How IC Systems is Helping The Environment as Much as Your Business

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson IC Systems has been in the accounts receivable business for the past 80 years and has continued to impress. Out of their headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, it’s clear that the core values of this company have not changed much since there founding in 1938. IC Systems makes it a priority to deliver the best service to its clients and consumers while remaining as ethical and honest as can be. The main focus is and has always been to deliver the best service possible while remaining the most trusted provider in their field. Following these values has resulted in IC Systems being nominated as a finalist several years in a row for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

One of the more impressive features IC Systems can provide is the fact they are nationally licensed. Being nationally licensed gives them the ability to collect debt in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The reason this is so important is that approximately 15% of all debt is owed by consumers who are located in different areas from where the debt was originally taken on. Sometimes up to several hundred miles away and even in different states. Agencies that are not nationally licensed may not be able to operate and collect in a state that is outside their area of operation. Sometimes even worse than this a company might still attempt to collect on a debt owed by a consumer in an area they are not licensed to operate in. Attempting to do this will immediately put your company at risk as the law holds the original client responsible for any actions taken by any outsourcing partner.

IC Systems wants you to trust in their abilities along with feeling good about using them. Every action this company takes always has their sustainability in mind. Remaining mindful of their carbon footprint has led them to focus on renewable resources along with the conservation of energy. IC Systems also encourages its staff to give these values back to the community with activities such as teaching and discussions.



Ryan Seacrest is a known media personality from both Radio and Television Shows. His career life started in Los Angeles, California back in 1990s where he hosted radical Television Challenge which was aired on ESPN. He went on until early 2002; he landed on another job with E! Television with which he was to cover Entertainment shows and News anchorage. In 2005, he worked on yet another television show “Dick Clark’s rockin’ eve” with Dick Clark. He worked with Jamie Oliver in yet another show, “Food revolution” between 2010- 2011. In 2012, while still working with NBC studios, he extended his contract for “American idol” show, adding more seasons to his docket list. Later on in 2013, he hosted yet another game show called “The million second quiz” still on NBC. He co-hosted “American Idol” with Brian Dunkleman until 2016. Later in 2017, became co-host of “ABC’s live” with Kelly and Ryan.

This coming March, 2018, he will yet return to host a newer version of “The show” on ABC live. Despite his many roles in Television life, he is well dedicated to helping others fulfill their Television lives too. He is the expert behind the Kardashian family success on their show “Keeping up with the Kardashian” he is also behind the success of shows like “Kourtney and Kim take New York

Ryan Seacrest does not forget on giving back to the community. Through this initiative, he started an NGO called ‘Ryan Seacrest foundation’ which is aimed on the youthful population. Through collaboration with local journalism schools, they provide internship opportunities to the community. The youths get a firsthand experience in broadcasting, programming and operating a multimedia center.

Through the NGO, they also build and broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals so that patients can explore all the creative opportunities of both Radio and Television. The patients are involved in creation of music videos and interviewing live performance by artists and celebrities. This is important at the end as it aids in the healing process for both the children and families during their stay in the hospitals.

Investing in The Future with The Oxford Club

Smart investors understand that the market changes almost daily. It sometimes fluctuates several times a day. Members of the Oxford Club can access that information quickly and easily through a variety of online and physical resources. This repository of information helps members make intelligent and timely financial decisions.

The main focus of the Oxford Club is stock and bond information and advice. Members do have access to network opportunities that range from what stocks to pick to what future trends are coming up. Their timely advice has helped investors gain new insights into economic trends that could affect their investments.

The Oxford Club handles a wide range of wealth building resources. Their newsletter, the Oxford Communique provides insightful analysis of the world markets and timely investment strategies. The strategies are available 24/7 giving investors a jump in investment futures. Members also can receive the Oxford Income Letter with ideas to regenerate wealth through dividends. Investors who want to explore their options in precious metals and energy resources can benefit from the Oxford Resource Explorer.

