Rocketship Education Makes Education Fun For Students

Rocketship Education started out in California in 2002 as a network of public charter schools located in lower-income areas where there is no excellent school available. It is a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the community at large with the purpose to provide a first-class education for students that will prepare them for life as adults.

The traditional classroom method has pretty well run its course as a viable method of really reaching all of the students, yet public schools continue to use it as a primary method of instruction. This model does little for the majority of students who fall behind and only really helps schools in student management and scheduling.

Rocketship Education uses a concept called “Blended Learning” that takes into account the fact that all students learn differently and at different speeds. The pace of learning can vary greatly and sometimes a person who learns at a different pace can have a better grasp of the information than another who seems to pick up everything at a rapid rate.

The traditional classroom setting is used, however sparingly to announce broader-based information such as organizational information and other more far-reaching items. Small groups of 4 or 5 students can then be formed to address specific lessons with teaching aids and a more structured learning experience.

Digitized learning is most useful for individual learning for the teaching and retention of facts, details and working through successive learning modules. The format is very similar to what most students are already familiar with in regard to games and puzzles they are already likely to have experienced.

One-on-One tutoring is used to evaluate a student’s progress and delve into any issues that might be giving the student some difficulty. It is also an opportunity for encouragement and positive feedback to build the student’s confidence.

When all of these steps are put together, the outcome is very positive, especially with the inclusion of parents in the equation who are usually very interested in becoming involved with the process. Parents are invaluable when homework assignments enter in and continued support is provided.

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