Krishen Iyer: Featuring Work Life and Accomplishments

The CEO of Managed Benefit Services is Krishen Iyer. He depended on his long expertise in online marketing, client relations, as well as technical development at the same time as brining out his daily leadership with the company. It used to be called Quick Line Marketing. Iyer has had reliance on his long expertise in client relations, technical development, as well as online marketing This is while he brings out his everyday duties with the company. He has lived in California for a long time and now is in the area of Fresno. He has done a big part in the triumph of Quick Link Marketing. This was mostly in the reaction it has to the ability of the company to give really effective solutions of marketing. Its by linking  clients with companies leading the generation that are able of meeting every person’s particular needs of marketing.


In his busy work life schedule with Quick Line Marketing Krishen Iyer takes much of his time to efforts of service and organizations. Quick Link is now known as Managed Benefits Services. Regularly he participates in cleanup attempts at local parks. He also enjoys helping others. An example is a sponsorship he gave of to an overseas child. Also, the continuous contributions he gives regularly to continuous Haiti relief attempts.


Krishen Iyer believes one accomplishment was greatly following a special endeavor on being an entrepreneur. This is at the moment of being dedicated to fixing any component of the business the instant an opportunity to do it comes. Also, his kids have a high place on the list. He also has a motivation to accomplish the objectives he release for the business. This is the same as keeping on seeking for methods that are modern and creative that will continue to meet the demands an increasing client base has.

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management

The University of Virginia’s School of Commerce is where James Dondero would begin his journey on the path to success. Here, James earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in both accounting and finances. Shortly after graduating, James would find himself working on a financial training program for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in 1984; the program was such a success that he would soon step into his dream job at American Express. Between the years of 1985 and 1989, James would be responsible for the management of fixed income funds that totaled over $1 billion. The next step up on the corporate ladder soon presented itself to James as Protective Life offered him the title of Chief Investment Officer to their GIC Subsidiary to which he graciously accepted. Now that James had quickly worked his way to such a prestigious level, his peers began regarding him as the leading alternative credit manager in the world. James’ reputation would prove to be correct as he turned the mere concept of a company into a thriving $2 billion success story with his guidance and expertise. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero.


After several years of successfully rising to the top, James became the President and Co-founder of an investment firm in Dallas, Texas, known as Highland Capital Management. The firm primarily keeps their focus on various credit accounts and private equity accounts, but James also has a team on board that is solely responsible for helping him search for non-profit organizations and initiatives that would benefit from a donation. James has always had a passion for giving back to the people of Dallas, and he uses his success to do just that. Any organizations that provide something of value to the community, or offer an improvement in health care or educational needs can expect to find some support from Mr. Dondero and his staff. An example of the generosity of James Dondero and his team is the recent $1 million challenge grant given to a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence, called The Family Place. Housing is close to medical care, and support staff is on standby to answer calls on the 24-hour crisis hotline. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Combines Compassion and Skill in Patient Care

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a Dallas, Texas-based physician and plastic surgeon who has consistently been ranked as one of the nation’s most compassionate doctors according to patient reviews.

Dr. Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who is affiliated with several hospitals in the Dallas area including Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. Dr. Jejurikar received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. In addition to attending the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jejurikar also completed his residency and training as a plastic surgeon with the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.

Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and a board-certified plastic surgeon. He focuses on performing cosmetic surgery primarily to the face, nose, breast, eyes, and body of his patients. Dr. Jejurikar is the beneficiary of a large amount of training in the finer details involved in the art of plastic surgery. He has been able to use this training to help his patients achieve the desired outcome. Dr. Jejurikar manages to blend his natural warmth and sensitivity into his practice.

Dr. Jejurikar is part of a select few physicians who have been honored with the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certification by Patients Choice. Nearly 100 million patients across the country rate their doctors and provide feedback based on their experience with their physician. To receive the Compassionate Doctor Certification a physician needs to achieve a nearly perfect score on both bedside manner and overall ratings from their patients. Only the top 3% are given the compassionate doctor recognition. Dr. Jejurikar Said in part that he felt honored and grateful that his patients gave him such a high rating and positive reviews.

