James Dondero of Highland Capital Management

The University of Virginia’s School of Commerce is where James Dondero would begin his journey on the path to success. Here, James earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in both accounting and finances. Shortly after graduating, James would find himself working on a financial training program for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in 1984; the program was such a success that he would soon step into his dream job at American Express. Between the years of 1985 and 1989, James would be responsible for the management of fixed income funds that totaled over $1 billion. The next step up on the corporate ladder soon presented itself to James as Protective Life offered him the title of Chief Investment Officer to their GIC Subsidiary to which he graciously accepted. Now that James had quickly worked his way to such a prestigious level, his peers began regarding him as the leading alternative credit manager in the world. James’ reputation would prove to be correct as he turned the mere concept of a company into a thriving $2 billion success story with his guidance and expertise. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero.

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After several years of successfully rising to the top, James became the President and Co-founder of an investment firm in Dallas, Texas, known as Highland Capital Management. The firm primarily keeps their focus on various credit accounts and private equity accounts, but James also has a team on board that is solely responsible for helping him search for non-profit organizations and initiatives that would benefit from a donation. James has always had a passion for giving back to the people of Dallas, and he uses his success to do just that. Any organizations that provide something of value to the community, or offer an improvement in health care or educational needs can expect to find some support from Mr. Dondero and his staff. An example of the generosity of James Dondero and his team is the recent $1 million challenge grant given to a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence, called The Family Place. Housing is close to medical care, and support staff is on standby to answer calls on the 24-hour crisis hotline. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

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