EOS’s new crystal clear lip balm is getting rave reviews

EOS has created a product so cool, they cannot even keep it on the shelves for very long. The lip balm company announced that they are unveiling their new crystal clear vegan EOS for the world to see. Just looking at them will have you falling in love. They are like a piece of art and strikingly beautiful. They sold so fast that stores would wipe out their entire stock in just one day! At $5.49 a piece, they are going like hotcakes so hurry and shop your lip balm here at amazon.com. This work of art comes in two new flavors called Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Because they don’t contain wax, they packed them with 5 essential oils to soothe weathered lips with coconut, castor, avocado, and sunflower oil along with shea butter. They are sold at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and other retail chains all over the country. You can even buy this crystal clear EOS on their website if you prefer shopping online. The fact that it is vegan and free of animal byproducts will draw in a new group of people who have allergies or adhere to a certain diet free of animal products. Another feature of this new product is that the lip balm is encased in a triangular like shape, rather than the traditional round shape.

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EOS shook up the lip balm industry when it started gracing stores like Walgreens and Target. Gone are the days of tasteless lackluster looking lip balm that has dominated the lip scene for over 100 years. With a sleek design, fun flavors, and all ingredients EOS is surely here to stay.

They come in a variety of flavors including fan favorites like Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, and many more. They come in little egg shaped containers that are fun to apply to your lips. On top of it, EOS is completely organic.

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Matt Badiali and the Copper World

Copper prices are extremely steep at the moment. They haven’t been this high since all the way back in 2014. Prices for this metal started getting higher toward the end of 2016. They continued going up all throughout 2017 as well. People are soon going to be transitioning to the world of electric vehicles. This transition is going to greatly affect copper prices. The electric vehicle craze is going to make the need for copper increase dramatically all over the world. The automotive division doesn’t even employ one percent of the available copper on the planet right now. That’s going to change significantly, too. The division, with the passing of time, is going to be employing a whopping seven percent. This is a massive change. That’s the reason copper requirements are going to skyrocket soon. Note, too, that the need for oil is higher than before. That means that the need for copper is naturally going to be markedly higher. These things go hand in hand. People should pay careful attention to copper and all of its updates. Copper is a metal that’s going to be making major waves all around the world for a long time. It’s the next massive sensation. Read more at streetwisereports.com to know more about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is someone who has a deep commitment to investment achievement. He’s a knowledgeable Banyan Hill Publishing team member who has quite a devoted following, too. Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment group that’s situated in Delray Beach in Florida. Badali gives a lot of his attention and time to in-depth research. He travels heavily. He’s been to Turkey, Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Haiti and Singapore. Those are just a handful of examples of his plentiful travel destinations throughout the years. He’s traveled to a dizzying number of oil wells and mines. These wells and mines have been in all sorts of diverse international locales as well. Matt Badiali has been involved in many detailed discussions with powerful Chief Executive Officers for companies. He’s asked them relevant questions that pertain to new resource opportunities. Badiali is an individual who knows how to assess geologic data with expert precision. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

People appreciate Badiali’s qualified and exhaustive advisory knowledge. People who need information that relates to natural resource investments frequently lean on him. He’s the head of a newsletter that’s known simply as Real Wealth Strategist. This newsletter goes into metals, standard lifestyle costs, oil costs and more.

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Troy McQuagge: Winner of One Planet Award

Troy McQuagge, of USHealth Group, Inc., was named the Gold Winner as CEO of the year in the One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is an awards program that honors business and professional excellence in every industry world-wide. Organizations from all around the world are eligible to submit nominations. These organizations include: public and private, profit and non-profit, largest to smallest, and new start-ups. McQuagge joined USHealth in 2010 with the intentions of turning the company around. He started this process by rebuilding its distribution agency. His success from rebuilding let him to being elected president and CEO of USHealth Group, Inc.

In an interview, Troy McQuagge stated that it was an honor to revive the recognition, but that everyone at USHealth deserved it. One Planet Awards honors are currently grouped in categories. Some of these categories include: executives, teams, new products, marketing, and communications. These categories are from organizations all over the world. USHealth Group is based in Fort Worth, Texas and it specializes in insurance holding. USHealth focuses on providing unprecedented health coverage for self-employed individuals as well as small business owners. The goal of USHealth is to combine the techniques of it’s employees and agents in order to create competitive and successful insurance products. USHealth also strives to provide excellent customer service within the company’s operations. Read more about Troy McQuagge at glassdoor.com

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth in July of 2010. In November of 2013, Troy was elected Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. The next year, McQuagge was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Troy started his career with Allstate Insurance Company in 1983 after he earned a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida.

