Will the world run on bitcoin? Jed McCaleb suggests it may.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in Bitcoin technology, you aren’t alone. Many adults choose to branch out when it comes to investing and financial diversity. According to this site, whether you currently invest in stocks, bonds, or something else entirely, you may be looking for ways to further expand your financial portfolio and to secure your financial future.

Jed McCaleb is an early bitcoin pioneer who truly understands the value and importance of tapping into undiscovered and underutilized markets in the financial world. In a LinkedIn.com article, it was mentioned that Jed McCaleb believes also that in the future, there will be a shift in the technology that runs the financial aspect of the world. This could lead to a universal payments network, McCaleb speculates, and it could offer features that appeal to many investors who utilize bitcoin technology in their transactions.

There are current a number of financial professionals who are seeking ways to connect the world of stocks and bonds with crypto currency. This would enable investors to quickly and easily use their coins to invest in other financial products, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, see here.

Jed McCaleb is very familiar with technology and crpyto currency and is interested in helping investors around the world find new ways to invest financially. Jed McCaleb actually co-founded a company called Stellar in 2014. This company sells XLM coins, called lumens. Jed McCaleb is now the chief technology officer of Stellar.

Around New Year’s, this company actually soared into the top ten largest crypto currencies. In an interview, McCaleb commented, “In the future, I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate.” McCaleb’s company as mentioned in Lumenauts article, Stellar, is on the cutting edge of the crypto currencies market and in the future may be one of the start-ups designed to provide a more seamless method of buying and selling stocks and other financial assets.

More information about McCaleb and his company can be read here: https://cointelegraph.com/tags/jed-mccaleb

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