JingDong Launches Urban Smart Logistics Institute Research Center To Create New Logistics Technologies

Jingdong Mall or simply JingDong, China’s leading E-Commerce and retail infrastructure service provider have recently announced that they are launching a new research center in Xiongan, China. This new research center, named the Urban Smart Logistics Institute has been tasked with developing new technologies that will improve automation and logistics methods in China’s smart cities.


JingDong announced the project on October 18, at 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit in Beijing. Founding members and partners of the research center include Nankkai University, the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at the National Development and Reform Commission, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Wuzi University, Shanghai Maritime University, Sinotrans & CSC and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute. All of these partners will lend their ideas, minds and work ethic to develop new technologies.


The “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” will research new urban ideas and technologies such as urban logistics hubs, urban logistics systems, as well as big data and cloud computing platforms for logistics. Some of JingDong’s early research shows that freight vehicles are one of the largest producers of emissions in urban areas. Further research shows that due to their vast size, freight vehicles take up one third of all road capacity. The Urban Smart Logistics plans to design a more efficient, more space saving and environmentally cleaner way to deliver goods in urban areas. Read This Article for additional information.


One of these solutions is to replace large freight vehicles, with subterranean logistics. The research institute is currently researching subterranean tunnel networks that can be used to deliver freight in place of large trucks. These tunnel networks will reduce emissions, lessen above ground traffic and reduce clutter in the urban landscape.


JingDong is member of the Fortune 500 and is the owner of JD.com is China’s largest online retailer. They sell a wide variety of products from apparel to appliances to electronics to home furnishings and more. They will continue to research and develop advanced, sophisticated, and sustainable solutions for smart cities that will create a more efficient and better future.


More about Jingdong Mall on https://cn.nytimes.com/technology/20180619/google-china-jd-com/


PSI pay Providing Convenient Online Payment

Nowadays, there has been an increase in the number of currencies that are in circulation. As a result, it has seen the rise of counterfeit money. Thus, a cashless method of payment was introduced. There are three different categories of money; commodity money which has to do with goods and services, and even gold and diamond; representative money which is in the form of bank notes and finally there is the fiat money which is used in the modern world. There has also been an emergence of cryptocurrency and crowdfunding. There are crowdfunding platforms like gofundme, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter that make it easier for individuals to transact with one entity.

Crowdfunding enables individual to invest in an idea and at the same time limit their risk. Cryptocurrency is a money trading model an example is bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is traded on the blockchain. Blockchain makes it easier and faster to exchange the cryptocurrencies. Anyone can create new cryptocurrencies because the software used is open sourced. There has been a rise of cryptocurrency and people are slowly embracing the digital currency. Nobody wants to be left out when it comes to using the cryptocurrency. Most of the transactions are done electronically. Such transactions include debit cards and PayPal which are used for online shopping.

With the increase in online fraud, there has been in place regulations to ensure that the finances are secure. The electronic transactions are like the representative money. There are e-money services like PSI pay which ensures that individuals can transact and access their funds in a system that is centralized. PSI pay is a company that provides individuals and companies from all over the world with an opportunity to make payments online. PSI pay is also an agent of Western Union. Given that PSI pay has secure transactions, Western Union will be able to provide safe and global trading to its customers worldwide.

PSI pay offers its consumers with convenient and contactless payment. Most of the PSI pay customers are from the UK, and they are individuals who use Western Union. With the advent of e-money, there has been an increase in security for online payments. The advancements in technology have made it easy for people to buy and sell without the need to carry cash. Companies like PSI pay have made online transactions more straightforward and faster. As long as one has money on their account online, they can buy from the comfort of their home or anywhere in the world.



Comparing Constitutions With Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the Establishing Director for the Constitutional Transition Center. He is also a professor of law at California University. His experience and demeanor also saw him holding the position of Dean at the same school. The international awareness of Sujit Choudhry illustrates that his reputation precedes him, refer also to https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sujit-choudhry#/entity.

Comparative constitutional politics and law is not an easy easy feat to familiarize yourself with. As an international public speaker, he has talked in over 25 different countries and uses his extensive field experience to help constitutional development. He believes that constitutional design can be used to assist transitions from conflict to peace, within politics. There are a few ethnically divided sectors that help build up this idea. Some of those sectors are federalism, official language policy, and decentralization to name a few. His abundance of literature on the constitutional laws in Canada has been read by many people. Sujit Choudhry has published over 100 articles and reports. The number of books he has written can form a book itself, authoring several important reads from 2006 to 2016. His ability to amend current constitutions while writing new constitutions has helped garner evidence based solutions for many practitioners. Professors Choudhry’s days stay busy as constitutions are always being rewritten, so for him there is always an objective to fulfill. Hop over to (https://www.wzb.eu/en/personen/sujit-choudhry).

