Brian Torchin Gets Offices The Right People

Sometimes medical offices can have a hard time getting the right people for specific positions in that office. Health Care Recruitment Counselors was created to help get the right person in the office the first time. Created by Brian Torchin, this service has the right information and experience to assist offices with specific needs so things keep moving in the right direction.

Brian Torchin has assisted in opening many offices through his career and gained more knowledge with each office experience. He took all of his information and created this business with it to help many other offices. HCRC Staffing can help with not only getting positions filled but they can help people find jobs and help with answering any questions regarding legal or staffing issues. Visit for more info.

HCRC Staffing can send employers candidate information within 72 hours so they aren’t waiting around waiting for the right person to find them. If the office doesn’t use the services of HCRC Staffing, they won’t be charged so offices can also make their own job posting. HCRC Staffing can fill many types of job positions from front desk to medical doctors and everything in between. They can also fill positions for specialties such as internal medicine and family practice offices.

Using these services can save an office time and money. It can save time because the office isn’t sifting through endless resumes that come through the door or emails. That saves money because the office can still take clients and aren’t paying for the time spent interviewing people that just won’t work for the office.

Brian Torchin has taken all of his years of experience and put it into a business to help medical offices find the right person or answer questions. HCRC Staffing is available to help offices in all 50 states, Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. By checking the Twitter account, applicants can see what positions are open. Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing is ready to help match offices with the right employee! Read:


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