Luxurious accommodations at luxury travel destinations are part of the package that Oxford Club members can enjoy. The Oxford Club has outposts in France and Central America. The emphasis on personal connections is what makes the Oxford Club unique. Investors get rare opportunities to understand worldwide financial trends and implement ideas for the future.

Oxford Club offers three levels of membership; the Premiere level, the Director’s Circle and the Chairman’s Circle.

The basic premise to investing wisely according to Oxford Club leaders is to gain an understanding of how to maintain and grow wealth. This doesn’t happen in the mainstream. It happens when investors pull their resources and offer exclusive access to investment strategies.

Newer technologies offer members unprecedented accessibility to a wide range of investment services. In 1991, due mostly to the changes in technology, the Oxford Club formally established itself as a private financial club. The combination of old-world practices and modern technology offers a unique perspective. Gaining and maintaining wealth is a primary goal of the club members. Many members invest heavily in the future.

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Brian Torchin Helps To Connect Chiropractors With Patients

Brian Torchin is an east coast entrepreneur who has made a career out of helping others pursue their careers. However, Brian’s business isn’t just any staffing agency. It has a special focus on helping those within the healthcare industry find rewarding jobs. Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC started out in Pennsylvania, expanding to Delaware and Florida. Today, there are also offices in Europe and Asia.

Brian started his career as a chiropractor himself and that enabled him to see that there was a need for a staffing service specific to the healthcare industry. He realized that a staffing service could help facilities stay staffed during nights, on weekends, and on holidays, when it was especially difficult to get help. The company focuses on helping chiropractic offices with their staffing needs and will also supply hospitals with therapists, assistants, and chiropractors as needed. Additionally, HCRC Staffing provides training, background searches, and professional consulting services to their clients. Read more on about Brian Torchin

In addition to his administrative tasks, Brian also maintains a blog on his company’s website. He often writes about the best tips for hiring a chiropractor and what to look for in hiring support staff, as well as other topics intended to help offices with their hiring choices. Torchin likes to keep the blog focused on how his clients can provide a better experience to their own clients through better office management.

One particular article focused on offices that weren’t patient friendly. In it, he writes that every staff member should treat every patient with the respect they deserve. He suggests training staff members to interact as though their jobs depend on each patient’s satisfaction, because it does. Unhappy patients will look for another chiropractor, sooner or later.

Brian Torchin tries to keep his clients happy as well. He recognizes that his service has to be able to provide personnel for immediate staffing needs. When an office is lacking support staff, it may mean costing an office thousands of dollars or the loss of patients. That’s why Torchin pledges that his service will supply any client’s needs within 48 hours. That’s a promise that helps his company remain the number one choice for chiropractic offices worldwide. View:


The Highlights of Igor Cornelsen’s Successful Investment Career

A prominent investment advisor, Igor Cornelsen, was born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4, 1947. He studied engineering at Parana’s Federal University. During his time, the said school was the solitary institution for students who want to take up engineering in the Santa Catarina and Parana States, thus, entry admissions for the aforementioned school was tough and quite challenging. After taking up engineering for two years, Igor Cornelsen decided to transfer to another department and took up Economics, which he finished in the same educational facility in 1970.

After his studies, he was employed at an investment bank. It was expected during that time for engineering graduates or for those who took up engineering subjects to be recruited in banks since they have the knowledge in computing rates for compounded interest by making use of slide rules. Such know-how in those days was quite essential because calculators and computers that are used at present were still scarce then. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

Due to his hard work and perseverance, Igor Cornelsen was able to show off his aptitude in the tasks assigned to him that qualified him to be positioned in Rio de Janeiro and be an investment banker. Besting the rest of his peers, he was advanced to Multibanco’s board of directors in 1974, and was appointed as the bank’s Chief Operating Officer in 1976.

When Multibanco was purchased by the Bank of America in the year 1978, Igor went off to seek greener pastures. This time he found one in Unibanco, which was one of the best investment banks in the country of Brazil. He served with Unibanco till 1985, when the economy’s inflation rate was at its peak. Then he got the opportunity to be employed with a London Merchant bank called Libra Bank PLC.

