Robert Ivy, Making a Positive Impact in the Field of Architecture and Society

Robert Ivy, the vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, was born in the state of Mississippi. He has built a respected reputation in the architecture community constructing and designing buildings. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South, in Sewanee. Later, he earned a Master’s of Architecture from Tulane University. Since graduating from college, Ivy has been a highly successful leader in various organizations, earned many awards, and written a book. Visit Architecture.tulane

In 2011, Robert Ivy was named CEO of the American Institute of Architects. AIA has its headquarter’s in Washington D.C.. It is a professional organization for architects. The organization has influenced tax legislation. Also, AIA has a code of ethics that ensures clients and hiring managers are working with people of integrity.

AIA is one of many professional organizations offering networking opportunities and other useful benefits. Unlike trade associations that seek companies, Professional associations recruit individual workers. These types of associations offer data, websites, webinars, conferences, and newsletters. This allows employees to gain information in their field all in one place, if they would like to. It also connects them with seasoned workers willing to help them improve or find work in their expertise.

Along with leading AIA, Robert Ivy has endeavored to use architecture to benefit the public. In 2012, he attended the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. At this event he decided to use architectural designs that would benefit the health of the public. Ivy, also, was involved with a project centered around architects being responsible for events in people’s daily lives. Being aware of how architecture affects the climate has been a strong concern for him, too.

Robert Ivy has received various awards for his work in the field of architecture. In 2009, He received the Crain Award from the American Business Media. The highest award they give to an individual. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters awarded Ivy the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. It was the first time an architect was given this award.


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