CEO Graham Edwards Displays Leadership at Telereal Trillium

There is a company known as Telereal Trillium that was created in 2001, by the Chief Officer of Telereal, Graham Edwards, when a property outsourcing contract he initiated was signed. The whole reason on why Telereal Trillium’s contract was signed in the first place, was to focus around getting British Telecom Holdings to a fledgling company having a major role in the United Kingdom, and also in the world of investment with Chief Executive Officer Graham Edwards establishing it all. The culture of Telereal Trillium was set in place after Graham Edwards making his first deal having a positive influence on how this company has turned out to be.

In December of 2001, when the deal that Graham Edwards executed was signed, British Telecom decided to start a 30-year partnership to help strategize with Telereal Trillium. This created Graham Edwards accumulating a large amount of properties through Telereal Trillium, acquiring 6,700 properties with a 59.2 million square feet of total floor space. With the experience of being an investor, and also being a graduate from Cambridge University working with innovate minds, right away, Graham Edwards knew what value this contract was setting into place. He has an extensive history working in the field of investment, whether it’s being a fund manager, or the head of finance, Graham Edwards experience has propelled himself to be more than capable to keep leading Telereal Trillium in the right direction. As chief executive officer, it’s imperative that those qualities of being a leader keeps proving itself in this competitive market.

His leadership has made an impact on the entire company, spreading his positive energy in the workplace having a effect on his dedicated team ( Graham Edwards likes to give more value than what he asks for in exchange, creating the standard of being diligent and setting the tone for success moving forward in today’s changing global economy.


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