Boraie Development: The Designers And Investors Behind Atlantic City’s Latest Housing Construction Site

Newcomers to the housing market want housing that doesn’t just have the same old bland features of 20 years ago. They want an experience that will make living in their new quarters more enjoyable than ever. Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development is looking to bring this to a new housing project in Atlantic City known as the Beach at South Inlet. This complex contains 250 apartments and is located right next to the main beach and boardwalk area. In its courtyard will be a beautiful swimming pool, and there’ll be a gym and other public amenities that most people love with their housing. Visit Rutgers to see more.

The Beach at South Inlet is the latest in a large portfolio of work that Boraie Development has done in Newark and its neighboring cities. The company was founded by Omar Boraie who came to the US originally to get a doctorate in chemistry, but while he was here he began to have other plans because he saw the city of New Brunswick in shambles and wanted to do something about it. He started raising capital under his new company, and then he began buying properties that were abandoned and needed to be built up. Most people thought he would never succeed at rebuilding the city, but he was determined to prove them wrong. Check out his website

The first place Omar Boraie focused on building back up was a block on Albany Street. This was a place he felt would be a starting point for revitalization being not far from Johnson & Johnson who had decided to stay in the city, and as a place that could start bringing the flow of commerce back. In 1988, Albany Street tower one was constructed and with it arrived brand new shops and office locations, and 15 years later tower two followed. By 2007 a new condominium was built on Spring Street and by 2013 people were becoming excited about The Aspire. Omar Boraie has passed off a lot of the running of the company to his sons Wasseem and Sam and his daughter Hia, but he is still regularly involved in philanthropies and health foundations, including the Rutgers Genomics Studies department to which his millions in contributions have led the university to honor him with the famous Omar Boraie Chair.

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