Chris Burch Has Struck Resort Gold In Indonesia:

Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today and is known for his huge successes in the industry of fashion. In the last few years, Chris Burch has become equally known as one of the owners and co-founders of what is being referred to by many as the world’s greatest hotel. The Nihi Resort is located on Indonesia’s Sumba island. The island has a population around 600,000 and the resort has quickly become it’s number one employer. The island is known for its very unique culture that is specific to its people. In years past, surfers looking for some of the world’s best waves were the main outsiders that ventured to Sumba. Chris Burch joined up with one of the world’s most respected and renowned hoteliers, South Africa’s James McBride in making the Nihi resort a reality. McBride had a long career that stretches back to his days working for Ritz-Carlson Hotel Company. He was most recently the Global President of YTL Hotel Group as well as co-founder of travel agency Zanadu. McBride was immediately impressed when Chris Burch showed him the site, click (

Since putting in the initial $30 million investment in the site, the resort has quickly become one of the world’s leading destination for high-end travellers, see ( They come for everything from the amazing scenery to the surfing and fishing. The natural beauty of the island is a draw all on its own. The resort is providing great benefit to the local population as well since the funds from the business venture are being put directly back into the local community.

Outside of his life as a hotelier, Chris Burch is currently CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris is well known in the fashion industry and has been a part of numerous companies during his forty plus years in business as posted on Burch Creative Capital is a company that provides support for developing products that range from apparel to consumer products and furniture


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