The Class of James Dondero

In today’s economy, it remains a necessity to invest. To expound further, investing remains necessary in order to build and sustain wealth. Since humankind developed civilization, it has always focused its efforts on investing. Not only did investing foster trade with other civilizations, it also insulated the wealth obtained within these civilizations. With that being said, few investors can compare to the efforts of James Dondero. Aside from being the president of Highland Captial Management, James Dondero has held numerous high-profile positions. To expound further, James Dondero dedicated a significant portion of his life to investing. Throughout his childhood, James Dondero knew that he would become successful someday. Moreover, James Dondero remains a resident of Dallas, TX. Furthermore, James Dondero possesses numerous responsibilities within the company.

Therefore, Dondero remains responsible for Highland’s investment strategies and managing both retail and institutional products offered at the company. In credit markets alone, James Dondero possesses over 30 years of experience. In addition, this includes James Dondero remaining one of the original purveyors of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Due to his extensive background in credit services, James Dondero also remains the recipient of numerous awards. In particular, James Dondero remains the recipient of Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014. To expound further, he also received the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014. In addition, James Dondero received Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014.

Prior to working at Highland Capital Management, James remained the chief investment officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. To expound further, James Dondero took the company from a start-up to being a company worth $2 billion dollars. In fact, this occurred over the span of five years. Before Dondero worked for Protective Life, he remained responsible for managing $1 billion dollars in fixed income funds for American Express. Furthermore, James hails from an educational background. Moreover, James Dondero remains a proud graduate of the University of Virginia. In addition, he majored in both accounting and finance. As a CMA, James Dondero has earned the privilege to utilize the CFA designation.

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