Milan Kordestani: Ambitious Entrepreneur with Equestrian Roots

In considering the fact that Milan Kordestani is an entrepreneur who has successfully established himself as CEO of his own company at such a young age, it can be agreed that both his life and the choices he has made exemplify the limitless achievements that can be obtained when self-confidence is exerted, opportunities are seized, and individual potential is invested in with maximum effort. As a child, Kordestani grew up in Stanford, California where he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. However, following the divorce of his parents at that time, Kordestani and his family moved to London, England where he attended Eaton Square School in 2009. But his experience in England was short-lived and he and his family moved back to California in 2010 after being in England for a year. Yet, upon his return to his hometown, Milan Kordestani’s life began to take an interesting turn.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani began to develop an interest in horseback riding that ultimately evolved into a deep passion over the following years. With persistent determination and enthusiasm, Kordestani pushed himself to excel at the skill and was even recognized by others as having an innate sense of expertise at the sport with an impressive desire to challenge himself to be the best and accept nothing less than. Moreover, he grew to become such a proficient equestrian that he began competing in world championships where he placed several high rankings including 3rd and 2nd place in the Worlds Championship Horse Show. Certainly, Kordestani’s drive and focus did not just end at his extracurricular activities. Rather he had an inbred ambition to fulfill himself within all aspects of his life.

While attending Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton as a sophomore in high school, Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms. Milan Farms is a company that teams with other farms across the country to produce quality/organic poultry, eggs, herbs, and spices. Upon becoming a trademarked company in 2016, Kordestani had the privilege of expanding his company to include three individual farms that specifically focus on distributing eggs to the west coast and transporting saffron internationally. Nonetheless, while operating under the quality management and innovative vision of Milan Kordestani, Milan Farms made history by becoming the first farm to ever hydroponically grow saffron on microfiber sponges. Though, in spite of having accomplished such a feat, Kordestani continues to push the envelope through experimentation to create the best methods to produce top-of-the-line crops.

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Netpicks A Strong Base For Success In Investing

Starting online trading is not straightforward; however, with strong basics, it can become more comfortable over time. Netpicks offers a mini-course on Youtube to point you in the right direction. This beginner’s mini-course will guide before you start Forex trading and investing. Trading from home is a reality for some, but it requires understanding where to begin your approach. There are two basic approaches to trading, important source on


The Fundamental Side

The Fundamental approach of trading is looking at price changes from the cause and effect point of view. When you use the fundamental method, the perspective uses macroeconomics. What are the interest rates? Are there other factors in the economy that is causing the price to move? Fundamentalists look at employment rates and focus on the overall health of the economy.


The Technical Side

The Technical approach focuses on charts and price movements; then use historical price data to forecast change, check ( Some of the popular methods are trending lines, moving averages and relying on patterns prices make with change. Most new traders focus on a technical approach. Often technical trading systems will be a combination of successful methods. There are some basic rules to follow for the new trader.


General Rules

Psychology is an integral part of the process for new traders, but sound money management practices are the one critical fundamental rule. Once you have decided on a system for trading, test it. Forward and backward testing and micro testing are sound practices to solidify a system. The last and most important rule is not to “bet the house.” It is a good practice to not risk more than 1% to 3% of assets.

Netpicks has a wide range of courses that cover many topics. When you first start, pick an approach for your system. Test and develop the system you have chosen. Most importantly, keep down your risk when you first start out trading. Weather the ups and downs of the market, and you will find success, click

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OSI Group Growth and the Environment

OSI Group started out as a small retail meat shop in Chicago, Illinois in 1909 and, since then, has grown into a global powerhouse. Throughout 17 countries and 65 facilities, the company employees over 20,000 people. However, the company’s growth didn’t happen overnight, instead, it took decades of hard work and calculated decisions. Perhaps the decision that set them onto a global path was their partnership with Ray Kroc, who opened the first McDonald’s in Illinois and eventually purchased the franchise from Richard and Maurice McDonald. OSI Group, at the time was known as Otto & Sons, and they became the primary provider of ground beef when the Kroc opened the Illinois location.

