A True American Hero Named Perry Mandera Helped Chicago Residents

Perry Mandera is a name that not many people recognize but is one that synonymous with what we consider the American dream. Mandera is a real man’s man; he is a veteran of the Marine Corp, has been involved in politics as a Republican candidate, and has seen his fair share of hardships through his life. He is a strong and capable businessman and a devout Christian who embraces his religious views in everything that he does, enriching his life and those who work for him. During his time as a soldier, Perry Mandera was introduced to the world of transportation, where he was in charge of operating motor vehicles in supply and military convoys (Affiliatedork). It was during his time abroad for the armed forces that he developed a love for providing quality transportation solutions for others, and what originally gave him the idea to begin his own business doing the same after being discharged.

Perry Mandera started his first company in 1980, focusing on a more private form of transportation. The company he founded was small and he would eventually decide to sell it in order to make way for other options. He founded his current company, Custom Cares Charities, Inc., a corporation that allows Manera to serve others. The organization continues to offer transportation to those who require it, but they also are involved in a number of different charities that seek to assist the youth of the current American generation. Mandera has built this corporation from the ground up and Custom Cares Charities is now worth an estimated 200 million dollars and employs hundreds of able-bodied and caring individuals who are focused on offering the highest level of support to their customer base (http://www.customcares.com/about.html).

What Perry Mandera was able to do in the Marine Corp he has successfully brought into the business world, By providing the levels of care of a Christian organization and mingling it with the heart and soul of an American hero he seeks to provide different areas of support for those who need it most; Americans who are not able to help themselves.


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