Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Promoting Migrants Rights

A wide range of parts of the world are experiencing desperate helpful emergency as of now, especially in the center east, where the fascism government administrations, and in addition the fear based oppressors’ associations, are slighting human rights on remarkable levels. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

There are a large number of individuals who have lost their lives, and a million others have lost all that they lived for, including their families, homes, cash, and all that one can consider. Notwithstanding, on account of the human rights associations, individuals can resuscitate their life and in any event get the fundamental conveniences they can request to survive such a pestilence level compassionate emergency.

There are numerous social equality and human rights associations that are working day and night to secure the general population under their supervision and challenge any monstrosities they can note.

A portion of the best human rights associations dynamic in the United States and a wide range of parts of the world incorporates Protection International, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Federation for Human Rights, UN Watch, Global Rights, World Organization Against Torture, Human Rights First, Human Rights Foundation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

These associations are dynamic in various parts of the world to guarantee that the privileges of the general population are not grabbed or mishandled and that there is bolster accessible for individuals who have been casualties of human rights infringement. These associations additionally work intimately with the administrations to give equity to the casualties, diminish the human rights wrongdoings, and convey the guilty parties to equity.

In the United States, one of the real issues for which there are numerous non-benefit associations have surfaced in the recent decades are to challenge the racial divergence and to help evacuees’ and vagrants’ rights. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund

There are associations, for example, Border Angels, American Civil Liberties Union, EarthJustice, Anti-Defamation League, Lambda Legal, and the sky is the limit from there, which are effectively engaged with helping the settlers to battle against bad form and make social consciousness of the wrongdoing and divergence against the minorities.

One of the main two names in the field of human rights in the United States is Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

As of late, they were captured wrongfully by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They are the prime supporters of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were captured at the dead of night without adequate proof to back the capture.

They began a reserve with the settlement sum they got and is presently known as Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The reserve expects to empower associations that are battling against common and human rights abominations occurring in the nation, and make wide scale mindfulness about it for a superior tomorrow.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Keep Their Audiences Updated Via FrontPage Confidential


In what seems like a continuation of vengeful acts by the authorities, the police recently raided the offices of the former founders who also happen to be the brains behind the Frontera Fund. They arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who was later released on bond under the first amendment. The authorities have since closed down the website, an indication of a serious affront on press freedom.

$1 Million Bond

On the morning of April the 13th, Michael Lacey was photographed leaving the Sandra Day O’Connor courthouse after being granted a $1 million bond. He was smiling as he walked hand in hand with his wife. Mr. Michael Lacey agreed to post the bond that was secured by two of his properties. He also agreed to electronic monitoring and travel restrictions. Michael Lacey was held in custody for a week. He looked a little frail and grizzled. He did not talk much when reporters moved close to interview him.

The Fifth Amendment

Mr. Michael Lacey invoked his rights as provided under the Fifth Amendment that allowed him to decline to testify. The government agents seized and arrested the site’s owners who happened to be the Frontera fund co-founder and one of Joe Arpaio’s main critics, Mr. Michael Lacey. The Front Page Confidential reveals the details of the arrests and the continuing drama between the two journalists and the US authorities under President Donald Trump. Trump recently invoked his powers of pardon and helped to set free the indicted former Maricopa County sheriff Mr. Joe Arpaio. The report that also appears on the Senate’s report on Backpage clarifies that there were no sex trafficking charges leveled against anyone.

FBI Raids

The arrest came as Michael Lacey and his wife were preparing for a celebration of their recent marriage. Witnesses watched as the FBI took hold of Michael Lacey’s possessions after the raid. The agents also raided another of Lacey’s homes in Sedona and his business partner’s residence at Paradise Valley.