After Kroc purchased the McDonalds franchise, providing the meat for all of the restaurants locations within the region became their primary job. From this point forward, the company continued to grow and thrive. As technology advancements were made, it quickly became apparent that name Otto & Sons no longer represented the business; therefore, the name was changed to OSI Industries in 1975. With this name change came a number of other changes. For example, for the first time, they hired someone outside of the family, Sheldon Lavin, to take on the leadership position. Lavin became the CEO in the early 1980s and it was his experience and expertise as a great investor that would spur the OSI Group into another phase of growth.

As it stands today, OSI Group is one of the largest companies in the United States; they are ranked number 58 on the Forbes list of largest private companies; the company has sales over $6.1 billion dollars; and, with locations in places like China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and among others, Poland the company is widely considered one of the world’s most fundamental and important providers of food.While continued growth will likely remain one of OSI Group’s main goals, they also believe it is their responsibility to protect the environment. Their sustainability and environmental efforts haven’t been left unnoticed; in 2016 they won the California Green Business Award and the British Safety Council recognized them with the Global Honour Award, and, in 2018 the North American Meat Institute recognized the company with the Environmental Recognition Award.

Ann Scango: An Artist on the Rise

Ann Scango is an Austin, Texas based artist. She is known in Texas for her Scango Collection which is her premiere art collection. This collection consists of sculpted pieces that are uniquely constructed. Ann is a 3-D artist that knows how to use various materials and elements to create outstanding sculpted pieces. She has been an artist all of her life but has recently found success starting in 2016. In 2018 she is now trying cement her legacy on a national scale.

Image result for contemporary art

The Texas art community really enjoy Scango’s works. She has artwork that features wide variety of subjects including a collage of famous entertainer Beyonce Knolwes – Carter. This particular piece is made from old newspaper print stained in pastel coloring. Scango is a big fan of Mrs. Knowles-Carter and wanted to pay homage to this modern pop icon.

Ann Scango created the piece of Beyonce to honor for what she represented as a woman. Scango sees her as a powerful personality for women. Feminist is one adjective that describes Scango. This adjective also describes her artwork because she promotes this type of artwork in her collection. She is proud mother too. This part of her life comes shining through her work as well.

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Ann Scango wants to advance the cause of feminism and environmentalism through her work. She does this and does it well. Her work captures people’s attention. Collectors within the state of Texas know a goo thing when they see it. Scango is happy that her work is finally gaining recognition in the market. She has become a big name in Texas but is now trying to game some national fame. She is patient and knows that her her work is going to pay off if she continues to stay focused and committed to her craft. People can expect to see more of Ann Scango in the future. This successful artist from Texas might be well on her way to the big time.


What is Holding Back Art Education? Ann Scango Interview

Art represents life through the eyes of their creator. A way for an artist to articulate their views & start a discussion without really saying anything at all. To Mae Jemison, American Engineer & Former NASA Astronaut & Ann Scango, Austinite visual artist and sculptor, art serves as the necessary building blocks that leads children to creative thought & feelings one might not have felt before, leaving them a more enlightened & educated individual ready for the world ahead. Sadly, some the school systems don’t believe that.

What is Holding Back Art Education? (Re-Visited)

Art represents life through the eyes of their creator. A way for an artist to articulate their views & start a discussion without really saying anything at all. To Mae Jemison, American Engineer & Former NASA Astronaut & Ann Scango, Austinite visual artist and sculptor, art serves as the necessary building blocks that leads children to creative thought & feelings one might not have felt before, leaving them a more enlightened & educated individual ready for the world ahead. Sadly, some the school systems don’t believe that.

In 2002, Jemison was invited by TED to share her views on the education system, their focus on standardized testing, & why teaching art & science together is beneficial for budding schoolchildren. Many of the truly tragic facts she gave weren’t new but she stressed how important a change in the curriculum was needed, why teaching art & science was inter-related, how the continuous separation of the two would be detrimental for future students & their critical thinking skills moving forward. More than a decade and a half later, Ann Scango stumbled upon the footage on Youtube & realized that the future Jemison predicted had came true to a degree. Public School systems remained stable enough since Jemison’s TED Talk but also remained pretty stagnate in any growth or flexibility in their curriculum. Some schools tried to integrate art & science but only decided to cover the bare minimum. Scango went on to mention that the future of our nation is all dependent on how much we nurture the next generation.

