of the most well-known individuals in the Real estate market. In an article on Hackronym, Todd Lubar is an efficient, strong individual in the real estate market. With his wealth of knowledge and ability, he has managed to rise in its ranks, allowing him to become a well-known face in the housing market as well. A professional, capable, and well-versed individual he has encouraged growth and strength in the market and passion in everything he does.

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