Guilherme Paulus: Challenges As a Measure of Progress in Business

In Brazil nurturing a business is probably the second hardest thing from developing a rocket. entrepreneurs are faced by hardships which they have to overcome for them to crowned as winners. However, entrepreneurship in Brazil rewards those who remain focused.

When one is determined to succeed nothing can stop him. Guilherme Paulus realized his dream and planned for it at a tender age. He specializes in tourism and accommodation business. He learned a very simple important virtue, to listen. He listens from his customers, peers and also the government agencies. Through listening, he receives feedback, ideas and customer expectations.

Guilherme Paulus is probably the most successful businessman in Brazil. He was born in 1949 in San Paulo. He accessed university education where he graduated with a degree in business administration. After completing his university education Paulus got an internship with IBM. In 1972 he met a local government official called Carlos Vicente who had an idea of expanding his tourism business to Brazil.

Mr. Guilherme Paulus was keen and found the idea very good. However, he had no money to invest. Carlos saw the potential in this young man and decided to come up with a way for him to utilize his knowledge and skills. Carlos offered to start a business by the name CVC while Paulus would oversee the day to day activities.

There are many reasons behind Guilherme Paulus success in entrepreneurship. To start with, his vision for tourism in Brazil is fascinating. In his own view opportunities were lying underneath the Brazil tourism market. They just got the right tools and believed in their dreams. CVC grew to a point of expanding its territories. The company opened stores across Brazil in large retail malls.

Guilherme Paulus is a firm believer in fighting for what he truly loves. He believes that the easiest way to make it in business is by staying connected to your business. He often travels to talk to his client, figure out how the business is performing and see new trends in travel behavior.

Paulus success can also be traced in partnerships. He believes that you need people to succeed. CVS has partnered with more than 30,000 businesses. When he recognized tourism is wide, he had already won half of his battle.


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