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Inspired by Lady Bird Johnson’s love for the environment, Ann Scango attempts to awaken her audience’s shared consciousness of humanity to reflect upon the world it inhabits and it could do to make things better. Ann peruses through an immense array of industrial materials & fuses them with pieces of her city, breaking the traditional boundaries of sculpting to speak to fellow citizens.



Through His Philanthropist Gestures Jason Hope Light Up The World

Jason hope has gained the reputation of being someone that will care about people. He is based in Arizona, and so many of his activities show his philanthropist side which is one of the personality that he has which is unique. The other thing that he is passionate about is technology.

That is the main reason why he has invested an immense amount in fields like communication technology the one that he has an interest more in is the internet. Jason hope school life he spent in the area of Arizona even attending the University of Arizona State where he attained his degree in finance. Also, he holds an MBA.

There are so many contributions that Jason hope has made making it difficult to pinpoint to just one, but that does not mean all of his contributions are concealed. The one that can’t be hidden because of the sum he gave and other factors involved. The one that he made recently in providing the SENS Foundation a contribution of $500 000. The reason why he gave the considerable contribution is because of the preoccupation Jason has when it comes to tech things. Over the years he has been able to gain the reputation of being a great futurist. When it comes to technology Jason has the passion and the understanding too. And the knowledge gained he makes good use of them to make the predictions in the industry and watch as they happen.

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Jason Hope and Audrey de Grey are close friends, at the SENS Foundation Audrey De Grey offers his services as the CSO of the foundation. It’s the same foundation that Jason made a vast contribution too. Though the contribution that Jason Hope made will be channeled to help with the ongoing research on anti-aging. The study is mainly focusing on the anti-aging herbs and the medicines which in the market they never go short in supply. Through the research, Jason wishes that they will be able to succeed in the coming up with molecular bonds that will be helpful in the restoration of elasticity that takes place in the body.

End Citizens United Files Complaint Against Florida Candidate For Senate Rick Scott

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established in 2015 as a result of frustration group members had felt since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. The goal of the group is to see big money, along with its inherent abuses, be removed from the political process in America.

The organization, which is headquartered in Washington D.C., seeks to accomplish this goal by supporting candidates that possess similar ideals and ballot measures that directly address the topic. And as the senate campaign of Rick Scott learned the hard way recently, End Citizens United will provide direct resistance against candidates and campaigns that they feel are taking part in the abuse of the process.

ECU recently filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Committee that accuses Rick Scott of illegally benefitting from the efforts of a ‘super PAC’ that stands in support of his campaign for Senate.

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A super PAC is allowed to raise all the money that it can in support of one or multiple candidates but is not allowed to work directly with the campaign of a candidate. ECU maintains that Scott and the super PAC New Republican are in violation of this anti-coordination provision stemming from the fact that Scott was the chairman of New Republican before making it publicly known that he was seeking election to the Senate.

Adam Bozzi, who performs the duties of communications director for End Citizens United, expressed his belief that Scott’s political ambitions mean more to him than the law and that New Republican has been a vehicle used to circumvent the laws regarding campaign finance under the false pretense that money raised by New Republican would be used for the benefit of President Trump.

The campaign of Rick Scott has been adamant in its denials of the allegations and says that no policies have been violated in their quest for the Senate seat. End Citizens United has countered the denials with documentation that seems to suggest that Rick Scott has maintained a working relationship with the New Republican organization in recent months. One particular fact pointed out by ECU is that Rick Scott was listed as the chairman of the New Republic as recently as January.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Pure Motivation

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a South American businessman who came into this world in early October of 1951. He was born in the Marilia part of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He functioned as Bradesco Bank’s sedulous President for approaching 10 years. Bradesco Bank is among Brazil’s biggest equity banks. Isto e Dinheiro is a magazine that has a lot of respect for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. It called him its finance division “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2015. He presently operates as Bradesco Bank’s Board of Directors Chairman.

Forbes is a magazine that’s based in the United States. The publication classified Cappi as being one of Brazil’s finest Chief Executive Officers. He was described as being a Brazilian citizen who has significant sway in 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went to a school that’s called UNESP or “Universidade Estadual Paulista.” The school is also commonly known as Sao Paulo State University. He’s equipped with a socio-psychology postgraduate degree.

