Colorful, Flavorful, EOS

The market for lip balm products went many years without any changes. The product itself was colorless and flavorless. It came in a cylinder tube and had a long list of the ingredients that were put into it. Rea more amazing related articles here on

Once Evolution Of Smooth, better known as EOS hit the market, things changed. The flavors and colors of this lip balm attracted many people to try it. The container is a sphere that is soft to the touch to make it more enjoyable to use.

Each flavor has a different color sphere that makes each one unique. For example, blueberry acai has a light blue sphere color, summer fruit flavor has a bold red color sphere, and honeysuckle honeydew has a nature green color sphere just to name a few. EOS has many other flavors to pick from if none of those jump out to you, browse and shop products here.

EOS also has other lip balm spheres that can add shine to your lips or SPF if you enjoy the outdoors. These spheres are also unique to themselves but still contain the same natural ingredients and soft to the touch sphere containers. While the flavor selection isn’t as large as the original spheres that EOS is known for, they still offer some good choices.

If you prefer the cylinder tube that the classic lip balm products have always come in, EOS offers those as well. All of the EOS products are natural and hypoallergenic so you can feel good about using these products. Amazing review here on

Once you get hooked on the EOS lip balm, they have expanded to shaving creams and lotions so you can hydrate your skin with the same natural nourishing power that they provide for your lips.

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