The move to Libra Bank had its perks because he was paid in dollars (US), which afforded him the chance to make some investments. After his time with Libra Bank, he went off to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he was the representative for Brazil and one of its board of directors.

After 7 years in Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, Igor Cornelsen left to build his own business, which he still oversees at present. Learn more:



List Of Big Money 20 Released By End Citizens United

According to those in the known at the Democratic PAC End Citizens United the Big Money 20 are the people in Congress who benefit the most from the controversial Supreme Court decision known as Citizen United. This list shows those current incumbent in their office and whom are up for re-election in 2018.

This is an important time for End Citizens United, which has made an ambitious goal of raising $35 million in 2018 to help with election campaigns coming up this fall. This is an increase of $10 million more than the $25 million spent in 2016.

The mission of End Citizens United, located in Washington, D.C., is to get Democrats into office and to take out Republicans who have put money and special interests ahead of their constituents. That list of GOP candidates is known as the Big Money 20 and includes big names such as Ted Cruz and Dean Heller. End Citizens United is dedicated to eliminating big money and special interests in American politics.

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End Citizens United is working hard to get the word out about the Big Money 20, but also looking for candidates they can endorse in local elections and help support through polling and other endeavors. For example, the organization recently out in the Nevada state senate race by conducting polls to help Democratic candidate Cortez Masto. The results showed that messaging about campaign finance reform greatly helped the cause of Masto, while more standard Democratic Party messaging did not.

Their website shows a number of local candidates that the PAC is supporting and who have shown their are champions of campaign finance reform. Candidates such as Elaine Luria in Virginia or Mallory Hagan in Alabama or Ben McAdams in Utah.

End Citizens United has been dedicated to campaign finance reforms for years. The President and Executive Director is Tiffany Muller and has helped raise money from average citizens and using grassroots methods. During the 2016, the PAC raised more than $25 million to help efforts in this cause.

The Academy of Art University Helps High School Students Prepare for College Both Academically and Financially

The Academy of Art University, created by artists for artists provides an excellent opportunity for students. The university which is housed in San Francisco, California offers a wide array of academic options including undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and pre-college programs in the creative arts field. A few of the scholarly choices are Animation and Visual Effects, Landscape Architecture, Motion Pictures and Television, Music Production, and Sound Design for Visual Media.

Not only does the Academy of Art University in San Francisco offer academic growth, it also provides ample student life opportunities. These opportunities include events such as open houses and art exhibits. Students certainly benefit from living on campus and being in the center of the lively projects taking place on campus.

The admission requirements for the Academy of Art University are: a high school diploma or GED and completion of the Department of Education Approved Ability to Benefit test, or the completion of at least six college credits. Individuals interested can find more information about the application process online at the Academy of Art University website.

The Academy of Art University even provides an online option. Online class options provide more flexibility for students allowing them to set their own schedule. Distance degrees provide students the opportunity to take 15 module classes while living a full life outside of the campus environment. This provides working professionals a chance to delve deeper into a field of interest while working. Additionally, the university provides a pre-college online program that helps prepare high school students for college. The online pre-college program gives the opportunity for high school students to grow artistically and become more aware of career roles in the creative arts. High school students can take 2 online classes during the Fall/Spring semesters and 3 classes during the Summer. The Academy of Art University provides an additional incentive for high school students. For every PASS grade for online classes a high school student receives $1,000 towards an undergraduate degree at the Academy of Art University.

Financial aid is available. Students interested in receiving financial aid must first file a FAFSA.


NewsWatch-Consumer Review

Newswatch has become a go-to television show and website for America’s top entertainers and celebrities. Over 650 so far have appeared to discuss the latest news and causes that they currently support. Newswatch airs weekly on the ion Network and-by monthly on the AMC Network they are a trusted network for keeping you up-to-date on the latest. Both networks generated a total of 10,000 individual stories covering topics such as medical breakthroughs, public policy issues and, also new product introductions just to name a few. Their content has no limit and because of that, they have reached over 95 million households.

