Susan McGalla Promotes Merchandise That Can Get Steeler Fans Excited

The NFL has so many die-hard dedicated fans who stay with their team through the thick and thin, but maybe none more so than the Pittsburgh Steeler fanbase who display their pride with terrible towels and many other merchandise bought at the Steelers’ fan store. Heading up fan gear promotions for the gear and memorabilia is Susan McGalla, the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at the storied NFL franchise. Recently she announced some new promotions that were coming to the fan store which included golf equipment with Steeler logos, jewelry with emblematic steeler engravings in it, new female jerseys and other tailgating gear. A new e-commerce website was also launched under McGalla’s directive a few years ago and she said that her department is committed to always improving the fan shopping experience and being inclusive of all device users. The Steelers have benefited greatly from McGalla’s input, but they’re far from the first to do so.

Susan McGalla’s business career began in the late 1980s when after graduating from Mount Union College she took a merchandising management job with the Joseph Horne company in Pittsburgh. She didn’t stay there long, but her resume of work there prompted American Eagle Outfitters to hire her next. She began as a regional merchandising officer charged with stocking primarily the women’s clothing line, but within several years she worked her way to becoming Chief Merchandising Officer and then president of the entire company. Her position was well-noted in the Pittsburgh media because few females had ever achieved the position she had at that point. McGalla was with American Eagle for about 16 years and then became a leader in several other companies including HFF Inc. and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan McGalla has been asked about what her achievement meant when she became president of American Eagle and whether it would be a signature accomplishment for other women in business, but she said otherwise stating that it’s just an accomplishment for a person. To McGalla, this reflects the values that her family have held which are that both men and women should be expected to work hard at their craft and not expect any preferential treatment. McGalla certainly has encouraged other women to pursue their business dreams while also managing their life and she has spoken to young women at universities and various gatherings.

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