Sujit Choudhry; Eric Holder Should Soberly Address Issues

All too often, a community’s constitution provides answers to some of the most fundamental questions that arise from politics. Constitutions are created to guide citizens. Besides, they are made of a political state’s most basic laws as well as procedures. Generally, constitutions embody basic values that a regime commits to. Even with that in mind, there comes a time in life when even the constitution can be quite challenging to comprehend. At such times, states call for the input of the likes of Sujit Choudhry, a man who has dedicated his life to comprehending different constitutions and applying them  to solve societal issues especially when it comes to enhancing peace amongst people.


Background Data

Over the years, Sujit Choudhry has committed his life to finding solutions to problems that cut across constitutional matters. As a recognized law professor on comparative constitutional law, in addition to politics, he combines a series of research agenda coupled with extensive field experience not only as an advisor but also an institution educator. With the experiences he has collected over those years, Choudhry managed to serve as an advisor for various states including Egypt, Nepal, Tunisia, and Ukraine, in addition to Libya among others, check here (


Experience and Contribution

Sujit Choudhry who also serves as the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization that generates knowledge to support constitution building processes through a network of constitutional experts has been involved with many think tanks who share his vision.


Calling out on Holder

That said, recently, Sujit Choudhry called out on Eric Holder when he posted a tweet about Robert Mueller’s situation, see ( Mueller, a special counsel who is overseeing significant investigation of the Russians meddling in America’s 2016 campaign that has ended up involving President Trump was caught up in sensitive constitutional matters that fuelled the public’s concern. As Eric Holder tweets it, Mueller was about to be dismissed following these ties.


The Observation

In Holder’s perspective, Robert Mueller’s dismissal should be followed by a ‘peaceful’ dismissal. Well, according to Choudhry, Holder’s sentiments are quite misplaced and uncalled for. For starters, he is a qualified attorney who served in President Obama’s reign. Therefore, he should be able to address such a sensitive issue through the appropriate legal channels like the courts. Given his proven ability to decipher complex political issues in the past, it was rather obnoxious for him to incite the nation through social media, visit

The Canadian Man of Steel, Gregory Aziz

1Canadian Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car Ltd (one of the leading companies for railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing) and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of National Industries Inc., Greg Aziz was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Growing up, he found his passion in Economics at obtained his degrees at Ridley College and Western University in London, Ontario.


Greg Aziz started off with investment banking in New York until he was able to set his sights on more. He has been succeeding with National Steel since 1994. This was made possible by purchasing the company from Dofasco and fusing it with his drive to turn the Canadian company to a global North American gemstone. Their manufacturing skyrocketed in only 5 years from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars. This created many employment opportunities for almost 3,000 hard-working individuals.


National Steel Car remains as one of North America’s top railcar manufactures for many reasons. With the size of production and employees, they are able to build these massive machines on five fully integrated assembly lines. These lines use top class manufacturing and finishing processes and robotics to surpass all of the standards and requirements of the AAR. Some of the assemblies are even semi-automated with CNC parts fabrication. National Steel Car remains as the biggest “single-site” railcar manufacturer in North America. What sets them apart the most is the certification of ISO 9001:2015.


They are the only railcar company to have one and hold onto it with pride in their workmanship. They engineer every type of railcar from tank cars to coal cars, covered hoppers to intermodal spines and wells. They even make the gondola and a super duty boxcar for shipping and securing high valued automobiles and parts to safe transportation. All of these feats have led to multiple TTX SECO awards over the years. These achievements do not make James Aziz complacent; he continues to challenge himself and his company to raise the bar and keep that number one spot at the top. Visit This Page for related information.


James Aziz stays loyal to his community and gives back, resulting in sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and many more charities in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. With his love of food from his previous work in his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, he continues to feed many through company food drives for their local food banks. Happily married to his wife, Irene, Greg Aziz shines as an inspiration to many, Canadians and Americans alike, to study hard, follow your path, and make an improvement in the world.


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Flavio Maluf Brings Eucatex to the Forfront of Brazilian Economy

Though mergers and acquisitions vary in popularity, companies have used them to help expand their businesses to beat out competition and support both organizations grow.

Eucatex is no different in that aspect. In January 2018, Flavio traded one of Eucatex’s farms for a manufacturing plant in Botucatu. Maluf then used the facility as a means of creating raw materials by beating eucalyptus trees into pulp and turning them into fiberboard for their other products.

