How Heather Parry has Redefined the Art of Storytelling

Heather Parry is without a doubt one of the few professionals that have been able to create the best musical documentaries of our time. Entertainment pundits for the last two decades have termed this niche as one of the hardest areas to create classical content, but Parry has proved this notion wrong. In only three years, she has not only created one of the best collections of work, but she has also brought some of the best celebrities alive, back to our screens. Some of these stars that she has been able to bring back, with amazing stories and unmatched documentaries include the legendary hip hop star Puff Daddy and the unmatched Lady Gaga.

Live Nation Productions has given her the freedom to make incredible pieces of entertainment. Although Heather Parry has worked in some of the best production companies and the finest media companies, working for this entity means a different phase of creating different body of works and working with different producers. One of her greatest partners in this creation process is Colin Hanks. Although they have known each other for long, working with him on these projects meant a lot for Heather Parry. This impressive working condition with talented producers and directors have made Parry a two-time nominee of Critics’ Choice awards.

In addition to creating some of the best and entertaining musical documentaries, Heather Parry has also been part of creating pieces that reflect different global issues such as terrorism. Due to the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and other countries, she is keen on telling these stories in better and objective ways. According to her, the best way to understand these global issues is by capturing them in films. Working with best storytellers such as Colin Hanks helps her to produce not only objective documentaries but also pieces that are informative and classical.

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