Rona Borre; The Power Of Women As Far As Management Of Businesses Is Concerned

Today’s society cannot progress without the input of women. Women play a crucial part in the overall growth of corporations, communities, and organizations. With time, women have come to realize that managerial positions are not a preserve of men. Some of the women with a notable contribution in the corporate world include Rona Borre, the founder of Instant Alliance.  Check on for additional reading.

Beaming with energy right after college, Rona took her first steps in the field of recruiting and staffing. She joined a company that focused on identifying skilled individuals and connecting them with organizations that were in need of their services. This opportunity gave Rona Borre a rare chance of working with people and establishing business networks. Working with the company, Rona was able to learn how corporates leverage technology to achieve better results. Later, the organization which Rona used to work for was bought, and she decided it was time for her to start her own business.

When she started Instant Alliance, the individuals she had helped place in different organizations assisted her in building a network with recruiters. They offered to make introductions on her behalf in the companies they worked helping her get started. That is how Rona Borre has been able to grow her company from a little-known business that operated from her condo to the enterprise that boasts of over 50 employees.

Rona derives a lot of pleasure from her work. She loves being out in the field and engaging with her customers while building lasting business relationships. Borre feels productive whenever her team has succeeded in identifying the most skilled people and placing them with her clients. She knows that human capital is one of the most fundamental resources in an organization.

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The future of businesses shall be determined by how enterprises use big data and analytics to come up with management strategies and design products. Analytics is a field which excites Rona Borre given that she is always on the run, trying to improve herself and learn more.

Rona Borre recognizes the power of technology in enabling a business to achieve more and run efficiently. Instant Alliance incorporates one of the best software solutions that is robust and sleek in functionality allowing the company to make more.

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