List Of Big Money 20 Released By End Citizens United

According to those in the known at the Democratic PAC End Citizens United the Big Money 20 are the people in Congress who benefit the most from the controversial Supreme Court decision known as Citizen United. This list shows those current incumbent in their office and whom are up for re-election in 2018.

This is an important time for End Citizens United, which has made an ambitious goal of raising $35 million in 2018 to help with election campaigns coming up this fall. This is an increase of $10 million more than the $25 million spent in 2016.

The mission of End Citizens United, located in Washington, D.C., is to get Democrats into office and to take out Republicans who have put money and special interests ahead of their constituents. That list of GOP candidates is known as the Big Money 20 and includes big names such as Ted Cruz and Dean Heller. End Citizens United is dedicated to eliminating big money and special interests in American politics.

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End Citizens United is working hard to get the word out about the Big Money 20, but also looking for candidates they can endorse in local elections and help support through polling and other endeavors. For example, the organization recently out in the Nevada state senate race by conducting polls to help Democratic candidate Cortez Masto. The results showed that messaging about campaign finance reform greatly helped the cause of Masto, while more standard Democratic Party messaging did not.

Their website shows a number of local candidates that the PAC is supporting and who have shown their are champions of campaign finance reform. Candidates such as Elaine Luria in Virginia or Mallory Hagan in Alabama or Ben McAdams in Utah.

End Citizens United has been dedicated to campaign finance reforms for years. The President and Executive Director is Tiffany Muller and has helped raise money from average citizens and using grassroots methods. During the 2016, the PAC raised more than $25 million to help efforts in this cause.

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