China’s Leading Company in Innovation and Infrastructure,

Being the leading retailer company in China, JD. Com released reports on corporate social stability that addressed issues regarding innovation, empowerment and sustainability. JD. Com, Inc. also known as Jingdong is a provider in retail infrastructure services and has enabled customers to buy what they want and wherever they want to get it from. By helping a range of industries in innovation and productivity, the company has opened brands, technology and infrastructure across the country as part of their retail service. Aside from being the leading company in technology in china, is also a member of NASDAQ-1OO company.

JD has a number of accomplishment in the recent years some of them being, highlighting the importance of innovation, empowerment and sustainability. The company is cautious about the environment and the global community by creating, packaging and delivering products that creates a positive impact. has indulged in projects that have reduced the emission of waste and promotion of sustainable consumption of products by their customers. The company has had a technology unique way of linking the customers with the organization in terms of supplies, fast delivery across the country, Through the Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Project, the company has built transparency in their work across China.

Among some of the highlights from the report is; over five thousand new energy vehicles replacing the fuel vehicles, millions of donations collected for the JD’s charity programs, millions of clothing collected reused for donation of the people, packaging marking tapes saved through the innovation initiative and over three million products from the rural areas to benefit the poor people in china. has taken the initiative to participate in the sustainable development goals of the united nations through use of clean energy, poverty reduction and responsible consumption of products. Additionally, Jingdong has actively supported many charity programs, aiding education to the disadvantaged, protection of the environment and disaster management reliefs. They have achieved this through their active programs of innovative technology and infrastructure. The company’s aim is to create a sustainable consumption of products using their technology innovations to people in china and all over the world.

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