Ryan Emmons The Waiakea Water Company Story

Water is the one thing that all of life has in common and for something so universal it is often overlooked. Hawaii has known that its volcanic water supplies bestow more benefits to your health than the average bottle of water. One company that is taking advantage of this is Waiakea Water.

Ryan Emmons founder of the Waiakea Water company developed the company on a foundation of principles. These principles were designed to be in nature a socially conscious organism. By using these principles, he was able to create a product that was not only environmentally friendly but healthy for the consumer. (Read more about Waiakea Water on 10 Best Water: Volcanic)


Enter Waiakea Water. When you think of the bottled water industry one does not typically think of young innovators but more of established titans of industry, Ryan Emmons flipped this paradigm on its head with the advent of his new company. The Waiakea Water company has grown over 4000 percent since its initial conception in 2012. Ryan Emmons first founded the company when he was at the young age of 22. Refer to This Article for more information.


The Waiakea Water company has managed to maintain an astounding 170 percent annual growth rate over the years. With large retail players such as Whole Foods getting on board the company is only conitunieng to grow.


But what is it that makes Waiakea Water special. The water that is used by this company has undergone a special transformative process. After passing through volcanic rock the water is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium all of which have beneficial effects on your health. Not only is the water mineral-rich but it is also full of electrolytes and is alkaline in nature. This helps your body to support the natural balance of fluids it needs to function at its most optimal condition. Waiakea offers water purity in its ultimate, untainted form.


Even the packing used for the water is made in a socially conscious manner. The bottles are made from recycled bottles which take over 85 percent less energy to make versus the standard bottles used in the industry. Ryan Emmons is proud of his company’s progress and hopes to continue making a positive impact in the world. As of now, he has donated over half a billion liters of water to impoverished African communities using proceeds from the Waiakea Water company, in partnership with Pumpaid. He believes that it is his responsibility to make the best impact on the world he can.



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Richard Blair Empowers Austin Residents To Secure Their Financial Future


Wealth Solutions is a financial advisory company. The firm empowers a growing list of global clients to manage, grow and safeguard their investments effectively. Richard Dwayne Blair founded the firm in 1994. The company operates from Austin, Texas.



He is a highly certified finance professional with elaborate titles and accreditation such as RICP, CFS, and CAS under his belt. He is adept at annuities, estate planning, tax, trusts and various types of income.



Richard Blair believes that financial planning is the first step in achieving financial freedom. He provides essential financial services such as wealth management and retirement planning to the Austin community. Wealth Solution adopts a three-phased strategy to achieve success and earn the trust of its clients.



The first phase involves discovery. The firm identifies the client’s strong financial points, their appetite for risk, their targets and development opportunities. The phase seeks to evaluate the client’s position and their future goals and expectations. The second phase involves developing a long-term strategy that delivers results to the client.



It may involve the re-positioning of various portfolios in line with the client’s cash flow requirements and their long-term goals. Wealth Solutions provides customized products.



They seek to reduce the exposure to risk while maximizing the returns. The final phase consists of covering the client’s insurance and retirement needs including annuities. The all-inclusive financial plan ensures the alignment of goals between the firm and the client. It also empowers the client to pursue their financial security in a highly dynamic market.



Richard Blair believes education grows one’s confidence. Coupled with the fact that he comes from a teaching family, it is easy to see how he gets the drive to grow Wealth Solutions. He also has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This might explain his bagful of finance accreditation and his love for sharing his expertise with the local community.



His advisory services enable a diverse range of clients to meet their financial obligations and secure their retirement. Blair excels in asset management, financial planning, portfolio management, banking, and insurance. He enjoys the thrill of thrashing out a good deal in a challenging situation. Helping clients to achieve the financial objectives is his primary goal.Refer to This Article for more information.


Richard Blair is passionate about making a positive change in people’s lives. When he was in school, he discovered he had a natural talent for finance topics. He ventured into financial services immediately after graduating, and he has never looked back. You can experience a distinct advantage from getting his financial advisory.


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David Giertz – Financial Services Innovator

David Giertz is a skilled, inspiring, successful financial advisor who started working at Nationwide in 1999 as Regional Vice President. In March, 2013 he became President of Nationwide Financial Distributor’s, Inc. and has been in the financial services industry for thirty years. As president of the company, he has been a part of much growth in profits, growing from $11 Billion to $17.8 Billion. Before Nationwide, David was at Citigroup for ten years where he served as a Financial Service Advisor, then area director and finally Vice President of Sales.