Dr. Jejurikar also utilizes cutting-edge technology in his practice allowing patients to preview potential alterations to their body or face using the Crisalix 3D Imaging system. In addition, patients can utilize MYTOUCHMD to find educational videos, images, and information on procedures that allow them to obtain the correct expectation for what a procedure involves.

Jacob Gottlieb: Altium Investing in Company That May Change Diabetes Treatment

The world of healthcare investing is about to see the return of two of their titans working together. Previously a team at Merlin BioMed Group, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are once again teaming up together but this time they have formed their own new company, Altium Capital. It’s been almost 20 years since the 2 have shared the same office but since then they have both achieved a lot when they had gone their own investing ways.

The former colleagues made a lot of successful investment decisions when they worked together before and after. The financial world will see some new innovations and changes to how healthcare investments are done. Jacob Gottlieb is still busy winding down his duties as the chief executive officer for his former business, Visium Asset Management, but he is still already involved in his new hedge fund.

Altium will be making investments in many different healthcare related opportunities as Jacob Gottlieb and Weisbrod have done before and are interested in companies that will potentially innovate their industries. One of their first investments is lined up to do just that by creating a new way for diabetes patients to take their insulin. Currently, Jacob Gottlieb and Weisbrod’s Altium has purchased a stake in Oramed at 5.61%.

Oramed is based in Jerusalem and has created an innovative product that allows insulin to be taken orally. Prior to Oramed’s capsule technology, it was impossible for patients to take their medication in this fashion and they were forced to treat their illness through painful injections or insulin pumps. Other companies have tried to create a pill form of insulin before but they were not able to do it successfully. This is because the insulin did not stay viable and lost its effectiveness when it reached the digestive tract of the patient.

One of the markets that Oramed is showing the most potential is China. They were able to reach a licensing deal worth $50 million for the medication to be used in Hong Kong, Macau, and China. Prior to this, they received an investment from a company based in China for $52 million.

Oramed is still waiting to get their medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States but the prospects look promising. The medication is in late-stage clinical trials in the United States and is expected to make permanent changes in how diabetes is treated. The new medication supported by Jacob Gottlieb’s Altium is gaining attention internationally as it progresses.

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Freedom Checks: The Alternative Investment Opportunity

An increasing number of Americans have relied on the government for their income. Freedom Checks are bound to change this status quo. Prudent investors can be sure that they’ll reap more than what government programs offer. The close of June saw most of them enjoy a great payday. $34.6 billion was paid during this period.

Matt Badiali has been on the forefront of making this alternative investment opportunity known. They have been widely misunderstood by many Americans. Companies that insist on running ads on the checks are partly to blame for this. The marketing efforts have painted a picture that likens Freedom Checks to handouts.

Contrary to this, investing in the checks, just like any other investment, requires proper preparation and execution of an investment plan. They possess great potential and if invested in wisely, they can bring forth great returns. It, therefore, calls for interested parties to seek to find out how they work. They’ll need to put in the time and effort to get this done.

Anyone who is well versed with master limited partnerships should have no problem dealing with Freedom Checks. Understanding Statute 26-F serves as an added advantage. Matt Badiali explained this comprehensively in a recent article published in Real Wealth Strategist.

Master limited partnerships became part of the market in 1981. The Statute 26-F was put in place six years later to take care of the tax benefits for the firms among other issues. The MLPs are exempted from tax if their businesses revolve around bettering the US oil industry. Investors also need to receive 90% of the MLPs’ earnings. The amount reserved for investors is what is treated as Freedom Checks.

The desire of Congress as it enacted the laws was to revolutionize the US oil industry. They wished to see the dependence on oil imports by the country go down. MLPs provided the solution. Matt Badiali has taken it upon himself to walk hand in hand with investors as they consider this venture. His background in geology places him in a good place to point out opportunities that will make the difference.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that Freedom Checks are no scams. They are not a get-rich-scheme either. Put in the time and effort and smile all the way to the bank.