With the acquisition of the new plant, according to Favio himself, Eucatex’s current production of “fiber sheets” will be raised by 70 percent. The new facility will also raise paint production by 30 percent and paper printing by 40 percent. View

The trade was closely watched by CADE, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense, a Brazilian government agency. This is to make sure that the deal was fair for both companies as well as ensuring that Eucatex would not become too large and eliminate their substantial competitors.

As a result of the trade, jobs related to manufacturing the products of the newly acquired plant raised, as well as creating an influx of jobs to Eucatex. The overall output of all Eucatex products will reach more stores in Brazil as well as around the world. The trade helped increase the Brazilian economy substantially.

In recent quarterly financial reports, the Brazilian company Eucatex did exceptionally well. Flavio’s company brought in 318.3 million Brazilian Reals in revenue and 18.6 million in net earnings. This is the equivalent to 85.85 million and 5.02 million United States Dollars.


Flavio Maluf was born into a wealthy family, but that is not his defining factor. Flavio graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Maluf then used that degree to help build his company Eucatex.

The idea for Eucatex came from his great-grandfather Salim who owned a prominent sawmill in Latin America in the 1940’s. His father and uncle in the 60’s then turned the sawmill forests into a wood fiber lining industry. The name Eucatex comes from the type of wood that the company uses, Eucalyptus. Read More:,conheca-com-flavio-maluf-os-profissionais-mais-requisitados-pelas-startups-em-tempos-atuais,70001683019


Netpicks, A Well Established Forex Investing Strategy Company

Netpicks is a company based out of Irving, Texas, that was founded in 1996. Netpicks prides themselves on the educational services that they provide to their clients, with over 25+ years of trading experience and 17 years of trading education experience. Netpicks is a company that deals with forex investing. Forex investing, or currency trading, allows for traders to exchange currencies within a decentralized market. This currency trading occurs in well established cities all over the world, such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and New York. Traders are able to trade currencies by making electronic over-the-counter financial exchanges in these cities.


The Forex Market

The forex market is a very liquid market. Liquid meaning that what is being traded is easily turned into cash. An estimated $5.2 trillion is traded on any given day within the forex market. The forex market also provides limited alternatives, meaning that only a certain number of currencies are traded within the market, click ( These currencies are the U.S. dollar, the yen, the euro, the pound, the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar, and the Canadian dollar. There are other currencies that can be traded within the forex market, however these other currencies come with great risk.

Netpicks’ trained staff is led by Mark Soberman. This staff makes up the Netpicks coaching team. This team is designed to help you start trading and knows what the highs and lows of trading are all about. With this expertise one may consider Netpicks as an excellent option for future forex trading advice.


Jeff Yastine studied and received his degree from the University of Florida. After graduating, he was employed as a reporter in a local television where he worked in markets like Raleigh-Durham area. In 1993, he joined PBS’ nationally-broadcast Nightly Business Report as an anchor and national respondent based in Miami. During this time, the newscast program was high-rated financial broadcast all over the world and boosted over one million viewership across different homes. View Jeff Yastine’s profile on Linkedin.

Being the roaming national correspondent of the program, he was able to assist in identifying early investment opportunities for viewers of NBR – companies that later came to be the huge winners of the stock market. The companies included SBA Communications, Lennar Corporation, Petmed Express, Intuitive Surgical, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corporation and others.

Jeff Yastine thinks of himself as an ex-financial journalist who managed to interview most of the world’s stock market entrepreneurs, experts, and financiers. He had an opportunity to interview some of the world’s most famous people in business, finance, and economics. Among them includes Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, John Bogle (founder of Vanguard Group), Steve Ballmer (former CEO of Microsoft), Frank Perdue, Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airline’s founder), Wayne Huizenga (Waste Management’s founder) and many others.

He also learned a lot about the international and academic sides of the markets and finance. He once interviewed the Nobel Prize winner Laureate Richard Thaler, who won it in 2017 for his excellent work and contribution in behavioral economics. He also interviewed several board members of Federal Reserve like Rivlin Alice and various members of Congress, senators, and governors.

He started involving himself with the stock market in 1987 with a market crash. By that time he was only twenty-three years and an employee of NBC TV station and therefore he did not own any stock at all. However, the crash in the market left an unsettled worry and fear in the market. The crash inspired his interests to learn the value creation and how one could destroy it depending on the expectations and sentiments of the investors. Through the process, he learned a lot of lessons and absorbed many mantras he received from the people he interviewed while working with PBS TV station. The advice he took from them enabled him to become a very successful investor.