David has been involved in community organizations as well. The following are some positions he has held: Chairman of Board of Trustees and Chairman of Budget and Finance Committee at Millikin University; Industry Arbitrator with FINRA; and Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. His degrees include Executive MBA at the University of Miami and Bachelor of Science degree at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.

In an interview with columnist Veronica Dagher, David was asked about the concerns of financial advisors not talking to their clients about social security. David said in a Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute survey, advisors weren’t talking about social security to people within ten years of retirement. In a consumer’s survey, he said four out of five people would change advisors if social security wasn’t included. David said, “Social Security is up to forty percent of the planning process and people don’t know when to start taking social security, many starting too early.” He said advisors avoid the topic because of the complexity and not being able to understand the many rules.

David Giertz has helped and will continue to help his company grow in profits because of his innovative skills in the financial planning industry.

How LaunchPad Holdings Helps New Entrepreneurs Thanks To Glen Wakeman

If you haven’t heard of Glen Wakeman, he is the Co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a company that has made it their mission to guide their clients along the path of entrepreneurship. Founded in 2015, LaunchPad Holdings provides clients with a wide array of information, along with proprietary automated software, that generates unparalleled success in the business arena. In fact, many of the company’s clients have credited the aptly named “LaunchPad Tool Kit, for helping them fully realize their business goals. According to LaunchPad Holdings’ website, the LaunchPad Tool Kit is designed to help entrepreneurs achieve success by following a unique business model that revolves around clear business plans, and adequate liquidity.

Prior to his role with LaunchPad Holdings Wakeman spent several years with GE Capital, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of their Latin America division. During his time with GE Capital, Wakeman played a key role in helping the company to achieve unprecedented growth, which included generating $12 billion in assets, as well as $100 million in annual earnings. Before joining GE Capital, Wakeman studied economics and finance at the University of Scranton, earning a B.S. degree, in 1981. Shortly after, he went on to study at the University of Chicago, where he earned an MBA in finance, in 1993.


Company Management

Leading up to his entrepreneurial venture with Launchpad Holdings, Wakeman spent over 20-years with GE Capital, working in various capacities. He was instrumental in many of the company’s business transformations, which included managing the company’s 17,000 employees. Wakeman was also responsible for managing GE Capital’s $15 billion in assets, as well as several company mergers, integrations, and new market entries. So, needless to say, new entrepreneurs who entrust Glen Wakeman, and LaunchPad Holdings, with their entrepreneurial success, are in capable hands.

So, what can prospective entrepreneurs expect from LaunchPad Holdings? In addition to the LaunchPad Tool Kit, new entrepreneurs will have access to information related to risk management, as well as the opportunity to speak with advisors. In addition, new entrepreneurs can also confer with thought leaders, who are experts in their field, and who can provide invaluable business insight.


Ian King Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and Cryptocurrencies Expert

Ian King is a known name in the cryptocurrencies’ world and has experience in the trading and finance for over twenty years. He started his job at the Salomon Brothers and Peahi Capital as a clerk and trader respectively, before moving on to work for Citigroup. Working as a trader has helped him gain a clear understanding of how the market works, and what needs to be looked at thoroughly to ensure that the returns are generated as expected. Currently, Ian King is hired at Banyan Hill Publishing as the cryptocurrency expert. Ian King is considered an expert on cryptocurrencies, and his passion for the same can be deciphered from the fact that he left his thriving career in equities and hedge fund to pursue a career in the cryptocurrencies.

He started a website after leaving his trading career to educate people on cryptocurrencies and what they need to know about it to get started. Almost everyone has heard about Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, but that doesn’t mean they know the inner workings of it or how they can purchase it, and so on. It is these technicalities that Ian King aims to educate people about because more people enter the crypto market, better it is for the cryptocurrencies as well. He has seen the interest in the crypto market rise with time and knows for a fact that this interest is here to stay. People have been treating cryptocurrencies as an asset class, and many who invested earlier on in bitcoins have made millions from it. Read more about Ian King at tumblr.com for more updates

Even though the crypto market is small as of now compared to other mainstream markets, it has been growing steadily. Investors who have a vision for future and know that the evolution in the financial world is imminent would not think twice before diving into this new kind of digital currency, which has been growing fast. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ian King aims to help the people understand what cryptocurrencies are, what is their value, how they are valued, which are the different cryptocurrencies are out there, and which ones are more preferred than others, and why. There are many questions that the readers and investors may have at Banyan Hill Publishing, and it is these questions that Ian King would be answering in a simplified manner so that the uninitiated audience can understand the pros and cons of the crypto market and invest accordingly.