Dr. Villanueva Brings Innovation and Live to MB2 Dental Practice

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, which is a dental office that involves large group practices and private practices. His focus at the time of creating MB2 Dental was to include the best from both practices. He has experience in both worlds as a dentist so when he decided to start the company; he knew exactly what he needed to do to ensure that his dental practice succeeded. Currently, the business has 70 locations in six different states with 533 employees. Dr. Villanueva is committed to focusing on more than just profits within the company. Each day he works towards bringing new ways of running the businesses to create inspired employees. The goals he surrounded himself in while building MB2 Dental was to focus on a firm that offers support, personal growth and ensuring a fun environment. MB2 Dental works to help different practices improve their business structure and promote improvements in relation to operating standards. Within the operational standards lies happier practitioners and better employee satisfaction.

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Villanueva needed to decide which direction to go. He could join a large practice or he could start a practice of his own. MB2 Dental evolved after the decision to form the two worlds together. By working diligently and focusing on his goals, he has been able to build the practice into a successful business. He has set his sights on keeping the company fun, creative and staying out of the way of his employees. Often times, too many CEO’s and managers get too involved and begin to micromanage. He has found that if he just lets them run with their ideas, it creates efficiency and keeps the staff more inspired. Dr. Villanueva has the ability to bring his ideas to life by surrounding himself with really smart people who help interact with some really great thoughts. He has always been a firm believer that most are better together than alone.

Dr.Villanueva has worked hard to build a successful practice full of dedication and commitment with a light-hearted atmosphere. He continues to thrive on the innovation and technology that the industry is leaning towards. Early on in the business, he was determined to surround the business with the doctors involved and provided everything possible for their community-based practice. With doing so, he has been able to combine the positive nature of the business along with many expert dentists.

Paul Mampilly Shares How to Invest and Make Money from Stocks

     The idea of investing in stocks seem complicated to some Americans, yet many people have made a fortune from buying and selling shares. According to Paul Mampilly, buying and selling stocks is an uncomplicated process that requires one thing: timing. Mampilly, an expert in matters stocks and business, attributes his success in stock investing to buying stocks at the right time and disposing them at the proper time.

Mampilly’s business acumen enabled him to make profits from Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics. Using his business model that involves perfect timing, Mampilly bought stocks in Sarepta Therapeutics, a medical research and drug development company, in 2012. Before the end of 2012, the company’s stocks had appreciated immensely enabling Mampilly to obtain 2000% profit from the sale of Sarepta Therapeutics shares. Mampilly’s investment in Sarepta Therapeutics was a replication of similar investments he had made in the past, for example, in 2008 he bought shares from Netflix. Within a short duration, the company’s stocks had appreciated enabling Mampilly to sell them for a profit.

Presently Mampilly is still interested in investing in companies. He often shares his investment advice through a newsletter he founded ‘’Profits Unlimited.” Recently Mampilly has been advising his audience to invest in the future: electric cars, precision medicine, and food delivery systems designed for millennials. According to him, advancement in technology and change in demographic factors are likely to open up new markets that seem unprofitable currently. There are many small companies currently dealing with the production of electric cars, or dealing with precision medicine, or dealing with delivery of food especially to millennials; Mampilly urges his audience to invest in those companies. Apart from “Profits Unlimited” Mampilly is often a guest on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and other networks where he concerns himself with what he does best: business and investments.

Mampilly has over 25 years of experience in business or working for corporations such as Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics Asset Management. Mampilly made a name for himself when he was a hedge fund manager with Kinetics Asset Management; during his tenure, the company’s assets experienced exponential growth. Pundits termed the increase as “World’s Best.”

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A Closer look at the Brown Modeling Agency:

The Brown Agency is an full service Modeling agency that is based out of Austin Texas. The Brown Agency specializes in placing fashion models as well as those interested in pursuing an Theatrical and/ or acting career. The agency has been successful in launching the careers of well known models as well as actors. The Brown agency works with men, women, children as well as teenagers serious about a career in modeling.


The Brown Agency was successful in launching the careers of well known models such as Carter Wray, Colin Harpst, David Bates, Gavin Beasley, John Conroy and many more. The agency gave models the opportunity to prove themselves on the runway as well as other modeling opportunities. Many models begin their career by doing print ads and clothing ads for local department stores.


