Igor Cornelsen Gives Insight On Passive Income

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment manager. Born in 1947, this native Brazilian graduated from the University of Panara in 1965. Later, Igor Cornelsen was employed by Multibanco in 1970. Through his dedication and skills, he later was promoted and given a seat on the Board of Directors for Multibanco. In 1978, Mr. Igor Cornelsen moved his career forward and became part of Brazil’s leading investment firm, Unibanco. He stayed with Unibanco for 7 years then was employed by Libra Bank PLC.

Passive Income

Today, we take a look at an article dated April 12th of 2018. The article begins to describe Brazil’s economic situation. It describes it as the “deepest ever recession“. One man, however, still saw Brazil as an “ideal investment destination”. Mr. Igor Cornelsen’s extensive background and experience in the financial sector gives his insight about passive income. Rather, he talks about investing in passive income.

Passive income is earnings that an investor earns without being actively involved. Some examples of earning passing income may derive from rental properties or limited partnerships.

The article gets its source from Mr. Cornelsen’s Tumblr post. It begins with his insight on trending online search inquiries and other media outlets regarding passive income. People are interested in passive income. He says that people want to earn more money but without being directly involved. He goes on to discuss the benefits and advantages of investing in passive income.

As previously mentioned, investors want extra money without being directly involved. Investing in passive income allows investors to do so. He describes passive income as investors only need “to find a good income-generating activity” to invest in. With a “good strategy,” investors can spend more of their time on other activities rather than being forced to be actively involved to earn income from the investment.

Next, his post moves on to talk about the next benefit in investing in passive income. He states that earnings from passive income can create a “continuous flow of income” even without “monitoring” the investment. In society today, everyone’s busy and there seems to not be enough time in the day to get things done. Stress is high and people’s time is precious. By investing in a passive income activity, investors will have more time to do what they want and when they want.

If you would like to read the full article, please click here. You will find additional information about Mr. Cornelsen and passive income.

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