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Adam Milstein Is A Jewish American Activist And Educator

There are different groups and races of people all over the world, all of which carry a pride for their heritage. Adam Milstein is an Israeli native that is showing leadership amongst the Jewish-American people around the United States through his many philanthropic activities. Adam and his Wife, Gila Milstein, started up the Milstein Family Foundation back in 2000 as a way of helping the Jewish youth that they can stand up and be heard as a community. The philanthropic activities of Adam Milstein’s organization extend around the world back to Israel and are they also partnered up with various other organizations to help create a brighter future for all people.


Adam has stated that it is very important for an individual to understand their roots and the direction they want to take. The freedom to express one’s voice and follow a path they are proud of is a right to all people. The social grouping throughout the United States can be tough for minorities, which is why Adam Milstein is acting as a leader and a voice for the Jewish Community. The more individuals Adam can influence, the greater the influence the Jewish community will have. Through the Milstein Family Foundation, Adam and Gila have helped thousands of students and Jewish Americans and continue to help individuals through their Life Path Impact principle. This means the foundation aims to build a long-lasting bond and lifeline rather than just briefly helping an individual. See Related Link for additional information.


According to Adam Milstein, education is one of the best ways to help the Jewish-American community. Education builds confidence and allows people to reach for their goals without fear or hesitation. Helping the Jewish youth with education is also the basis for getting into any particular field an individual may desire. Adam Milstein believes education is the basis for a foundation of success and freedom to pursue one’s desires. Adam has been asked how he manages to commit to his foundation, philanthropic projects, and his successful position at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein simply says he practices staying committed and persistent every day without letting things set him back, especially criticisms.


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Rodrigo Terpins Rally Career in Brazil

The Terpins brothers –Rodrigo and Michel are Brazilian drivers that participate in the Prototype T1 races as teammates. They are known in Brazil and the world for their unique talents and driving skills. The MEM Motorsport organization developed the T-Rex racing event specifically for the two brothers. As of today, they have raced together on the T-Rex for four seasons. Rodrigo Terpins is the older of the two and is currently in his forties. Their father, Jack Terpins was a basketball player and is now the President of Maccabi Latin America Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council.

Rodrigo competed in the Sertoes Rally with Fabricio Manchiana as his teammate. They finished at the 6th position within 58 minutes & 9seconds. His brother also participated in the same rally with a different partner where they came in fifth with a record of 56 minutes. The rally was 2600 km long and crossed over two states. It had unique challenges that were put in place to test the strengths of the drivers and their will to succeed. It was referred to as the most prominent off-road rally in Brazil and attracted different fans, rally drivers, and sponsors.

Rodrigo believes that his past performance is what has made him a great rally driver in the present times. He says that he has excelled in his career due to his determination to succeed from the beginning to the end. He credits his brother for all the successes they have has as a team in the rally world. His love for driving cars goes way back to when he was a young boy repairing vehicles in Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins is a modern rally driver. He has social media accounts where he interacts with his fans. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and LinkedIn. He also regularly updates his fans all over the world about his upcoming races and even personal life. He is not shy to put up his performances on social media too. Check out his website rodrigoterpins.com

Terpins is a business management graduate from the University of Sail Hilaire. He worked at Lojas Marisa for sixteen years and climbed the ranks up to the position of the president. He left Lojas Marisa in 2007 and went ahead and founded his company, T5 Participacoes. The company is based in Brazil and organizes competitive rallies regularly. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.

