Malcolm CasSelle, the brains behind OPSkin’s WAX

Retailers of Virtual goods have been faced with a lot of financial risks while using the consignment-based marketplace model for trading. However, this comes to an end as OPSkins has developed the world’s best virtual trading platform called WAX.

About WAX

Malcolm Casselle

Worldwide Asset Exchange is a platform for trading virtual assets on the foundation of the blockchain technologies and decentralized smart contacts concept that will allow a more comfortable trading experience for people all over the world. WAX has been created to act as a solution to fraud and fragmentation issues that were rocking the world or virtual assets trading. It uses a simple widget that is enabled by the blockchain technology that allows buyers and sellers to simultaneously sell their virtual goods without necessarily having to click off from their game.

The Blockchain technology applied to WAX is powered by a consensus algorithm that is a Delegated Proof of Stake. The algorithm is one of the fastest, flexible and most reliable model in the market that is also the most decentralized that there is.

About OPSkins

OPSkins is the world’s largest seller of in-game virtual assets and the globe’s best bitcoin merchant in existence. Malcolm CasSelle is the company’s CIO and the brains behind the WAX invention. He acts as the president of WAX also.

The career and background of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm has a Computer Science degree from Stanford University Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The outstanding entrepreneur is the co-founder of Pacific Century Cyber Works in Hong Kong. PCCW is a multi-billion dollar establishment and a holding company for several companies in the technology industry from Europe, Africa and a significant portion of Asia. He is a former General Manager of Groupon’s East China Branch and former advisor for VOTOCAST, Bringhub, Pretty Quick and the DireTech Labs. Michel has invested his entire life and career in the internet technology sector. His most recent exploration is on the relationship between the cryptocurrency industry and the video gaming industry hence the launch of WAX.

Michel CasSelle has made some money entirely in all his years working in the technology industry, most of which he has invested in Facebook and Zynga, the world’s largest thriving establishments

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