Today, he is the Total Wealth Insider’s editor, and he is honored to use his extensive knowledge and life experience to assist Americans to grow and protect their wealth by investing in stable and safe companies that offer incredible worth to investors. Visit:


Chris Burch Has Struck Resort Gold In Indonesia:

Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today and is known for his huge successes in the industry of fashion. In the last few years, Chris Burch has become equally known as one of the owners and co-founders of what is being referred to by many as the world’s greatest hotel. The Nihi Resort is located on Indonesia’s Sumba island. The island has a population around 600,000 and the resort has quickly become it’s number one employer. The island is known for its very unique culture that is specific to its people. In years past, surfers looking for some of the world’s best waves were the main outsiders that ventured to Sumba. Chris Burch joined up with one of the world’s most respected and renowned hoteliers, South Africa’s James McBride in making the Nihi resort a reality. McBride had a long career that stretches back to his days working for Ritz-Carlson Hotel Company. He was most recently the Global President of YTL Hotel Group as well as co-founder of travel agency Zanadu. McBride was immediately impressed when Chris Burch showed him the site, click (

Since putting in the initial $30 million investment in the site, the resort has quickly become one of the world’s leading destination for high-end travellers, see ( They come for everything from the amazing scenery to the surfing and fishing. The natural beauty of the island is a draw all on its own. The resort is providing great benefit to the local population as well since the funds from the business venture are being put directly back into the local community.

Outside of his life as a hotelier, Chris Burch is currently CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris is well known in the fashion industry and has been a part of numerous companies during his forty plus years in business as posted on Burch Creative Capital is a company that provides support for developing products that range from apparel to consumer products and furniture


Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers says they are working to entertain more in their performances.

In our world today, an hour of radio music does not elapse without airtime for some well-mixed music with musical high notes and euphoric captures that galvanize the listener to a higher feeling. Only electronic dance music (EDM) brings this feeling, and the Chainsmokers are the hottest duo in the scene at the moment. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up this famous duo, and they have established their dominance with favorite hits such as Don’t Let Me Down and Roses. These are hits that have received massive airtime on radio, and The Chainsmokers are not the type to live in the glory and relax. The dance music sensation has now released, Closer, another track tipped to be a radio banger.

According to Alex Pall, they are in the process of cementing their brand and establishing their signature label in the dance music. Pall says that they are working relentlessly to change the face of electronic music, diverting from the traditional aspects of performance. Unlike their counterparts in the industry who just craft well-synched beats without any human vocals, the Chainsmokers are trying to find a way to introduce the human touch in their art.

Alex Pall says that the change was forthcoming, given their immense audience base that has grown to across an extensive age group. Previously they used to appeal most to college kids and young adults between age 20 and 30, but Pall says that the audience has grown to 12-year-olds. Alex Pall says that this has made it vital for them to integrate their music with vocals, and give their craft more human emotions. They have achieved this, in their latest single, by collaborating with talented and celebrated musician Halsey, who is the hottest talent in the industry today.

Pall who started Djing as a hobby in New York City, says that their relationship with the audience has strengthened dramatically following their decision to sing in their songs. Unlike before where they relied on the guest vocalist, Pall is happy that his partner Andrew Taggart is now singing in their performances and songs. The efforts of the duo to, give their audience more lively performances have received acclamation from all corners of the globe. Alex and Taggart had always worked with much dedication and passion, ever since their earlier days when they were producing music in Alex’s apartment.

More about Alex Pall

Pall who is in his mid-thirties was born and breed in Westchester, New York. He attended New York University in 2007. Alex Pall is also an actor, and he has featured in some TV series including Larry King Now and Ridiculousness. He began night djing as a hobby in Manhattan where he also worked at an art gallery. Besides being a music producer, he is a talented pianist and songwriter.

GreenSky Credit works with banks, not against them

The fintech sector has been wracked by systemic problems and unicorns that turned out to be little more than ponies with fake horns strapped on their heads. Many of the industry’s startups were heavy on revolutionary fervor but light on anything resembling a viable business plan. These companies, such as OnDeck and Lending Club, sought to overthrow banking’s old regime and replace it with a radical new model where street people and drug addicts could have access to the same kinds of credit as General Electric. The results have been as clear as they were predictable. With both of those companies’ market values decimated, the fintech sector has been described by some as being on its last leg.