In 1995, McQuagge became a part of the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies (UICI). Two years after that he was named President of the company. When UICI was taken over by private equity investors in 2006, the company name was changed to HealthMarkets and McQuagge became incharge of leading all sales and marketing efforts within the company. With McQuagge serving as President of the company in 2007, the company $1 billion in sales volume and was recognized the Insurance Sales Organization of the year.

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Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies Exceeds Professional Network

There are many business professionals making a name for themselves, but Securus Technologies professional and CEO, Rick A. Smith continues to stand out in the business community. He has been able to use his knowledge of the telecommunication industry to enhance his network and transcend the inmate calling network. He understood the importance of making his customers a part of the provider they use to build customer loyalty. Rick Smith initiative allowed Securus to become the recent recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award for customer service excellence. They continue to honor the highest level of customer service with over 11,000+ highly trained IT specialist. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

How Rick Smith Plays A Key Role In Securus Success

Rick Smith Securus has been an active executive in the expansion of Securus Technologies. He encourages his executive team to focus on the safety of the general public, international expansion, and customer integrated technology. He then introduced a crime prevention program from their website along with a outlet for customers to interact, share their experience, and refer services to others users. Plus, keep the general public safe with security measures which go beyond incarceration and allows Securus which allows their customers to leave comments on a free website forum.

Who Is Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a popular inmate calling network which has quality service and affordable rates compared $2 to $1 with other big name providers. They started as a state issued inmate call provider with surveillance and monitoring. They later used their technology to monitor their own inmate calling network and with executive support from team leaders like Rick A. Smith have become one of the largest inmate providers in the network with advanced technology solutions. Enjoy their features from descriptive tabs listed directly on their website under easy to use descriptive tabs.

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Securus CEO, Rick Smith Q & A

  1. Why were crime prevention measures needed with Securus Technology?
  2. Securus Technologies strives to keep their customers and employees safe from telecommunication crime. In fact, most crimes in a correctional facility start over the phone and Securus utilizes their superior technology to prevent and solve these crimes.
  3. Who can participate in Securus crime prevention?
  4. The Securus crime prevention program is available to all their users and employees eighteen years of age or older.
  5. Where can I find more on Securus crime prevention information?
  6. Customers can go directly to the Securus Technologies website for details on their popular crime prevention program.

You’re invited to become a part of the trusted Securus Technologies network and save. They offer an advanced technological solution to inmate calling allowing customers to stay connected to their ones over a secure Securus network. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Stream Energy – New Leaders and Expansions

Stream Energy is a direct-selling energy provider based in Dallas, Texas since 2005. The business has a reach in several states such a Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington D. C., Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and most recently in Delaware as well.

The company of Stream Energy has been quite successful. For its 12 years of operation, the energy provider has reached a collective revenue of over $8 billion and considering the company is swiftly expanding its reach of operation, Stream Energy is in for a profitable future in the energy sector. Read more at dailyforexreport.com about Stream Energy.

In November 2017, Stream Energy recruited a new Executive Vic President and Chief Executive Officer. The positions were assumed by Mr. David Faranetta who is dubbed a veteran in the energy sector. Mr. David Franetta has been looking after the financial planning of Stream Energy, as well as the reporting of business, tax, accounting, and treasury transactions.

Before Mr. David Faranetta became a part of the leadership of Stream Energy, he worked with other energy businesses. Previously, Mr. David Farantta worked at the company of Luminant as CFO of TXU Energy for the corporation. Luminant is a generator of electricity which they put on wholesale. Right before Mr. David Faranetta joined Stream Energy, he was the Senior Vice President of Planning and Treasury of the company Vistra Energy, also headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. David Faranetta has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Moravian College. After that, he attended the Lehigh University, obtaining an MBA in Business Administration.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YSoKuwKZ0Q

Stream Energy had a successful close of the year 2017. The company accomplished to expand its reach two times over the course of only four months. Stream Energy previously served in 10 states. In September 2017, the energy provider started offering its services to the state of Illinois. In early December, Stream Energy started being available in the state of Delaware as well, offering its full service.

The company ha started gaining momentum, and it stated that it intends on using the speed to expand further. Over the next year, Stream Energy aims to start being available in at least a couple of other states. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.