White Shark Media Enables You Do What You Love Profitably

Three Danish entrepreneurs experienced in online and offline marketing joined forces in 2011 to form the White Shark Media. Their primary objective was to conquer the fast-emerging SME market in Latin America and the US through the delivery of unmatched world class products and services. International and domestic presence plus a pool of fully bilingual employees paved the way for the company’s success in the market.

White Shark Media, a top Digital Marketing Agency, offers online marketing solutions designed for small and medium enterprises. The company is the among the fastest growing agencies in North America and has its headquarters in Miami with branches in Central America and Europe.

White Shark Media offers unparalleled and affordable search marketing companies that are supported by excellent customer service. So far, the agency has enabled thousands of businesses to grow their reach and revenues through the online marketing campaigns and expert marketing tools. White Shark Media helped Valley City Metals Inc., a supplier of metals and other building materials generate leads and sales growing their clientele by over 400% in the first year.

The agency encourages clients to focus on the core of their business throughout the sales campaigns. White Shark Media then monitor their customers marketing efforts regularly to evaluate their success. The company uses competitive intelligence, keyword-reach call monitoring, propriety reporting software and integration of Google Analytics to check the marketing progress and ensure accountability. Each client receives quality tailored reporting on their campaigns from White Media Shark.

The team at White Shark is bilingual and can do multiple language marketing campaigns at lower operational costs for clients all over the globe. The employees are knowledgeable in display advertising, Bing Ads, AdWords searches, and Google analytics. The White Shark Media employees are trained by experts in various fields within the company to help you maximize on your online campaigns.

In 2014, White Shark was among the inaugural SMB Google AdWords partners in the United States. Before, in 2012, Google had assigned a team to the company to assess and support their growth and client needs. The SMB partnership recognizes the only the best agencies within the country. Microsoft also acknowledges the company’s efforts and selected it as one of the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. Google AdWords has driven the company’s growth annually.

Currently, White Shark Media focuses its effort towards entrepreneurial excellence through providing innovative and cost-friendly marketing solutions. Their pursuit is to record double-digit growths year on year.


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