Securus Technologies: Developing a Wireless Containment System

Prisons in the United States ban a lot of things, and one of the most smuggled items inside the prison are cell phones. The authorities tag these cell phones as contraband, and they are roaming each cell every night to confiscate the contraband cell phones that they see. Contraband cell phones give the prison authorities a lot of headaches because these things can be used by the prisoners to make contact with people outside the prison and continue their illegal business. They can even direct their connections outside to inflict harm on an innocent target, and this is what the authorities wanted to stop – for the prisoners who are already detained to continue doing illegal things just because they have contraband cell phones on hand.

To combat the rise of contraband cell phone use inside the prison, Securus Technologies introduced the wireless containment systems, which can be installed inside a correctional facility and it will work as a jammer. The person who suggested the development of a wireless containment system to combat the use of contraband cell phones inside the prison is an ex-jail officer who worked with a correctional facility that is a partner of Securus Technologies. The ex-jail officer shared harrowing stories about how they are entering the cells of inmates, and he shared that the prisoners are violent once they found out that a jail guard and a jail officer saw them using their contraband cell phones. He added that most of them would do everything that they cannot to surrender the contraband cell phone, and it often ends ups in much trouble. He also shared how serious the inmates are with their contraband cell phones, and stated how he was attacked by two armed men inside his home because of his duty working as a jail officer.

The ex-jail officer shared that two armed men went inside his house and assaulted him. They explained that someone inside the correctional facility directed them to do it to him, and he was even shot six times. They wanted him dead, but he miraculously survived. The ex-jail officer decided to leave his dangerous job at the correctional facility and applied as a consultant with Securus Technologies instead. As a consultant for the most extensive prison telecommunications company in the United States, he shared his experiences inside the prison and what Securus Technologies has to do. Securus Technologies found out that a wireless containment system can help resolve the problem with contraband cell phones, because it will block any incoming call or message to the target phone, and it would also render the contraband cell phone useless. That way, prisoners would no longer use a contraband cell phone, and the jail guards and jail officers can live in peace.


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