ClassDojo Helps Make Learning Fun

Education technology startups are making learning fun for kids and easy for teachers. Teachers are voicing their opinions and letting these companies know what they expect from the ed-tech products. First, they must be necessary to the child’s education and not be focused primarily on “wowing” the user. Sam Chaudhary created the successful tool ClassDojo, thanks to the feedback from parents, students and teachers.

ClassDojo helps teachers communicate student progress efficiently to the parents. Class Dojo is currently used in K-8 school districts throughout the United States. With so many products claiming to offer this service on the market, it’s hard for teachers to decide which is the best fit for their classroom. Almost every school these days are online with over 80% of classrooms having broadband internet.

ClassDojo creates happier and healthier classrooms. Teachers can choose their class curriculum based on any students skill and encourage them to be kind, work hard and help others. Students also have the ability to upload photos and videos to their portfolios to share their learning with their parents and peers.

The ClassDojo toolkit provides everything you need all in one place. You can turn on background music, create groups of students and display activity directions. Teachers can privately message parents, share photos, announcements and videos related to what their child is learning. ClassDojo can be accessed through any computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, iOS or Chromebook. Parents can join their children’s class using any compatible device. This product can also translate messages into over 30 languages. Teachers have the ability to set the product to “quiet hours” to let parents know that they are busy. ClassDojo is always 100% free of charge and provides free resources and FAQs. Teachers, parents and children all over the world are loving the results that ClassDojo is bringing to their classroom.

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