The Making Of A Real Estate Mogul

Born in 1952, Hussain Sajwani, an emirates citizen, has steadily but surely risen through the ranks in the real estate sector.

Born to a family with an entrepreneurial background may be one of the factors that have provided him the more push to enter into business and be successful. Recently in Forbes 2018, he was ranked as the 405th world richest with a 4.1 billion dollars net worth.

In 1981 after completing studies at the University of Washington, Hussain started his career at the Abu Dhabi gas industry.He eventually quit after 2 years to venture into catering that proved greatly successful.The business started to attract customers such as the United States military. The venture has since been operational and is referred to as Global Logistics Services.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded the Damac properties where he is the current chairman. Citing the fact that catering services had been making him millions instead of billions. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was an influx of visitors into Dubai and this was sure to thrive his business. The company has been involved in building top range developments and marketing them aggressively.

Donald trump partnership with Hussain Sajwani has greatly proved to be successful. In 2013, Damac Company teamed with Trump in order to develop trump branded golf courses in Dubai developments.

Established in 2002 as a part of the Damac group, it was listed in 2013 at the London stock exchange as the first real estate company from the Middle East. In 2015 it was listed on Dubai financial market.

Damac has completed a number of projects, commercial residential and mixed use across Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. It has also released two master development in Dubai nearly totaling 100 million square feet. Damac has also been involved in the hospitality element and operates the hotels and serviced villas under brands.

Hussain Sajwani has strongly believed that his success has been a combination of luck and vision. He believes that if someone would open a door for him he would always grab the opportunity.

Besides that, his company has been greatly involved in customer relationships and more so it has been confirmed that he rewards free Lamborghini to every apartment buyer.

More details about Trum and Sajwani’s partnership:

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