Kimberly Bakker Events: Meticulously Carried Out Events


The inspiration behind the idea for Kimberly Bakker Events is a swirling combination of endearing childhood memories and over 15 years of experience with event planning, public relations, and fundraising. Owner of the company, Kimberly Bakker, had a childhood steeped in tradition and taking the time to partake in specific rituals which created a fondness for celebrations and attention to detail. Now she brings that same special feeling to others through her meticulously run events.

In recent interviews Kimberly Bakker details her inspirations, her successes, her failings, and a few personally established business tips for others. Bakker is quite open during her interview questions and it helps the interested reader to gain a solid concept of her work and her work ethics.

When asked about her past failings in business, Kimberly Bakker was quick to change the script to a more positive reflection. Although she concurs that undoubtedly she has done things that she would do differently given another chance, Bakker is reluctant to terms these actions “failings” because she used each one as an opportunity for learning.

Kimberly Bakker cites that the one tip she recommends for others and is sure to do personally is to triple check every piece of her work. It is critical that each reflection of her business is a well put together presentation that is representative of the company in a positive manner versus the negative connotations that spelling or logo errors would create. Click Here to learn more.

When expressing one strategy that has helped grow Kimberly Bakker Events, Ms. Bakker explains her belief that keeping a customer-centric business plan in action at all times and how she keeps that at the forefront of her business. Bakker strives to provide the ultimate in customer service, to accomplish the wildest requests for her clients, and to ensure that every customer is trusting in her so they are able to enjoy their own event.


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