Ara Chackerian: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Forestry Expert

Ara Chackerian, who is a visionary in forestry, emphasizes that our wilderness areas are one of the most important resources that our planet has to offer. From lumber to recreation, forestry is something that needs to be proactively protected and preserved. In order to help his partners and clients with the goal of preserving precious wilderness areas, Ara Chackerian provides them with the techniques and tools that they will need to accomplish this goal, while, at the same time, being able to harvest the wealth of resources that nature has to offer.


When it comes to protecting these precious areas, in addition to the various types of wildlife populations that inhabit them, there are a number of significant threats. Some examples of natural threats include wildfires, drought and intense storms. Interestingly, most forestry experts, Ara Chackerian included, have come to the conclusion that no two areas of wilderness are exactly the same. Therefore, it is vital to create customized plans for preservation and resource management depending upon the unique conditions presented by the specific wilderness area.




Although Ara Chackerian has demonstrated a great passion for forestry, it is certainly not the only area in which the man holds expertise. Ara Chackerian and his fellow forestry professionals will continue to push forward in the pursuit of preserving out planet’s wilderness resources while also finding ways to harvest important revenue from these areas.


According to, In addition to his involvement in forestry, Ara Chackerian is also an angel investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Mr. Chackerian’s charitable efforts have impacted communities in Armenia, the United States and Nicaragua.


He serves as the Managing Director at a company called ASC Capital Holdings LLC. Mr. Chackerina is involved in the healthcare industry, where he invests in upcoming healthcare companies that have shown dedecation to improving the current state of the healthcare system in the United States. Mr. Chackerian has more than years of experience with regards to building young healthcare companies, and he also received his Bachelor of Science in marketing from Florida State University. You can visit their facebook page for more details.




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