Click here: http://www.agenciaoglobo.com.br/dinonews/Default.aspx?idnot=40154&tit=Empresas%2c+tecnologia+e+o+desafio+de+transformar+incertezas+em+oportunidades+%E2%80%93+Veja+com+Rodrigo+Terpins

Perry Mandera: Dedicated, Selfless Leader

Perry Mandera has had major success in the trucking industry. In 1986, Perry Mandera started the Custom Companies Inc company which offered a complete transportation service for its customers. Mandera had a goal of being able to provide customers with top services that can cater to the customer’s needs. This has led Perry Mandera to build a strong reputation providing excellent services. Alongside his major accomplishments with his Company, Perry Mandera has also been a part of other major nonprofit organizations such as the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). This organization involves interaction between the law enforcement and the public to better Chicago’s community. By providing useful tools such as no-cost seminars that include training seminars as well. This allows the community to be aware of major ongoing issues in the City of Chicago such as gang violence, juvenile delinquency, and much more ongoing issues. The commitment of the group has really helped in making a difference by providing stronger laws and a decrease in the crime rates. Supporting organizations such as the ISCC really shows Perry Mandera’s incredible leadership skills. A great leader is one that recognizes what is best for the community. This organization really shows how it wants to improve the quality of their citizen’s life by doing whatever they possibly can to help the community become aware of many ongoing issues they face on a day to day basis. Raising awareness is a big step in promoting and making a change. The ISCC has really shown that by raising awareness they have been able to make subtle changes that slowly but surely have made a positive impact on the community. Perry Mandera is known to be very active when it comes to working towards the community and philanthropies. Where he has been a part of major charities such as AIDS research and Special Olympics. Mandera’s passion for his business and community shows true compassion, selflessness, and dedication. Which comes to no surprise when taking into consideration all the success he has encountered thus far.


Adam Milstein Uses Philanthropic Synergy to Strengthen His People

When looking at the state of his people, Adam Milstein is always looking for ways to strengthen his people. For one thing, he has a lot of pride in his people and his lineage. He wants to help bring his people to their best so that they can not only feel pride in themselves, but in their people as well. This is one of the reasons that Adam Milstein looks very closely at ways that he can build his people beyond the usual acts of philanthropy He co-founded the Adam and Gila Foundation; the foundation helps students connect with their Jewish culture, while instilling Jewish pride along the way.


One thing that Adam Milstein takes part in is something called philanthropic synergy. This is the act of collaborating with other philanthropists. One thing that Adam Milstein knows is that his people are a large group. Therefore, he is going to need the help of others in order to empower, serve and encourage. People need to be surrounded by example so that they will be inspired to make positive choices in their lives. As they make the positive choices, then they will be more inclined to serve others in ways that are inspirational. People will then follow suit.


Adam is a very successful and effective Jewish leader because he enjoys what he does. He is not someone who is filled with grudges when he serves his people. He sees the results of what he does. For one thing, he has vision.  Milstein shares his vision with his Jewish people in a way that gets them on board to pursue it. One thing that he is helping people develop is self-care. This gets them in the habit in making sure that they have themselves in a good position before they can try to help others get into a good position.


Today Mr. Milstein is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. At Hager, Mr. Milstein supervises the accounting and financing of the company’s operation. The company acquires, renovates and manages various multi-family, industrial as well as commercial properties around the United States. Read This Article to learn more.

The Chainsmokers Dark Twist

The Chainsmokers started out in 2012 as an EDM DJ duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Since this duo has risen to the scene, they have churned out a total of five top ten hits (Paris, Roses, Something Just Like This, and Don’t Let Me Down) and one number one hit; Closer).


The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound. To start off 2018 on an interesting note, the duo has chosen to go down a much darker path with their new single ” Sick Boy”. (See: Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers).



This song, and some of the other songs they plan to release in the upcoming future, address, from their perspective, the political climate that a majority of the people from their own generation are facing and have faced as they were growing up. It relates heavily upon the rise of social media and the effects it has had on the youth around the world. It addresses several of the repercussions that social media has had since it began such as: creating a basis of social acceptance that most people otherwise would not seek out on such a scale, eventually elevating some to the lead of social hierarchy. View More Information Here.


Compared to The Chainsmokers type of songs in the past two years, this is an entirely new path, incorporating aspects of how dark everyday life can be with their already outstanding talents. It is quite the twist considering the previous tracks that this duo and their partners have released, but it is definitely one that will make waves all across the music world. As in the past they have worked with the likes of, Daya, Charlee, Halsey or XYLO, they are very excited about their upcoming partnerships, although they will not release the details on who they are quite yet. It will definitely be a huge year for these two, they have extraordinary talent and plenty of aspirations to fulfill going forward.