Stream Energy: Embracing the Future

Clean energy and renewable energy is thriving. New technology has contributed to a decrease in prices for energy sources like natural gas, solar and wind. The strength of these sources formerly lied only in their environmental appeal. That trend is changing with technology that pushes down the price of clean and renewable energy, and allows these sources to compete with fossil fuel markets which were previously cheaper energy sources. Energy is a vital part of a thriving national economy. Clean energy is critical to the environment, and increasingly important to American consumers.

Awareness of carbon emissions and climate change is increasing. American businesses are beginning to realize the importance and value of protecting natural resources, establishing environmental programs, and promoting consumer trust.

News sources report that American confidence in government, media and businesses had declined. The reasons for this may include a lack of transparency among institutions, a lack of consumer confidence in environmental protection, or a lack of customer-centered activities.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is revolutionizing a new business model, which includes environmental awareness, and consumer trust, read more here.

According to a study by Market Strategies International, Stream Energy has broken through the barrier of brand trust, and was named among the top ten most trusted electric providers in Texas. The study focused on areas such as community confidence, local reputation, and reliability.

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Stream Energy, founded in 2005, sells energy direct to its customers: providing energy, wireless, and home protective services. Increasingly competitive energy markets, have allowed Stream Energy to gain a large foothold into the market. A focus on community and customer activities, have launched Stream Energy into a billion-dollar business, and has earned the company the trust of consumers in the communities it serves. In just one effort at community involvement, Stream Energy donated to local relief efforts like Hurricane Harvey, and waived late fees for its energy and wireless customers affected by the disaster. The company’s success, reflects the increasing awareness of environmental issues around the world, and of the importance of consumer trust.

Stream Energy is a revolutionary business, not only in terms of environmental dedication but customer and community dedication as well. In a recent press release Stream Energy stated that it was honored to receive the recognition as a trusted electric provider, and will continue to prove their value to the community.

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