EOS Sweet Mint

EOS is one of the latest lip balms on the market to be a smashing success. The company was begun by Sanjiv Mehra and the co-creator to compete with larger competitors, Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. Sanjiv Mehra had already helped the Pepsico Company, now that same genius was revolutionizing the lip balm world. With that at the helm of the company it couldn’t fail. The largest hit from the selection of flavors from the release was their Sweet Mint.

Sweet Mint is an amazing EOS lip balm flavor that was created from the in depth evaluation of how people react to various scents. It is a trade secret, but EOS has stated that it is a combination of vanilla and mint, with a few other scents. It is also all-natural and makes your lips smooth, just like the name indicates.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, has several other flavors that the company has released since the beginning of the company releasing since Sweet Mint was released. They have all been as popular as Sweet Mint was. Sweet Mint is and has always been the company’s largest selling flavor, check out more products here.

Sweet Mint tastes like a combination of exactly what it is meant to taste like. It makes the lips feel cooler and sweetens your breath. It softens the lips and is positively addictive. If you try the flavor, you will see that it tastes amazing. Don’t stop there though.

Be sure to check out the other flavors that all have their own unique quality, see here on amazon.com. Some people even collect the various flavors as they have been released. If you Google EOS on YouTube, you’ll see countless people that have them collected and organized. They even have collectibles in boxes that are not yet opened. They display them in their rooms and buy the new releases as they come out.


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