Their reviews are fantastic and positive from some of today’s most successful companies check out their website Also be sure to check out their podcast for entertainment as well as their Facebook page for more customer reviews.One product that I was interested in was Contour design their product Marketing Manager, Bret Hudson thanks Newswatch for their outstanding content and excellent quality of the video that help Drive in sales which reached over 697,924 online impressions.

Contour design comes in three styles the one that I found ideal for my line of work was the ultimate roller mouse 3 it features a large roller bar and digital left-click to relieve pressure from your wrist and fingertips. It has a tracking technology called intuitive seven senses that adapts to your pace of work. These features make your whole workstation Wireless.If you want to take the pressure off your joints check out Contour


Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing The Right Investment Advisor For You

Are you thinking about investing your money? Want to hire the services of a leading investment firm or financial planner? If you want to have a good advisor by your side, check out Richard Dwayne Blair. You’ll want to choose an investment advisor or financial planner that has a great reputation in the industry.

Investing is an important activity and many people are not knowledgeable in this area and need an experienced professional to help them make wise investment decisions. Richard Dwayne Blair emphasizes the need to research properly and ensure that you choose a lucrative investment vehicle.

There are many investment professionals and companies out there offering investment services to people who want to manage their money or grow their portfolio. It is important to turn to a reliable professional or team for proper guidance. You need to research properly before choosing someone to advise or guide you.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced financial planner and investment professional and can provide you with top notch advisory service. You’ll want to choose an investment firm or professional who is well known for delivering excellent results.

When it comes to enlisting the services of a financial advisor or investment firm, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. He has been helping investors for many years and has a popular firm in Austin, Texas.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a clear choice for any ambitious person who is looking for a reliable investment advisor. He will work with you to understand your financial situation and develop the right plan or strategy to meet your needs.

By educating you and showing you how to invest and grow your portfolio Richard Dwayne Blair can guide you in changing your financial future. His investment firm, Wealth Solutions, provides the services and guidance you need to protect your money.

Richard Dwayne Blair has established a great reputation in the industry and receives numerous positive reviews. Richard Dwayne Blair can assess your financial status and develop customized investment solution to help you achieve the success you desire.


Malcolm CasSelle, the brains behind OPSkin’s WAX

Retailers of Virtual goods have been faced with a lot of financial risks while using the consignment-based marketplace model for trading. However, this comes to an end as OPSkins has developed the world’s best virtual trading platform called WAX.

About WAX

Malcolm Casselle

Worldwide Asset Exchange is a platform for trading virtual assets on the foundation of the blockchain technologies and decentralized smart contacts concept that will allow a more comfortable trading experience for people all over the world. WAX has been created to act as a solution to fraud and fragmentation issues that were rocking the world or virtual assets trading. It uses a simple widget that is enabled by the blockchain technology that allows buyers and sellers to simultaneously sell their virtual goods without necessarily having to click off from their game.

The Blockchain technology applied to WAX is powered by a consensus algorithm that is a Delegated Proof of Stake. The algorithm is one of the fastest, flexible and most reliable model in the market that is also the most decentralized that there is.

About OPSkins

OPSkins is the world’s largest seller of in-game virtual assets and the globe’s best bitcoin merchant in existence. Malcolm CasSelle is the company’s CIO and the brains behind the WAX invention. He acts as the president of WAX also.

The career and background of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm has a Computer Science degree from Stanford University Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The outstanding entrepreneur is the co-founder of Pacific Century Cyber Works in Hong Kong. PCCW is a multi-billion dollar establishment and a holding company for several companies in the technology industry from Europe, Africa and a significant portion of Asia. He is a former General Manager of Groupon’s East China Branch and former advisor for VOTOCAST, Bringhub, Pretty Quick and the DireTech Labs. Michel has invested his entire life and career in the internet technology sector. His most recent exploration is on the relationship between the cryptocurrency industry and the video gaming industry hence the launch of WAX.

Michel CasSelle has made some money entirely in all his years working in the technology industry, most of which he has invested in Facebook and Zynga, the world’s largest thriving establishments