Ann Scango: An Artist on the Rise

Ann Scango is an Austin, Texas based artist. She is known in Texas for her Scango Collection which is her premiere art collection. This collection consists of sculpted pieces that are uniquely constructed. Ann is a 3-D artist that knows how to use various materials and elements to create outstanding sculpted pieces. She has been an artist all of her life but has recently found success starting in 2016. In 2018 she is now trying cement her legacy on a national scale.

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The Texas art community really enjoy Scango’s works. She has artwork that features wide variety of subjects including a collage of famous entertainer Beyonce Knolwes – Carter. This particular piece is made from old newspaper print stained in pastel coloring. Scango is a big fan of Mrs. Knowles-Carter and wanted to pay homage to this modern pop icon.

Ann Scango created the piece of Beyonce to honor for what she represented as a woman. Scango sees her as a powerful personality for women. Feminist is one adjective that describes Scango. This adjective also describes her artwork because she promotes this type of artwork in her collection. She is proud mother too. This part of her life comes shining through her work as well.

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Ann Scango wants to advance the cause of feminism and environmentalism through her work. She does this and does it well. Her work captures people’s attention. Collectors within the state of Texas know a goo thing when they see it. Scango is happy that her work is finally gaining recognition in the market. She has become a big name in Texas but is now trying to game some national fame. She is patient and knows that her her work is going to pay off if she continues to stay focused and committed to her craft. People can expect to see more of Ann Scango in the future. This successful artist from Texas might be well on her way to the big time.


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