David McDonald’s Growth Strategy For OSI China

     You might have asked yourself which companies are the sources of everyday delicacies such as pizza, breakfast sausages or bacon. One of these enterprises is the OSI group. The firm processes food products such as sausages, sandwiches, cooked beef and pork and pizza. OSI Group has over 50 businesses in 17 national destinations across the globe.

Most renowned food retail chains such as Subway, Starbuck, Burger King and McDonald’s get their food products from OSI. Over the years, the growth of OSI Industries has been on a steady curve. This achievement is partly because the company is led by some of the most vibrant and dynamic executives as well as the fact that the firm is always keen on venturing into new markets.

One of the executives who has been behind OSI’s success is David McDonald. His management position in the multinational is that one of President and Chief Operating Officer. According to David McDonald, the company’s focus at the moment is improving its presence and operations in the Chinese Market. Emerging markets such as the Chinese market provide a lot of growth opportunities to firms such as OSI Group. Under DaOSI, a joint undertaking between OSI Industries and the DOYOO Group, David McDonald is confident that OSI’s poultry production in China will record more growth

According to David, some of the latest milestones the OSI Group has achieved include the launch of a beef processing factory in Poland and a modern feed mill in Shandong Province. When providing food solutions to communities in which OSI Group has operations, David McDonald ensures that the company employs local management teams that are cognizant to the cultural and taste preferences of the local communities.

Besides serving at the helm of OSI Group, David McDonald also holds positions in other companies. The North American Meat Institute is privileged to receive the services of David as its Chairman. In the year 2008 when Marfrig Global Foods S.A. acquired OSI’s Europe and Brazil plants, David was given the position of independent director to the enterprise.


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