Rebel Wilson Happy Birthday and Her Role in the Film Cats

Rebel Wilson just came up with an exciting new way to work out. Wilson turned thirty-nine on the second of March.

He shared several Instagram posts showcasing her birthday celebrations which were filled with nothing but fun. The celebrations included taking a cake baking class and figuring out new work out techniques. He calls the new dancing technique “catsercize”.

Wilson is also featuring as the main actor in the Cats movie in 2019. He shared two of the videos of her friends doing the dance moves in thirty-minute practice sessions. Rebel Wilson and her friends were dressed in cat costumes when doing the sensational dance. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Wilson was sensationally clad in pink furry armbands and cat ears. The whole outfit appeared sporty. His loving friends decided to surprise her with a great birthday bash that ended up with them dancing the interesting dance. They psyched up the party and practiced for thirty minutes only for them to create an amazing dance move.

Rebel Wilson shared the experiences of her birthday on Instagram. She seemed to have been overwhelmed with excitement. He actually says to “catsercize” is a great plan for anyone to enjoy summer. Her birthday was not all about dancing.

He also spent it on a birthday cake-making class. She describes the session as a cake walk. They then went to her crib and ate four pizzas and then closed the day with a funky dance.

She recently did an Instagram post of her with the Cats cast. Rebel Wilson who joined the production recently says that the cast is incredible. She will star in Cats alongside big names in the entertainment scene. She will star as Jennyanydots. The names expected to feature in the production are Taylor Swift, the sexy Idris Elba, JudiDech, musician Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, and James Corden.

Wilson who is popular for his role in pitch-perfect commented about working with Taylor Swift. In an interview on Entertainment Tonight, she says Swift brings a sultry touch to her role in the musical film. She describes Taylor Swift as lovely and incredible. She opines that Taylor’s cat is the most sensational of all cats in the cast.

Wilson is not the only one who finds Taylor’s character to be awesome. Idris Elba shares the same view. The forty-six-year-old said Taylor is great. Both Taylor and Idris had done much together and he can indisputably say Taylor is amazing.

She worked extremely hard and being in the film was evidently a happy time for her. In February Taylor Swift surprised her Cats counterparts with nice gifts. Ballet dancer Eric Underwood did not shy from telling the world about his gift in an Instagram Story.

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