Recently, Sujit Choudhry and several other scholars spoke out about Spain and Catalonia. In the open letter to the Catalan and Spanish government, the scholars asked the prime minister of Spain to accept that secession is what the people want and not to suppress their opportunity to express their desire. Although Spain proceeded with brutality in hopes to maintain its independence, the situation between them and Catalan has become more intense. The hopes of the scholars who wrote this letter is that a dialogue can be formed for a peaceful resolution.

See related news at (Constitutionaltransitions.org).

OSI Group and David McDonald

The food industry is vast with many companies vying for the top spot but OSI Group arguably takes the lead. They have gained much recognition over the years with President David McDonald leading the charge. The company has worked hard over the years to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward.

David McDonald always had a love for agriculture and food as he grew up on a farm in Iowa. He knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the agriculture industry and went on to earn a degree from wellknown Iowa State University. Joining the team at OSI Industries in 1991, David McDonald’s hard work and ambition paid off as he was promoted through the ranks and ultimately landed the position of President. Read more about David McDonald at Inspirery.

As President of OSI Group, David McDonald focused on building a foundation of strong partnerships and company expansion. David made such an impact in his position as company President that he was given the Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award. This recognition set him apart from other businessmen in his field and gained him much respect in the industry.

OSI facilities are currently located in over 17 countries and is leading supplier of pizza, sandwiches, and more. They also boast a whopping fifty facilities in several countries. The company also has a sound business partnerships all over the world and is working on becoming the largest supplier of poultry products in China. David plans on making OSI Group a global brand with ethical customer relations.

David prides himself on developing and maintaining communications with customers, ultimately securing his position within the industry. Word of mouth has made a huge impact on the company’s growth thanks to the support of devoted customers. Word of mouth is a tried and true way to gain recognition and respect in business. The company strives to come up with better ways to serve its customers by rolling out new products and services. Be sure to take a look at David McDonald’s website for more information about him and OSI Group’s next business venture.

Visit: http://jvnc.net/david-mcdonald-and-osi-group/


Harry Harrison: The Past and Future of His Financial World

For four years, Harry Harrison was the leader of Barclays Non-Core in England. Previously, he was in trading and investing at Barclays also. He performed those duties for over two decades. No stranger to hard work, Harrison earned a Master’s degree from Cambridge in finance philosophy. He also achieved his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Warwick in economics. For now, he lives in New York with his wife and two young children.

Harrison’s life is a stark cry from his days at Barclay, where he was used to dealing with billions. Now he is heavily involved in raising a five and an eight-year-old, which comes with medical emergencies, schoolwork, and activities. It is not all work. On personal time, he practices yoga, which his wife has been a student of for years, and he strives to improve his golf handicap. To keep his mind sharp, he is studying French and reading constantly. Some of his reading materials cover Wall Street stories, such as Liar’s Poker, and serious subjects, like The Death of Truth.

Although his work for Barclay is finished, he still participates in the financial industry. Harry Harrison spends time with new leaders in business where he advises on venture capital and private equity. His wife is the founder of Anthemis Group, which focuses on the digital financial industry. They have spent time working in France where she led a conference on the outlook of future financial services.

One area Harrison keeps working on is collaborating with individuals and teams. He speaks about how mixing expertise, educations, and people from different geographical regions produce strong diversity and helps reduce limited thinking. As Harrison put it, one banking institution cannot be the industry. There is not enough innovation, which he admits he might have had some shortcomings in that area at times during his early career at Barclay.

The future is the frontier. Harry Harrison uses his schooling, experience, and technical skills to contemplate on how the financial industry will change. Will the markets become more efficient? With the help of new leaders and young companies, Harrison thinks so. Financial technology is considered to be emerging as a new sector of growth. Some future trends that Harrison follows and technology that he uses are an app called Waze, which is a travel assistant, and he mentions some innovative companies, Flower Food and TrovaGene.

Harry Harrison has managed to get ahead and stay there, but it was not an accident. It was a combination of hard work and skill. Some skills he mastered are creating actionable lists not just long lists of things to do. With these productivity lists, he was able to break out what he needed to do. Other work, he would delegate. He recommends fiercely prioritizing, so you can move ahead instead of being frozen in time.