But there is one fintech company that has followed a radically conservative approach. GreenSky Credit, rather than chasing new ways to make NINJA loans work, decided to instead focus in on a tried and true way of making money in the lending business. By lending only to prime borrowers, GreenSky Credit has found a way to add tremendous value in the purchase of big-ticket items.

Unlike some other businesses in the sector, GreenSky Credit understood from the beginning that lending is not the same game as venture capital or futures speculation. The reason that the current banking model places so much emphasis on taking only good risks and being properly compensated for anything approaching subprime is that lenders do not participate in the upside. This means that the relative risks for lenders are not offset by the potential for huge gains. For bankers, those huge gains only come from steadily making solid loans to high-quality borrowers.

GreenSky Credit was able to apply this principle to borrowers who were looking to complete home renovations but who didn’t have the cash on hand to make the deal happen. The company recognized that many such deals were simply falling through as a result of customers underestimating the cost of home renovation projects.

Now, with loans from GreenSky Credit, everyone wins. The customers get their renovations, which often add more value to the homes than the projects cost. Banks get good loans to pad their books, and contractors get jobs that they would have lost.

Stephen M. Hicks Leads Southridge Capital To Their Highest Point

After receiving his education and actively working in the investment industry for 30 years, Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge in 1996. He has comprehensive knowledge in financial structuring. As the Chief Executive Officer and founding principal, he handles tasks ranging from derivatives, risk arbitrage, and investment banking.


He says that his daily duties begin with reviewing the portfolio and securing a list of items for him and his team to accomplish. Southridge Capital believes they have an executive team that is sufficiently comprehensive in the marketplace. They have invested over a billion dollars into growing companies in the past decade and are familiar with the difficulties they may face. Southridge Capital offers consultations on becoming a public company, individual financing techniques, and balance sheet management.


Hicks says experience is their secret to success. They have a close relationship with their group on Wall Street, and many people come to them when they need financing. They also take it a step further by using search criteria to find companies who could need assistance. Southridge Capital offers advisory services with in-depth financial statements proposing financial and operational assumptions. They also provide exclusive financial services to aid in securitization, credit-enhancing, and financing. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Hicks is innovative and aware of recent trends. He is excited by the introduction of cryptocurrency and marijuana as a business venture. He suggests starting a channel or a podcast for cryptocurrency with guests discussing their bitcoin experiences. You can visit



Hicks is generous in other ways by doing philanthropy. He promotes volunteer work and leadership to have a positive impact on society. Hicks began the Daystar Foundation with his wife, and together they support many charitable organizations. The Daystar Foundation, as well as Southridge Capital, have given financial support to several organizations. Hicks prioritizes charity, saying that it is a social and corporate responsibility.



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Upwork Helping Freelancers Fulfil Their Dream of Financial Freedom

For people who are looking to build a career as a freelancer, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to develop an online reputation is going to attract more clients. It can only happen if you are disciplined and professional with your work. Upwork is one of the biggest platforms out there when it comes to helping businesses and freelancers connect. With over 5 million clients and 12 million freelancers, Upwork is amongst the most preferred destination for freelancers as well as clients to come and connect with each other. There are freelancers at Upwork for just about any kind of skills that the clients might be looking for, starting from SEO to writing and from graphic designing to web development, and much more.

Upwork has plenty of work available for the deserving freelancers to stay busy full-time and it is what freelancers aim to achieve. However, Upwork recently published an article about how the freelancers, new as well as professionals can organize their timetable to be more efficient and productive. In the article, it mentioned that the freelancers have to plan their day as per the to-do list and ensure that they have their to-do list planned a day before to save considerable time the next day. Make sure that you write all the critical projects in hand in a paper and organize it as per the priority attached to each of these tasks in hand. The article also talked about attributing time to all the tasks at hand and ensuring that the deadlines are not missed. The clients at Upwork value time and the freelancers who can deliver without delay. So, make sure that you always follow the to-do list and keep re-evaluating from time to time to ensure that the urgent tasks are completed on time.

The clients at Upwork continue to post thousands of tasks every day, and if you are looking to become a full-time freelancer, you should join Upwork today. There is enough work available to keep you busy full-time, but make sure that you organize yourself with the tips mentioned above.