*Launching Careers for men, women & children:


Allison Keen and Amanda Wells are female models that have made a name for themselves within the fashion as well as the theatrical industry. The Brown Agency helped these ladies boost their career and find additional jobs within the industry. Doa Jafri started modeling at a young age. Jafri accepted several modeling jobs through the Brown Agency which ultimately led to a career in Theater and Commercials. A successful career within the modeling and entertainment industry many times depends upon luck and being in the right place at the right time.


Young models such as Allison Seibel and Ace Hart have found a great deal of success in modeling with the help of the Brown Agency. In addition, Ace Hart has had offers to appear in TV commercials as well as some major fashion magazines. A model or actor just starting out in the business must have adequate representation by a reputable agency in order to receive work with substantial pay.


The Brown Agency can be found on Crunchbase, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the agency has several fashion related blogs that can be found on Twitter. Photos of some of the agency’s top models can be found on Instagram. The Brown Agency updates their Instagram and Facebook page each week.




A career in modeling can be very exciting and financial rewarding for some. The first step is to submit an 8×10 color head shot with a resume of any modeling or acting experience. If an agency representative is interested you should hear from them within about 30 days. The web site does give instructions on how to go about submitting your credentials if interested in a modeling career. Please visit the web site at

The Endorsements Of End Citizens United

Before endorsing any Democrat candidate, End Citizens United confirms with them if they would back any constitutional amendment that will overturn it. Then it also confirms the campaign finance reform bills which they may have co-sponsored or even supported.

It needs to be noted here that most of those who have been endorsed by End Citizens United may not really be known as those who are championing for campaign finance reform. These would just be Democrats who are running in several districts. This is the way it used to be during the early endorsements of the group.

In this way, the endorsement process of End Citizens United is clear and transparent. They always interview their candidates before they grant them any endorsement.

They always like to step back, look at what they are doing, analyze, improve and then move forward. In addition, they have agreed to a few concessions in order to appease the reform community as there are many other PACs too.


It is clear that End Citizens United is making use of a political strategy in order to get a Democratic majority elected in the Senate. This can be a strategy as viable as any other in order to get the Supreme Court to overturn Citizens United.

They are spending their money in an effective manner to reduce the influence that money has in politics. It appears that electing a Democratic Congress is a reasonable path for securing campaign finance reform. This becomes more relevant after the death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. This means that the Senate has to approve someone as his replacement in the high court. This justice can decide the next campaign finance case.

End Citizens United PAC has already gone on the air in New Hampshire as well as Missouri with their ads that are asking Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) along with Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), to support voting on the Supreme Court nominee of President Barack Obama. Do note that both of them are up for re-election. Overall, End Citizens United spent $1.2 million on this advertising campaign. It has also endorsed these Democratic challengers in their Senate races.

It has also asked its email list to attend all those events which call for a prompt hearing as well as vote on Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court nominee through a message that was posted by them on 17 March.

End Citizens United has also worked on a highly successful ballot initiative of 2015 that has helped to enhance the Maine’s system that arranges the public financing for elections. This group has helped to recruit volunteers as well as raise $12,000. It has done similar work on another ballot initiative in Seattle.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Livio Bisterzo, and Vegan Snacks

     Everyone has heard the name of Leonardo DiCaprio, but not everyone recognizes the name, Livio Bisterzo. Who is he and what does Leonardo DiCaprio have in common with him? Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of a vegan snack brand called Hippeas.

Hippeas is Livio Bisterzo’s chick pea puffs that are a healthy, delicious, and animal-free snack that many are enjoying throughout the country. How did Livio Bisterzo make this product so popular in such a short amount of time?

First of all, Livio isn’t your typical story of big entrepreneur success. His background is different than most, having been born in Milan to working-class parents. He has gone through a lot to get to where he is today and learned much through trial and error. One thing can be said about Livio Bisterzo and that is that he never gave up.

Instead of pushing his product and making that the central focus in his marketing, he focused on his brand, his story, and why he created his product. He got the potential consumers involved with the story and now his product is sold with over 18,000 retailers.

Because the market for healthy snacks is a relatively recent trend, Hippeas has been able to get ahead in the industry and has taken the world by storm. People are looking for healthy (and tasty) alternatives to regular junk food to snack on and fortunately for Livio Bisterzo, he and his product arrived at the right time.

