Lime Crime Introduces Yet, Another Color Extraordinaire To Their Brand

Lime Crime is always branding new items under their name, but it has essentially caught on to celebrities and models alike for their amazing long lasting stay power. In fact, Lime Crime products are smudge proof and hold up very well when you’re spending extended hours under those uncompromising lights. The LC cosmetic line is committed to helping you look your best longer. Their founder, cosmetic professional, Doe Deere says, she is also committed to products that are easy on the skin along with being completely affordable on all budgets. You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels with the Lime Crime brand.

What’s New With Lime Crime

There is a new red velvet lipstick under the Lime Crime brand chosen by top model, Riverdale queen, the one and only Cheryl. She has said; their products are the right color to set off any party or mood. She brightens every occasion with their smooth velvet touch free shade and recommends it to Lime Crime users everywhere. Her youthful red lips are picture perfect in front of the camera and in every selfie. When kissing her friends on the cheek she’ll never leave a smudge on anybody’s cheek.

LimeCrime is well known for their velvetine matte base and super-foil cosmetics. Choose sparingly between a great line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. Ironically, they also carry an amazing liquid matte with a touch free application. Blend your original lip gloss with LC cosmetics and enjoy increased coverage and shine. However, with their products there is no need for anything else. You’ll love their cute packaging that comes delivered on your door step. You can also find exclusive Lime Crime products at select Bloomingdale’s department stores. Join the Lime Crime family today and choose from many bold colors unmatched by their competitors.

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