Betsy Devos: Education Reformer and Philanthropist

Have you seen Betsy Devos in the news lately? The new US Education Secretary has only a little under two years left to complete the education reform that she set out to do in her appointment in 2016. It’s been slow going as many states are not eager to implement educational choice, although states that have been implementing the programs have been praised by Devos for their hard work and dedication to student education.


That’s what Devos says that it’s all about. She also has said recently that she doesn’t believe people really understand what private choice or educational choice is, although they are critical. She believes that these choices are helping students, instead of the administration, which some don’t like. She voiced her opinions on a recent episode of “60 Minutes” with Leslie Stahl.


The US Education Secretary also shared how philanthropy has helped her education reform goals. She has been backed by Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates. These donors have provided more funding to help with educational choice programs, such as tuition needs for private schools. This is where Devos has begun to shine, as she shows that public funding isn’t going towards private education. However, philanthropists can help with more programs to fund students interests in charter schools and private schools.


She believes that the best examples of the new programs can be found in Florida and Louisiana. However, she states that Florida is the one with better programs. Students can currently choose between magnet programs, private schools, homeschooling, virtual schools, and charter schools. Florida also has a tuition-based scholarship program that provides funding for students to get a private education.


Devos has said that those who are against educational reform like this are stuck within the public school mentality, where schools are failing. She says that this is all about helping students and parents choose the right school and curriculum for kids. Without these choices, parents are stuck with failing schools simply because of the district where they live. That’s not the right way to do education, according to Devos.


While people are still against educational choice, Devos has had other battles added to her plate, including the US school safety reform initiative, which has begun launching ahead of the 2018-2019 school year.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Paul Herdsman-Helping Businesses Reach Their Potential

With over ten years of online customer and consumer software experience, Paul Herdsman is known for his sales, marketing, and problem solving skills. Paul Herdsman is the CEO and Co-founder of a company called NIce Global. This company , which was created in Montego Jamaica in 2014, is a business solutions company. Nice Global company began as a result of Paul and his team outsourcing in five different countries.

As this job became more and more of a challenge to execute efficiently, it put a huge strain on the resources within the company. Paul Herdsman and his team decided to build their own company. Associates in Jamaica felt Paul and his team did such great work in the management of their business needs that Herdsman and team began to offer their services to additional clients. This success would later result in what is now known as the Nice Global Company.

In his interview with IdeaMensch, he shared that one of the character traits that he has developed for himself, and has encouraged others in business to do is to develop strong problem solving skills. He believes that individuals in business should ask questions such as:


  • What data points are irrelevant
  • What data points are important
  • How is the data processed properly


Herdsman believes all of these components are necessary in order to receive the best solutions. Subsequently, as each of these components becomes more developed, it will result in solving hard and easy problems easier.

One of the most effective tools Paul Herdsman uses in his business work environment is to ensure it is stress free as possible. Paul firmly believes that if employees are happy, they will in turn work at their highest potential. This approach has caused those working for Nice Global to feel that it is more like family than a work environment. Go Here for additional information.


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America’s Gold Authority®, U.S. Money Reserve, Wins Two AdSphereTM Awards

It is a second time consecutively that the U.S. Reserve has been awarded as a winner of two Best of Category Awards done annually at the 2018 AdSphereTM Awards.

The America’s Gold Authority® was recognized for its success in the tightly competed direct-response television (DRTV) industry. The U.S. Money Reserve once again received awards for “Shirt Form Products” and “Infomercials.”  Connect with US Money Reserve on LinkedIn

According to Angela Koch, U.S. Money Reserve CEO, the authority’s commitment to the DRTV industry is driven by their motivation to offer their audience innovative work that best shows their brand.

Earning the recognition consecutively in the second time is an honor to the authority. The award most importantly appreciates the high talent of the marketing, media as well as production teams of the U.S. Money Reserve.

The AdSphereTM Awards emanate after The Perth Mint provided U.S. Money Reserve with the exclusive distribution rights of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof Coin Set on her 65th Anniversary. The exclusive honor carries more significance due to the tremendously low mintage of the 2 oz. Proof Gold Coin.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S.  Reserve forms one the country’s largest private distributor of the United States government issued gold, silver as well as platinum legal tender products.