Harry Harrison can say that Barclay Non-Core was an experience, but his current roles are as challenging and more meaningful. As Carnegie once said, and Harrison lives by, life is about enjoying what you have.

Find out more about Harry Harrison: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harry-harrison-116738145

Aloha Restoration Partners Up With Dan Bernstein and Tom Thayer

Tom Thayer recently partnered up with mold removal and water removal experts, Aloha Restoration, Co. (which is a division of Aloha Construction, Inc.). Tom Thayer is a former NFL offensive lineman for 1985’s Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. Currently he is the color commentator for the Chicago Bears radio broadcasts on Entercom stations WBBM Newsradio 105.9FM and780AM. Aloha Restoration has been the title sponsor for every broadcast since the beginning of the football season.



Additionally, the company also partnered up with Dan Bernstein, who is a radio personality on 670 The Score. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Restoration, David A. Farbaky commented about the partnerships and declared himself to be the biggest Bears fans in the city. He considers Tom Thayer to be one of his all-time favorite players and also brought up the fact that he was listening to Dan Bernstein ever since he was a teenager. Farbaky expressed excitement over partnering with two of his favorite radio hosts, and that he considers it an honor for himself and for those who wear the Aloha uniform. Tom Thayer noted that as a result of entering the cold season, Aloha Restoration should be the first through that comes to mind, if winter creates the need.



Aloha Construction is a family-owned operation that provides services for all of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. They offer their services to McHenry, Cook, Lake, and DuPage counties using their Lake Zurich Location, and also provide services in the Peoria, McClean, Tazewell, Washington, and Champaign Counties via their office in Bloomington.



With their new Aloha Restoration division, the company now offers interior restoration and home remodeling services, specifically servicing the Lake County area. The company offers mold removal, fire damage restoration, water removal, and more. The addition of the new division is one step towards achieving Aloha’s goal and becoming a one-stop shop for homeowners of the Midwest.


Vinod Gupta Is A Hard Working And Dedicated Philanthropist


Vinod Gupta is an exceptional businessman and well-known entrepreneur in the United States and India. He was born in 1946 in a little village in India but eventually moved to the United States throughout his academic career. Vinod first had to enter the military before he was able to get a higher education. After completing his service, Vinod studied at Kharagpur to earn a degree in agricultural engineering.

That was just the beginning for Vinod Gupta, as he went on to the United States and continued his education in Nebraska. Just starting out his career, Vinod worked as a business analyst for a medium sized corporation known as Commodore Corporation. His primary role at this company was to compile lists of mobile home providers throughout the local region, which was mostly done through combing phone books and the like.

Vinod was actually intrigued by what he was doing and created an idea for his very own business that scored him more than 25,000 dollars to go towards bigger prospects. This was just the beginning for Gupta, as he continued to expand on his idea and turned his business idea into a huge corporation over the years. See This Page for related information about Vinod.

After decades of hard work and expansion, InfoUSA was sold off for nearly 700 million dollars. Vinod Gupta sold his company in 2010 and has since been focused on other business prospects, such as Everest Group LLc, where he currently offers up his business and financial knowledge.

Vinod has been featured in many different business articles and publications over the years for his impressive accomplishments and wealth, including Gazette Day. Not only is Vinod generous with his wealth through charitable contributions, but he offers up his Business Lessons regularly to budding investors and business-minded individuals who want to achieve great success as he has.


More about Gupta on https://ideamensch.com/vinod-gupta/


Harry Harrison Life as a Businessperson

Harry Harrison says that he had a curious feeling on how companies operate and how they turn business ideas from the theory part into a practical level. He decided to pursue economics in A level at school and went ahead to major on it in college before enrolling to Cambridge University to graduate in finance. Harry got it challenging to think of any other career other than commercial facilities. He says he doesn’t have a typical day out unlike when he was at Barclays where he would wind up to $100. Harrison as an entrepreneur spends most of his time with his wife wherever she is like in film festivals or on top of mountains. For Harry, nothing can be compared to the grouping of diversity, collaboration, and humility. He says that there are big ideas concerning financial services that a bank can’t carry alone its weight making him feel that they failed in that area with his friends.

Trends that excite him are the happenings in the financial services when it comes to the information age. Upcoming of new and inventive companies that he thinks are fintech end-to-end and have goods that depend on the key market. His productivity as an entrepreneur has been pushed by the morale to handle everything the way they come. He talked about avoidance of quibbling and elongated to do lists. Harrison says that you can’t solve everything in just a day, but you can gradually move ahead ranging on items considering the team.