Because Livio Bisterzo and the team at Hippeas are so focused on the brand being a healthy and safe product, both for consumption and for the environment, it’s no wonder that environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio is proud to be an investor of this vegan snack.

While the amount of the investment that Leonardo DiCaprio made has not been shared, his participation in the brand has undoubtedly served to boost sales and draw more attention to this tasty snack.



Gregory James Aziz Makes An Impact Everywhere He Goes

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO who ensure that National Steel Car Limited would be able to do business for another one hundred years. It was because of his guidance while he was Chairman of the Board, that National Steel Car Ltd continues to make an impact today. No wonder he also was tapped to be the Chairman of National Industries.


The reason Greg Aziz was able to make such an impact in the rail industry was because of his education and wisdom, which he gained studying at Western University. It was here that he would finish his degree in Economics.


Gregory J Aziz would bring his experience from the university with him to National Steel Car Ltd and pave the road for them to see another one hundred years of business.


To succeed in his goal of another one hundred years in business, James Aziz had to successfully pull off several goals at once.


The first goal that Greg Aziz had to achieve to make National Steel Car Ltd. the strong company he knew it to be was to make sure that research and development took the front seat. He agreed with the old slogan, “If you are not ahead, you are dead.”


The second goal that Greg Aziz had to achieve to make National Steel Car Ltd. the strong company he knew it to be was to make the gears of the company run like a well-oiled machine. In other words, he had to make the company more efficient. Making great products was one thing, being able to create an army of them was another. Greg Aziz achieved this goal and National Steel Car became North America’s favorite manufacturer of rail cars. Visit This Page for more.


Greg Aziz would then bolster the foundation that allowed National Steel Car to get through the first one hundred years. He would bolster the suppliers with compliments, the workers with encouragement, the executives with bonuses, and the customer with gratitude.


Greg also knew that customers like companies that are environmentally conscious. Successfully completing an unparalleled task in railway history, Greg Aziz took the gas emissions of his company and lowered them by 90%. Greg also would stand side by side with one of Canada’s ministers to bring safer regulations to the rail way industry.


It is moves like these that show Greg Aziz is more than just a business man. He cares for all.

White Shark Media Enables You Do What You Love Profitably

Three Danish entrepreneurs experienced in online and offline marketing joined forces in 2011 to form the White Shark Media. Their primary objective was to conquer the fast-emerging SME market in Latin America and the US through the delivery of unmatched world class products and services. International and domestic presence plus a pool of fully bilingual employees paved the way for the company’s success in the market.

White Shark Media, a top Digital Marketing Agency, offers online marketing solutions designed for small and medium enterprises. The company is the among the fastest growing agencies in North America and has its headquarters in Miami with branches in Central America and Europe.

White Shark Media offers unparalleled and affordable search marketing companies that are supported by excellent customer service. So far, the agency has enabled thousands of businesses to grow their reach and revenues through the online marketing campaigns and expert marketing tools. White Shark Media helped Valley City Metals Inc., a supplier of metals and other building materials generate leads and sales growing their clientele by over 400% in the first year.

The agency encourages clients to focus on the core of their business throughout the sales campaigns. White Shark Media then monitor their customers marketing efforts regularly to evaluate their success. The company uses competitive intelligence, keyword-reach call monitoring, propriety reporting software and integration of Google Analytics to check the marketing progress and ensure accountability. Each client receives quality tailored reporting on their campaigns from White Media Shark.

The team at White Shark is bilingual and can do multiple language marketing campaigns at lower operational costs for clients all over the globe. The employees are knowledgeable in display advertising, Bing Ads, AdWords searches, and Google analytics. The White Shark Media employees are trained by experts in various fields within the company to help you maximize on your online campaigns.

In 2014, White Shark was among the inaugural SMB Google AdWords partners in the United States. Before, in 2012, Google had assigned a team to the company to assess and support their growth and client needs. The SMB partnership recognizes the only the best agencies within the country. Microsoft also acknowledges the company’s efforts and selected it as one of the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. Google AdWords has driven the company’s growth annually.