This professional has been a key element of Bradesco Bank’s team for many decades. He started working for the financial institution when he was merely 17 years in age. The teenager landed a position as a clerk at that time. He took on a number of duties in the years that followed that as well. He landed a marketing director position after 15 years had gone by. Once that happened, people began to notice the enhancement of Bradesco Bank’s communication practices. This strengthened its media interactions considerably.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took care of banking matters at Bradesco Bank for approximately eight years or so. He acquired a desirable position after the start of the nineties, too. He got the chance to guide the way as the Chief Executive Officer of a division that was called Bradesco Vida e Previdência. This was a private agency that concentrated on all subjects that involved private pensions. Trabuco remained with the agency until the late nineties. A big changed occurred for him in 1998 as well. He was then chosen to work as Bradesco Bank’s managing director. It didn’t take him long to acquire the Executive Vice President gig.

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Michael Hagele: Bike Tips and Brief Background

Michael Hagele does service as senior outside counsel for many different companies of technology. Examples of firms of development and research giving services of consulting, design, and technology. There’s also companies giving products in industries of biotechnology, internet, electronic and aerospace. Michael Hagele also worked previously as working with intellectual property right issues, commercial agreements, and a lot of cooperate transactions. Follow Michael on Twitter for more updates.

High speed mountain biking by riders with expert’s can be thought of an extreme sport that is placed up there with skiing that’s aerial freestyle. This is also thought by others as: the new golf”. Those who start this shouldn’t be scared. If you have positive physical and mental orientation, a lot of people can figure out how to find enjoyment in the first couple outing’s they have. Michael Hagele says that they can move up to higher skill levels at their own pace.

Something that could help is going to a camp that deals with mountain bike skills. There’s great programs that can be found in locations of northern Virginia, California, the mountain West, and northern Virginia. In other words, it would really make sense to begin mountain biking locally with a buddy who’s situated alike, and who’s mind that’s alike. This is preferably a person who’s been initiated already. This could be anyone who can give forecasts on live trail’s on the site. This happens as you start moving on your first road ride. This will really let you to see ahead.

Something else Michaele Hagele suggests is riding under a sky that’s wide-open. This would get exposed to a lot of sunshine and probably a wildflower field. It could also be thick forests that’s shaded full by a canopy consisting of branches and leaves. Even riding trials that’s marked could have pine needles of moss and pine, slippery leaves, and fallen branches. It should also be noted that when biking great preparation is vital. For example, big boulders could be seen along the way. This is good because anything could happen especially on a trail that seems unknown.

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Robert Ivy and The Lifetime Achievement Award He Obtained From MIAL

There might be a lot of articles today that detail how Robert Ivy has played his role as the CEO and Executive Vice President of the architects group American Institute of Architects. His invaluable role there has generated a lot of opportunities for architects and other shareholders. However, what stands out today may not be about how his leadership skills are outstanding, or how his business ethic is superb. The most trending information about him these days is the one from Mississippi Today, about how he’s the latest awardee of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is a recognition of the outstanding contribution to the world of art from various artists based in or have lived in Mississippi.

Other awardees for such award include writer Eudora Welty, artist Walter Anderson and the Hollywood superstar Morgan Freeman. Being listed along with these artists makes Robert Ivy both proud and humbled of being acknowledged for doing something that he truly loved. Robert Ivy deserved the award because he’s able to bridge the gap between creating aesthetically pleasing architecture but at the same time approach this in the most practical terms. It’s safe to say that he made architecture more accessible to the public that may have no idea of design principles. He brought the art of design into a level that many people can appreciate, and for that alone, he should be recognized.

Contract Design news portal also added that the award Robert Ivy got is a stamp of quality to the work he’s done in the field of architecture, including the publication that he started. Ivy was once the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, and an author of Fay Jones and Architect magazines, which were published in 2001. The award is given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) and would comprise a variety of areas in the arts, including literature, photography, poetry, visual arts and cinema. The event was held at the Two Mississippi Museums and the nominations were made with the help of the active members comprising MIAL.