He would advise a younger side of him to try and enjoy much more as the outcomes of his determination. To him he his result-oriented be it in exam results, sports, industry polls amongst others. They used to enjoy their breakthroughs of daily steps and communications alongside the way to the end objective. Harrison has a belief that every year could be for the West Ham United team in the premier league, but nobody agrees with him on that. As an entrepreneur, he does exercise over and over following recommendations from sports coaches and doctors which helps in improving flexibility.

The business growth he has is because of the belief in the benefits of innovation. He relates this to the milestones he achieved in the year 2003 while working for Barclays. Harry says he has failed as an entrepreneur when it comes to communicating his own story as a leader, manager, and thinker. He wants to share more about himself in preference to his achievements in his career.

About Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison is a past leader of Barclays Non-Core situated in London. He was in that position for three years from 2014 to 2017. He operated under the investment and trading department while at Barclays for more than twenty years. He holds a bachelor’s of s science in economics from Warwick University and a Master in Finance studies from the University of Cambridge. He is currently leaving in New York and is married to Amy Nauiokas who is the founder and even president of digital financial services which is a savings and consultative firm Anthemis Group.

Kimberly Bakker Simple Tips For Holiday Parties


Wish you could create better holiday gatherings? You can make each and every special event with your loved ones better than the last when the tips below are put into place before the event begins.

From the heart of Kimberly Bakker, founder of Kimberly Bakker Events and a USC graduate, these holiday gathering tips help you focus on what’s important during the party without sacrificing the fun you want the event to bring.

Kimberly Bakker is a dedicated mother and an entrepreneur who runs her own business. Her work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, she has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients.

Gazette Day recently published a feature on Kimberly titled “Kimberly Bakker: Momtrepreneur with a Purpose”. The article was written by Erica Smith to highlight the businesswoman and her dedication to her business.

If you’re ready for a boastful holiday season, Kimberly Bakker offers a few tips to help.

What’s the Budget

Overspending during the holidays is a common experience many people share. Don’t be one of them. You’re in control of the budget and the amount of money you spend. Determine a reasonable amount and stick to that amount.

Food for Kids

There will be kids at the party and let’s face it: they share different taste buds than adults. Make sure the menu includes choices for both the kids and for adults.

Take Photos

When there are many photos of the event, you can always look back on the memories in the future. It helps the kids remember times long ago and you’ll cherish seeing the pics of family and friends.

Cook Before the Party

Don’t wait until the party starts to prepare a meal for the holiday gathering. This leaves little time for fun as you’ll spend most of the time in the kitchen. Many foods can be prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy the fun.


Of course, you want this evening to be perfect and to go over without a hitch. But, if you stress over things, you cannot enjoy the party the way that you should. Take a deep breath and relax, and let the fun begin, confident in your work. See Related Link for more information.


More about Kimberly on https://ideamensch.com/kimberly-bakker/


The Billionaire Philanthropist; Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer and the founding director of DAMAC Real Estate Property Company. It is one of the most comfortable property management company which is situated in the United Arabs Emirates. The pronouncement to make the non-Emirates people to own properties in the Middle East was the onset of Mr. Sajwani’s property business. He acquired himself a piece of land in the less developed areas which he would later turn him to be a real investor. Sajwani possesses good entrepreneurial skills, he started food and catering business and offered his services to people in the construction site at Bechtel and the United State Military, where he created many long-lasting business customers.

Formerly Hussain Sajwani partnered with the United State President, Donald Trump before he became the president. DAMAC Company developed Golf Courses which are owned by Trump in Dubai. President Trump and Sajwani hold the New Year celebration together, where Trump commended the DAMAC Company and also Mr. Sajwani for being the best entrepreneur. DAMAC Property Company is connected with comfortable strategies and good marketing exploration. The company sometimes give deposits for the apartment and property purchased. In his speeches, in interviews, Mr. Sajwani recommends to the business people that, through his entrepreneurial skills, business has an uncertain capital. He further suggests that business succeeds by ensuring the firm business rules are adhered to. The company should also ensure there are accounts for every specific business and also should keep extra cash to meet the fluctuation in the market.

Among Sajwani philanthropic activities is the initiative that was started by the Leader of Dubai to provide care and support to poverty-stricken children all over the World. He donated a good sum of money to buy clothes for those children. He also advises the business people to take risks.

Mr. Sajwani is considered as a billionaire and a prosperous businessman residing with his family in the United Arabs Emirates. He was born in 1952 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington.

Discover more details here: https://www.albayan.ae/economy/capital-markets/2018-08-15-1.3336069