Currently, White Shark Media focuses its effort towards entrepreneurial excellence through providing innovative and cost-friendly marketing solutions. Their pursuit is to record double-digit growths year on year.


Find out more about White Shark media:

Susan McGalla; An All-time Inspiration

Susan McGalla is a remarkable woman of valor raising the bar in the entrepreneurial industry. Most people best know her as the former director of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan’s experience in the business sector has refined her into the iron woman she has grown into. Between 1986 and 1994, Susan was building her career at Joseph Horne Company, where she served in various administrative and marketing positions. Susan’s career growth has in itself inspired so many people, particularly women. Personally, I can attest that Susan has an extraordinary personality that helps her thrive in different working atmospheres. Throughout her career, she has been serving influential positions in fields perceived as male-dominated. She is, to me, more than just motivation, she is a brainwave.

Personal Information Regarding Susan McGalla

A 41-year old Susan was born in Ohio, East Liverpool and raised with her two brothers. Their dad was a football coach who believed that women should perform as superlatively as men do. Her elder brothers and parents had so much confidence in her as she grew, something that Susan attributes her courage to. In fact, in her family setting, McGalla’s ideas were welcomed cheerfully, and it stuck in her mind that she should always convey her ideas regardless of her audience. Gender was not considered as helpful or even as a hindrance. How I love such a mentality. In this time and age, we should rise to the occasion and charge everyone, men and women alike, to express and defend their views fearlessly.

Susan McGalla’s Position in Women Empowerment

McGalla believes in impacting women to become the best versions of themselves. As such, she offers her resources and energy to organize forums where she meets them. She points higher education as the key to accessing greater opportunities. According to Susan, we are in a skill-dominated economy and for the women to thrive; they must work towards growing their skills. Susan encourages women not to get nervy about the increasing cost of education. They should instead push zealously and seek scholarships. The other factor that Susan points out relates to building a network to build confidence. Unfortunately, most women tend to lose confidence in pursuing higher goals when working in a particular firm.

McGalla Insists on Performance

As much as women are encouraged to pursue high offices, we need to understand that skill is what matters the most. As long as you can deliver, Susan says “ignore the glass ceiling.” Do not allow yourself to become the subject of bigotry; deliver and let your work speak volumes on your behalf.


Find out more about Susan McGalla:

Clay Siegall follows strategy of looking for undertreated cancer types

The 20th century saw dramatic improvements in almost all types of cancer. This was largely due to the three main types of cancer treatment becoming widespread and highly effective. Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery all contributed to the radically increased survival rates across almost all types of cancer over this period.

However, some types of cancer, even those that saw dramatic improvements in survivability throughout the first part of the 20th century, eventually ended up seeing stagnating rates of increasing survivability throughout the latter half of the 20th century. This was due to a number of reasons, but most of it simply was a result of the traditional means of treatment having reached their peak effectiveness.

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics, one of the largest biotech firms in the United States and the only one solely dedicated to the creation of antibody drug conjugates, a type of targeted cancer therapy. Dr. Siegall has long been interested in finding ways to increase the survivability of many of the types of cancer that have seen their marginal improvements stagnate throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

Early on, Dr. Siegall decided to focus in on one type of cancer to develop the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate, called ADCetris. Non-hodgkin lymphoma has long been a major source of cancer deaths in the United States. However, due to its relatively low mortality rate and complex nature, significant mortality improvements had not been seen over the last 40 years. This, combined with the fact that up to 500,000 Americans are currently living with this disease, led Dr. Siegall to focus in on this ailment as the main disease to be treated by the first antibody drug conjugate.

After approximately a decade of research, Dr. Siegalls team had finally successfully completed the phase-three trials of ADCetris, leading to the first FDA approval of a antibody drug conjugate in the history of the world. Today, ADCetris is used to treat refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is currently being considered for many other off-label uses. The drug has proven the concept of antibody drug conjugates and is saving lives every day.