It has its base in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2001. Clients in hundreds of thousands across the country depend on the U.S. Money Reserve in the diversification of their assets concerning precious physical metals mainly in the U.S. gold and silver coin forms.

The U.S. Reserve has a uniquely trained team of professionals in coin research and numismatic having market knowledge to identify products regarding precious metal buyers at entry levels.

About the AdSphereTM Awards

The AdSphere Awards honor the leading network cable advisors alongside brands in the flourishing $ 350 billion DRTV (direct-response television) sector. The awards are offered by DRMetrix, the top television research entity in the DRTV industry. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

AdSphere maintains continuous monitoring of approximately 120 national networks. The awards organization has made identification of over 7,700 brand-direct as well as direct response brands. The organization identifies and recognizes leading brands covering numerous industry categories cutting all aspects of the DRTV industry.

Roseann Bennett Talks About Autism

There are many things educators and family should know about autism. Roseann Bennett wrote a very informative article called “Information Everyone Should Know About Autism.” Here is some information that can be found in that article.

In her interview with IdeaMensch, one thing that Roseann tells us is that autism looks different in different people. This means that everyone’s autism is not the same. When you meet someone with autism that person does not represent everyone with autism. Every person is unique even people with certain disabilities.

Another thing that Roseann Bennett tells us in her article is that being a bad parent does not cause autism. Even if you were the best parent in the world you can still have a child with autism. Many people blame parents for not nurturing a child in their younger stages. However, this is completely untrue and does not cause autism. Some things that actually cause autism is substances that mothers take while they are pregnant, infections, and other abnormalities.

Another thing to know about autism is the sooner children get their diagnosis the sooner they can be on their way to more independence. They will have more opportunities for treatments that help with autism. They also have less behavioral issues when this is caught sooner. It also lets parents be more involved in getting them more social interaction early on so that it improves as they age. Refer to This Article for more information about Bennett

There are many different things we can learn from Roseann Bennett’s article about autism. We learned that not all people with autism are the same, bad parenting does not cause autism, and having a diagnosis sooner can help with a child’s independence. By knowing these things we are steps closer in educating other people on autism and what it’s like living with this condition. We can also advocate for better treatment.

Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial.




Lessons on financial fitness from Graeme Holm of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm and his partner Rebecca Walker are the founders of the Infinity Group Australia. After working with different banks in the country, they realized that banks were in business to make profits without caring whether their customers were benefiting or not. They took six months developing a business plan that would address the financial needs of the people. Their key focus was the Australian mortgage market where people struggle a lot with loans repayment.




Australians were suffering from lack of guidance on how to manage their finances. Graeme Holm wanted to offer solutions that would guide everyone on how to manage their finances better. He wanted to change the scenario whereby banks were offering very poor deals to their customers.




There is no guidance from the banks on how the borrower could utilize the funds well, yet they expected him or her to repay the money on time failure, to which one is slapped with extra charges. Holm believes that banks want to see their customers struggle with repayment so that they can earn more from interest rates and penalties.




What solution did Graeme Holm come up with? He brought a different approach to the management of finances which involves borrowers working with personal bankers. From his experience of 17 years in the banking sector, he is conversant with all matters finances, and he is best suited to help Australians with debt reduction.




Infinity Group Australia offers a variety of services in property investment, debt reduction, and retirement strategies. Once you start working with Infinity Group Australia, they will not leave until you have repaid the debt in full.




Clients who have worked with the company so far attest to saving in three months what they did in 12 months previously. An average of $41,000 is the amount most of their clients are saving in 0ne year. With such amounts, it becomes straightforward to clear a loan in a short time.




Infinity Group Australia conducts research that goes into the daily household spending of the clients. Most families tend to waste their resources on household expenses unknowingly. The personal banker will help the client develop a weekly budget that will cater for expenses such as travel, entertainment, gas, and foodstuffs.




The company discourages clients from using their credit cards. Graeme Holm believes that if you cannot afford to buy it cash, you do not need it. Credit cards are the worst enemy in financial management.




The bottom line




By working with Infinity Group Australia, one will be able to cut on cost while at the same time maintaining a comfortable life. This company will help you live off debts by facilitating quick repayments.

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