Matt Badiali: Investment Strategies for Success in the Natural Resources Sector

Matt Badiali is considered an expert in the natural resources industry. Having graduated from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University with a B.S. in Earth Sciences and a Masters in Geology, his background knowledge makes him the go-to guy for anyone seeking to invest in the industry. While pursuing his Ph.D., a friend came and took him out of the classroom ten years ago seeking expert advice for an investment he wanted to make. The job involved traveling across assessing various investment opportunities and Matt Badiali jumped at the opportunity. Since then, his advice on investing in the sector has enabled many people to earn huge returns on their investment.

Taking on a hands-on approach, Matt Badiali knows that in this industry, sitting at the office won’t give you the best results from your investment. You have to go on the ground, meet CEOs of different companies, assess the abilities of their crews, and above all look for any red flags before investing. With his geology and financial investing background, his strategies and secrets of riding the booms while dodging the busts in the industry set him apart as a guru in the field. For now, Matt Badiali believes the world is about to see a major shift in energy consumption. As soon as the right battery technology comes along, people will move from consuming fossil fuels to electricity supply. In his prediction, there will soon be batteries with the ability to fuel whole cities.

To share his knowledge and experience in making profitable investments in the industry, Matt Badiali took a plunge into the publishing field with a subscription newsletter called The Real Wealth Strategist. The newsletter is a monthly investment newsletter for natural resources stocks containing in-depth research and information on different investment opportunities. It also includes his model portfolio on what is on his buy list. Additionally, with the newsletter, subscribers receive immediate trade alerts via email (if there are any) weekly podcasts on assessment of the industry, and interviews with industry insiders. The Real Wealth Strategist is a partnership between Matt Batiali and Banyan Hill Publishing. Subscribers have access to its subscription website all week long, and they can cancel their subscription at any point. The amount of information one has access to is dependent on the choice of subscription. Subscription choices are priced differently.

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