Harry Harrison: The Past and Future of His Financial World

For four years, Harry Harrison was the leader of Barclays Non-Core in England. Previously, he was in trading and investing at Barclays also. He performed those duties for over two decades. No stranger to hard work, Harrison earned a Master’s degree from Cambridge in finance philosophy. He also achieved his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Warwick in economics. For now, he lives in New York with his wife and two young children.

Harrison’s life is a stark cry from his days at Barclay, where he was used to dealing with billions. Now he is heavily involved in raising a five and an eight-year-old, which comes with medical emergencies, schoolwork, and activities. It is not all work. On personal time, he practices yoga, which his wife has been a student of for years, and he strives to improve his golf handicap. To keep his mind sharp, he is studying French and reading constantly. Some of his reading materials cover Wall Street stories, such as Liar’s Poker, and serious subjects, like The Death of Truth.

Although his work for Barclay is finished, he still participates in the financial industry. Harry Harrison spends time with new leaders in business where he advises on venture capital and private equity. His wife is the founder of Anthemis Group, which focuses on the digital financial industry. They have spent time working in France where she led a conference on the outlook of future financial services.

One area Harrison keeps working on is collaborating with individuals and teams. He speaks about how mixing expertise, educations, and people from different geographical regions produce strong diversity and helps reduce limited thinking. As Harrison put it, one banking institution cannot be the industry. There is not enough innovation, which he admits he might have had some shortcomings in that area at times during his early career at Barclay.

The future is the frontier. Harry Harrison uses his schooling, experience, and technical skills to contemplate on how the financial industry will change. Will the markets become more efficient? With the help of new leaders and young companies, Harrison thinks so. Financial technology is considered to be emerging as a new sector of growth. Some future trends that Harrison follows and technology that he uses are an app called Waze, which is a travel assistant, and he mentions some innovative companies, Flower Food and TrovaGene.

Harry Harrison has managed to get ahead and stay there, but it was not an accident. It was a combination of hard work and skill. Some skills he mastered are creating actionable lists not just long lists of things to do. With these productivity lists, he was able to break out what he needed to do. Other work, he would delegate. He recommends fiercely prioritizing, so you can move ahead instead of being frozen in time.

Harry Harrison can say that Barclay Non-Core was an experience, but his current roles are as challenging and more meaningful. As Carnegie once said, and Harrison lives by, life is about enjoying what you have.

Find out more about Harry Harrison: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harry-harrison-116738145

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